Etched electrode surfaces

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  • Introduction: Most electrochemical reactions take place at the interface of two or more phases. Hence the area of reaction plays a vital role in determining the efficiency of an electrochemical process, just like in any surface reaction. There are several ways to increase the available area for reaction in an electrochemical cell: multiple electrodes are stacked alternatively, bipolar electrodes are used, and, sometimes, the reaction surface is modified by etching or coating with large surface area particles. ...

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  • In recent years, the awareness of water needs and processing requirement has become an increasingly important topic. As the earth's population increases the demand for "clean" water has become an even larger factor in residential as well as industrial and commercial costs. There are now almost no natural water sources that do not require some purific

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  • In this paper we present a new fabrication technique that only uses conventional techniques of microtechnology such as microlithography, thin-film deposition and directional ion beam etching to makevery narrow, wafer-scale length platinum (Pt) nanowires, named deposition and etching under angles (DEA). Then fabricated Pt nanowires electrodes were modified by using several chemicals to immobilize glucose oxidase (GOD) enzyme for application in glucose detection. A cyclic voltammetry (CV) technique was used to determine glucose concentrations.

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