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  • In the present paper, we describe the work being carried out by a group of professors so as to implement the follow-up and feedback processes of the activities students do throughout the first academic years in their Engineering studies. Not to mention, this project is within the EHEA (European Higher Education Area) framework. Our results show that these processes are key to enhance students learning, they can also have an impact in their academic performance and can be optimized in such a way that professors can assume the time it requires.

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  • Spanish universities are attempting to offer a more flexible and higher- quality education that is adapted to new social demands. As a result, they are offering a series of technological resources in both university management, as well as, in teaching and research - developments which are encouraged by the educational convergence process, occurring within the European Higher Education Area. In this article, we analyze how a group of university teachers seeks to promote an experience of active collaboration and open education amongst their students through the creation of a Wikipedia site.

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  • The new Universities Act (558/2009) and Polytechnics Act (564/2009) contain similar binding obligations concerning the participation of HEIs in external evaluations of their operations and quality systems, as well as in the publication of evaluation results. HEIs also have other means of fulfilling their statutory obligation than by participating in audits conducted by FINHEEC. Legislation concerning FINHEEC also enables it to operate outside national borders. Audits are carried out in Finnish, Swedish and English.

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  • These efforts of over a century have led to our current understanding that child maltreatment includes physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, as well as neglect and endangerment. The risk to a child’s physical, mental, or emotional well-being is endangerment. It is this recognition of child endangerment that implicates minors and motor vehicles most often. Today, child abuse statutes encompass child endangerment in several states. In many other states, such crimes are charged under the “reckless” provisions of traditional criminal charges.

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  • Taking the basic guidelines established by the «Bologna Declaration» and that constitute the principles that govern the «European Area of Higher Education» as a starting point, in this discussion, we have presented in a summarised way the steps taken by Spanish Uni- versities to converge with the European Higher Education Area within the given deadline of 2010.

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  • This work describes a formative assessment model for a Mathematical Analysis course taken by engineering students. It includes online quizzes with feedback, a portfolio with weekly assignments, exams involving the use of mathematical software and a project to be completed in small groups of two or three students.

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  • In order to fulfll the European Higher Educaton Area requirements in the subject “Chemical Engineering Experimentaton II” (Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Degree, University of Barcelona), generic skills in teamwork, and both writen and oral communicaton were developed and assessed with the help of rubrics. The methodological usefulness of rubrics in formatve/summatve assessment was tested by means of student validaton. The students’ perceptons of the teaching/learning process were collected, analyzed and compared to the academic marks.

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  • This paper is contextualised within the issues of internationalisation, standards and standardization of degree credit ratings, with attention paid to collaboration and competition, and language and writing. We identify the main challenges of the emerging EHEA regarding third cycle students in order to capture the pedagogical essence of what has been, until date, just a structural change. The EHEA has many practical gains to offer, but it also has potential disadvantages that need be acknowledged and addressed.

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  • Business Process Management (BPM) has evolved as an integrated management discipline that aims to enable organizations to continuously innovate and improve their operations. BPM experts are exposed to communication processes involving people from various backgrounds (e.g., various business areas, fields of expertise, and cultures). Research in applied linguistics has shown that it is difficult to plan for constellations of such communication processes; thus, agile communication skills are vital for successful business communication.

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  • We have discussed the existence of a diversity of undergraduate degrees in the area under analysis. However, the most well-known and generalised across Spanish universities is the degree in «Business Administration». This last degree will consists of fi ve modules: basic knowledge, quantitative methods, economic analysis and business environment, business administration and professional profi les. We have also discussed the areas that integrate each of the modules, and, as an example, we have shown the subjects that compose one of the areas.

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  • After examining the existing postgraduate studies, the report discusses potential postgra- duate degrees at the Masters level that could be offered in the context of the «European Area of Higher Education», although it limits the discussion to the most consolidated de- grees, perhaps because they previously were specialized degrees such as «Market Re- search Techniques» or «Actuarial and Financial Sciences», or perhaps because they were associated to European Union regulated professions, such as that of «Chartered Accoun- tant», or even perhaps due to the depth of the existing marke...

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