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Estimating demand

Xem 1-20 trên 88 kết quả Estimating demand
  • (bq) part 1 book "managerial economics" has contents: introduction and goals of the firm, fundamental economic concepts, demand analysis, estimating demand, business and economic forecasting, managing in the global economy, production economics,...and other contents.

    pdf356p bautroibinhyen22 22-03-2017 23 5   Download

  • Overview "Travel Demand Model Estimation and Validation: Experience from the USA ": Travel Demand Models, Model Calibration & Validation, Additional Information.

    pdf127p trinhhungvn 05-05-2015 33 4   Download

  • Chapter 7 - Demand estimation and forecasting. After studying this chapter you will be able to: Specify an empirical demand function - both linear and nonlinear functional forms; for price-setting firms with market power, you will learn to how to use least-squares regression methodology to estimate a firm’s demand function; forecast sales and prices using time-series regression analysis;...

    ppt17p nomoney7 04-03-2017 6 1   Download

  • This chapter presents the following content: Empirical estimates of demand from the literature, practice problems, the RAND health insurance experiment, example: interpreting results from a regression on abortion demand.

    ppt24p hihihaha8 10-04-2017 17 1   Download

  • The article uses the Hirschman-Herfindahl Index (HHI) and the Elasticity of Demand to evaluate the degree of concentration and competition of Vietnam's mobile telecommunications market. For the HHI calculation, the article uses revenue market share data. For estimation of price elasticity of demand, the article uses a regression model with aggregate data of the whole market.

    pdf9p jangni 13-04-2018 13 1   Download

  • In this study, the method of Fault Movement Potential (FMP) proposed by Lee et al. (1997) is used to assess the Surface water resources played a fundamental role in sustainable development of agriculture and aquaculture. They were the main sectors contributing to economic development in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta. Monitoring surface water quality was also one of the essential missions especially in the context of increasing freshwater demands and loads of wastewater fluxes.

    pdf14p meolep1 28-11-2018 9 0   Download

  • This study reports the results of Vietnam’s meat and fish consumption demand analysis using AIDS models. It uses cross-sectional data collected by General Statistics Office of Vietnam in 2008. The censored regression method for the system of equations was used to analyze meat and fish consumption patterns. The twostep demand system was estimated. In the first stage, Inverse Mill Ratio (IMR) was estimated by using the probit regression model.

    pdf13p danhnguyentuongvi 18-12-2018 8 0   Download

  • The behavior of estimations of the optimal inventory level is analyzed. Two models are studied. The demands follow unknown probability distribution function. The included density functions are estimated and a plug-in rule is suggested for computing estimates of the optimal levels. Two search algorithms are proposed and compared using Monte Carlo experiments.

    pdf11p vinguyentuongdanh 20-12-2018 6 0   Download

  • This study estimates a supply model for apricots and an export demand model for dried apricots for Turkey to provide unit-free measure coefficients for better supply and marketing management. Using parameter estimates from the models and sample average data, elasticities of long-run supply, price-yield and export of dried apricots were computed as 0.72, 0.54 and -0.87 respectively.

    pdf9p masterbarista 14-01-2019 3 0   Download

  • This article presents empirical evidence of the long-term relationship between money (M1) and inflation from five selected East Asian countries during the period from 1977–2014. The two money demand specifications, namely, the semi-log and the log-log functional forms initiated by Cagan (1956) and Meltzer (1963), respectively, are examined using time-varying and structural break tests for stationary and cointegration before estimating cointegration equations with ordinary least squares (OLS) regression.

    pdf8p vixuka2711 12-06-2019 1 0   Download

  • The primary research carried out in this thesis consists of two questionnaires administered online, the first directed at Brazilians living in Ireland and the second directed at potential Irish visitors to Brazil. These surveys investigate the demand, interest, price range and possible destination airports for a direct air service between Brazil and Ireland. Based on the first survey of three hundred Brazilians who are resident in Ireland and the second survey of fifty-two Irish potential visitors to Brazil, price ranges for the flight service from both categories are obtained.

