Ethical rationale

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  • The structure of this volume basically follows a tripartite organization: Morality and Politics, Money and Poverty, and Medical Need and Response. I will briefly review the chapters in each part in order to provide the reader with a sense of wha he/she might expect. First, however, I would like to describe the rationale behind each part of the book and how they are intended to relate to each other.

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  • As with all medical practice in the United States, safety in reproductive medicine is assured by a combination of state and federal government regulation and professional self-regulation that includes facility accreditation and practitioner certification. On the state level, there is a strict physician licensure system. On the federal level, several agencies enforce standards and practices designed to protect public health and safety. Several national groups accredit laboratories as well.

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  • The streetlights and signposts on my journey down the recovery road have been provided by many people, including Allison Alexander, Retta Andresen, Bill Anthony, Janey Antoniou and Pippa Brown (who contributed Case Study 7), Paul Barry, Chyrell Bellamy, Pat Bracken, Simon Bradstreet, Michael Brazendale, Peter Caputi, Laurie Davidson, Pat Deegan, Bob Drake, Marianne Farkas, Cheryl Gagne, Helen Gilburt, Helen Glover, Sonja Goldsack, Courtenay Harding, Ruth Harrison, Nick Haslam, Mark Hayward, Nigel Henderson, Dori Hutchinson, Gene Johnson, Lucy Johnstone, Levent Küey, Martha Long, Jenny Lync...

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  • The physical, social and intellectual development of children from conception to the end of adolescence requires an environment that is both protected and protective of their health. A growing number of dis- eases in children are linked to unsafe environments. Prenatal and early life exposures, including diet, are associated with child health and human development and predispose to late adult effects. Thus, the INMA project is based on three main rationales. First, exposure to environmental pollutants through air, water and food is worldwide.

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  • Research objectives: Study the rationale on medical ethics and the development of medical ethichs of military physicians; survey analysis and evaluate the development of medical ethics of doctors and the causes of the restriction; propose measures to develop medical ethics of military physicians today; ponduct empirical measures of some measures to develop medical ethics of military physicians.

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  • While we distinguish the first four 'rungs' of the Intervention Ladder as involving different degrees of organisational involvement and (potentially) cost, we do not distinguish them on ethical grounds: all are 'altruist-focused interventions'. We do not consider that refunding expenses involved in donation or providing minor tokens as a „spur‟ to donation involve ethical compromises in a way that information campaigns or letters of thanks do not.

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