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  • The first experimental activities to support innovation in relation to regional and social policy, effectively pi oneering the development of the knowledge-based economy at regional level, were launched by the Commis sion in 1993-94. Today, nearly one in three regional authorities across the EU-15 have formulated a Regional Innovation Strategy or a Regional Innovation Society Initiative, aimed at developing effective innovation sys tems and spreading Information & Communication Technologies related know-how at regional level.

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  • Rural development policy is one important component of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) of the European Community. This policy encourages sustainable development in rural areas to address issues of economic, social and environmental. LEADER program is one of the rural development approach very innovative and is considered one of the successful test of the rural development approach in the region.

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  • when his two older brothers, fred and leopold, enlisted in the army during the boer war (1899-1902), the thrill-packed letters home were too much to resist, and one night fourteen-year-old victor ran away from home and joined the life guards. he never fought, however, as his father promptly secured his release from military service. while in the guards, victor first learned to use his fists to protect himself, developing an interest in boxing, and becoming the regimental champion.

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  • We next turn to comparisons between the US and other countries in the Second Great Contraction. The simplest of cross-country comparisons involves dividing the post-2007 crisis experience into two batches, those countries that experienced systemic banking crises and those that had milder borderline problems in their financial sector (which does not preclude them from having other serious “varieties” of crises, notably fiscal in this case.) 7 This applies the same criteria as Reinhart and Rogoff (2008).

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  • While these fi gures show that engagement priorities are shifting, marketers also understand the importance of integrating communications across all of these channels—not managing each independently—to deliver a more consistent and personalised buying experience to consumers. “Our go-to-market strategy is to win wherever people shop,” says Alex Tosolini, vice-president of global e-business at Procter & Gamble (P&G). “As more people move their shopping habits online, we want to be present when and where they want to make a purchase.

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  • By ensuring through vehicle Type Approval schemes, support and information provided to manufacturers, that new vehicles, systems and components are designed and manufactured to the appropriate national, European and international road safety standards. By working with DfT and BIS policy colleagues, so that VCA’s operational experience helps their formulation of future standards and schemes plus developing VCA capabilities and expertise and exploring the potential safety benefits of emerging automotive technologies.

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  • In  cases  where  a  country  received  an  insufficient  survey  response,  the  projection  base  included  respondents from the country’s continent.  A weighting system was employed to emphasize responses  from the particular country.      Caution  is  urged  when  comparing  against  prior  years,  because  studies  such  as  this  can  experience  substantial  variances  within  specific  procedures.

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  • Thanks to their traditional decentralised organisation and large distribution network, savings banks have built strong local roots and gained extensive experience in developing relation- ships with major stakeholders in the local communities. Thus, they are deeply involved in the life of the area where they operate and have a thorough understanding of the socio-eco- nomic challenges and environment. They actively contribute to local and regional economic and social development, including in the most remote areas and underserved communities.

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  • By concentrating on one country, the UK, and specifically on one city within that country, London, that together have long experience both in the area of air pollution and public health and in its communications aspects, we hoped to form a rich, clear and concise picture of the thought and communications processes and information needs of our chosen target audience, and of the best practices for meeting those needs. At the same time, we recognized the limitations of conducting research in a single country.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về sinh học được đăng trên tạp chí sinh học Journal of Biology đề tài: Length variation in mtDNA control region in hatchery stocks of European sea bass subjected to acclimation experiments

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  • To evaluate the policy effects on world poultry trade, a perfectly competitive, spatial partial-equilibrium model with heterogeneous goods is constructed to simulate the trade flows between six key non-composite exporting or importing regions (five countries and the European Union (EU)) and two rest-of-world region aggregates. The model incorporates several extensions of previous work. First, most previous analysis of the economic effects of technical barriers has examined bans on product shipments across a single border (Calvin and Krissoff; Paarlberg and Lee).

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  • This paper examines financial market comovements across European transition economies and compares their experience to that of other regions. Correlations in monthly indices of exchange market pressures can partly be explained by direct trade linkages, but not by measures of other fundamentals. A look at higher-frequency data during three crisis periods reveals the presence of structural breaks in the relationship between exchange-, but not stock markets.

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  • In the Arab Region, digital migration is still in its very early years, but nevertheless is being driven by the high proportion of young demographic in many Arab countries. With 55% of the Arab Region population under the age of 252 , this segment is expected to drive the growth of digital media. Since international players have been experimenting with online content and business models for some time, the Arab Region now has the opportunity to learn from the mistakes and successes of the European, North American and Asian media markets to really drive growth....

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  • In deciding the course for reform, however, the innovations and experiences of markets in the region are also important. Developing markets often mimic more advanced European and North American markets. But complex structures designed for diverse developed markets are sometimes ill-suited to less-developed economies. Instead, looking to neighboring, emerging markets at similar stages of development can be more useful.

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  • The global population of persons aged 60 and over is rising dramatically – especially in regions that experience the greatest risks of natural or conflict-related emergencies. Headlines of the plight of older persons during the European heat wave of 2003 and Hurricane Katrina in the USA in 2005 shocked the world. In developing countries, their situation is generally much less widely-known and their needs and contributions have been largely invisible. But this is changing.

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