    pdf94p nguyenyenyn117 18-06-2019 5 0   Download

  • This third editon has been intensively augmented and revised to include the latest developments in this rapidly expanding field. The intensified search for oil and gas, the catastrophic flooding of coastal regions and the demands for transportation, bridges, submerged tunnels and waterways have led to the continuing innovation of new technology which isnowavailable for use on more conventional projects as well as those at the frontiers. This text is intended as a guide and reference for practicing engineers and constructors for use in the marine environment.

    pdf802p trieuquanganh 03-12-2011 165 65   Download

  • The rapid economic growth in Vietnam has resulted in an increasing demand for electricity. This in turn translates to a higher rate of coal resource extraction and consequent rise in pollution of water and land resources. This study estimated the environmental costs associated with the electricity demand requirements of the coal electricity sector, as a component of the long-run marginal opportunity cost (LR-MOC) of electricity production.

    pdf0p hailedangbs 02-05-2013 80 23   Download

  • Business Marketing Management: B2B - Michael D. Hutt, Thomas W. Speh presentations on chapter 1 A business Marketing perspective, chapter 2 organizational bying behavior, chapter 3 custommer relationship management strategies forr business markets, chapter 4 Segmenting the business market and estimating segment demand, chapter 5 Business marketing planning: Strategic perspectives.

    pdf15p dungntfem 14-06-2015 71 15   Download

  • We obtain information from SIF on the social screening activity of SRI funds. SIF pro vides information about the use of screens in eleven screening categories: alcohol, tobacco, gambling, defense/ weapons, animal testing, products/services, environment, human rights, labor relations, employment/equality, and community investment. We also obtain information from SIF on whether social screening is performed in-house or delegated to an external firm.

    pdf314p khanhchilam 29-03-2013 63 10   Download

  • The tax-exempt money market is more complex than the taxable money market. That’s largely because of a supply-and-demand imbalance for very short-term municipal securities. There’s a high level of demand for these issues—much of it coming from individuals who want to minimize their tax bill by placing their cash in a tax-exempt money market mutual fund. But supply is limited.

    pdf18p quaivatdo 18-11-2012 45 6   Download

  • ECONOMETRIC STUDY OF THE DEMAND FOR HIGHER EDUCATION IN CANADA, 1976-1995 Column D tests a different aspect of the specification, the assumption that the background characteristics predicting SAT scores are identical to those indexing willingnessto- pay for desirable schools. To test this, I allow willingness-to-pay to depend on students’ self-reported family income, estimating the interaction between income and Tiebout choice while including the peer quality index to absorb peer effects. The interaction coefficient here is again negative and insignificant....

    pdf87p mualan_mualan 25-02-2013 37 5   Download

  • The first conclusion of the review was that the later generation of social funds had better integration of sustainability elements in their project design than the earlier generation of social funds. There was more em- phasis on active community participation throughout the project cycle, including at the disbursement and supervision stages in cases when user committees organized maintenance and operated accounts from which they disbursed resources.

    pdf21p thangbienthai 23-11-2012 28 4   Download

  • The need for a money market arises because receipts of economic units do not coincide with their expenditures. These units can hold money balances—that is, transactions balances in the form of currency, demand deposits, or NOW accounts—to insure that planned expenditures can be maintained independently of cash receipts. Holding these balances, however, involves a cost in the form of foregone interest. To minimize this cost, economic units usually seek to hold the minimum money balances required for day-to- day transactions.

    pdf32p taisaovanchuavo 23-01-2013 38 4   Download

  • A distinguishing feature of the water quality problem is that environmental damages— that is, the costs to society of pollution—are highly dependent on the location of pollution sources in the hydrological, social, and economic landscape. First, the demand for water quality varies from location to location. Some waterbodies are envisioned as pristine, where recreation and species support is the overriding concern.

    pdf106p saimatkhauroi 01-02-2013 31 4   Download


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