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  • Understanding the consequences of thermal and chemical variations in aquatic habitats is of importance in a scenario of global change. In ecology, the sex ratio is a major population demographic parameter. So far, research that measured environmental perturbations on fish sex ratios has usually involved a few model species with a strong genetic basis of sex determination, and focused on the study of juvenile or adult gonads. However, the underlying mechanisms at the time of gender commitment are poorly understood.

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  • In fish, minimally invasive blood sampling is widely used to monitor physiological stress with blood plasma biomarkers. As fish blood cells are nucleated, they might be a source a potential new markers derived from ‘omics technologies.

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  • Several studies have addressed the cross-language transfer of comprehension skills and strategies. Royer and Carlo (1991) examined the transfer of listening and reading comprehension skills from Spanish to English by 49 sixth-grade students enrolled in a transitional bilingual education program. Results indicated that students’ English reading performance at the end of sixth grade was most highly correlated with their reading in Spanish a year earlier. That is, good fifth-grade readers in Spanish became good sixth-grade readers in English.

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  • The second question requires that we build an understanding of how the policy instrument effects production and productive efficiency. Our approach is similar to recent stochastic frontier analyses with panel data (Cornwell et al. (1990), Kumbhakar (1990)), which allow intercepts and some coefficients of the production function to vary between firms and over time.

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  • Theconstituentsofsoil—namelymineral,organicmatter,water,air,etc.—playanimportantrole inprovidingtherightenvironmentforplantgrowth.Theorganicmatterofthesoilhasthemost important role to play, as it is primarily responsible for making the soil loose and porous, therebypreventingpackingofmineralsandaidsinaerationandpenetrationbywater.Alsothe organicmatterof thesoil improves thewaterretentioncapabilityof thesoil toagreatextent.

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  • The point is not that the US and other traditionally strong scientific nations are decreasing output and submissions— they are not, the number of submissions is growing globally—but others are doing so at faster rates. This growth may flatten out as nations develop and mature, but this may take many years, and the axis of research may look significantly different in 10–20 years should these trends continue. The effects of this shift will continue to impact publishers directly.

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  • Interview participants identified a number of things that help develop trust, respect, and appreciation in the relationship. They felt, however, that these actions were not taken with the specific purpose of developing those feelings, but rather these actions were good practice in their organizations for other reasons and had the added benefit of helping to develop trust, respect, and appreciation.

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  • The head of an organizational unit must ensure that the organization has the capabilities needed to accomplish its mission. These mission owners must determine the security capabilities that their IT systems must have to provide the desired level of mission support in the face of real-world threats. Most organizations have tight budgets for IT security; therefore, IT security spending must be reviewed as thoroughly as other management decisions.

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  • The final step in appraising records is determining their retention period. Keeping records, either in offices or storage areas, is very expensive and the actual or potential value of the records must be weighed against the cost. Most managers tend to keep records too long “just in case” and unwittingly extend the agency liability for as long as the records exist. Except for perpetual records, most administrative records should only be kept two or three years and certainly not more than five.

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  • The charging process can be speeded up by applying swabs dipped in warm water to the refrigerant cylinder. Never heat cylinders with a blowtorch or immerse them in boiling or very hot water. A rapid charger is available. This device, fitted between the hose and the cylinder, acts as a restrictor or limit valve, maintaining a higher constant pressure in the cylinder and preventing early frosting. The vapour passing through the device is less superheated when it reaches the compressor, so less time is taken to charge the system....

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  • I’m especially proud that, in January, DreamWorks Animation was again named to Fortune Magazine’s annual list of “100 Best Companies to Work For,” rank- ing # 14. This marks the fourth consecutive year that we have been named to the list. It is one of our core management beliefs that great creative work can only happen in a great creative environment. This environ- ment, in turn, helps us attract and retain some of the most gifted artists in the world. The Company has also ranked among MIT Technology Review’s “50 Most Innovative Companies in 2012.

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  • Avian influenza is here to stay. It has been always been around, and always co- existed with its host species - wild birds - without great cause for concern. Today we see it jumping across to domestic birds over and over again, killing whole flocks within days. While wild birds are being blamed for the outbreaks, free range farms are considered the biggest risk because of the potential contact between domestic and wild birds. Yet, wild birds have always carried avian influenza viruses. They have always migrated and had contact with backyard domestic poultry.

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  • Geoff Allan, Mark Booth, Jacob Wani and Wally Solata traveled to the Yonki Dam Research Station at the conclusion of the feeds workshop to inspect a tilapia feeding experiment (i.e. approximately 1 hour by road from the CRI) (ACIAR Mini-Project led by Cathy Hair). Several other workshop participants that were traveling back to Lae also took the opportunity to visit the Station (e.g. Greg Denn, Klaus & Tom Neumeier, Miok Komolong, Densly Tapat, Eric Nogas, Johnney Soranzie & others). The Yonki Dam was created to drive a hydro-electric power scheme providing electricity to much of PNG.

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  • Although “interactive” skills, such as effective communication and the ability to work well with others, have not traditionally been studied, nor perhaps valued, by educators, there is growing awareness of their importance for adult success. Researchers have highlighted the growing importance of “non-cognitive” skills in the labor market and argue that a range of behaviors that reflect “greater student self-awareness, self-monitoring, and self-control” are key indicators that students are able to effectively learn and succeed in a modern post-secondary environment. ...

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  • Access Economics defines  the economic  contribution of  international  students as deriving  from the income flow from this expenditure, in other words, the value added component of  this expenditure. Value added is that part of the expenditure which either forms the basis of  income  for  labour  or  gross  operating  surplus  (GOS)  to  capital  owners,  after  allowing  for  spending  on  intermediate  inputs  from  other  industries  and  taxes  on  production  (net  of  subsidies).

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  • However, referring to the PPP Book 2011 released by the National Development Agency (BAPPENAS), 9 currently only selected sectors are being offered to the private sector, namely the Water Supply & Sanitation sector, Road sector, Power sector, Solid Waste Management sector and Transport sector (Monorail, Bus & Rail Terminals and Transjakarta). Though included in the PPP Book, no projects are proposed for the other sectors, namely the oil and gas sector, water resources sector and the telecommunications sector.

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  • The decision to implement a virtual learning environment (VLE) in a primary aged school presents advantages to, and raises issues for, school management, and is certainly not one that should be taken lightly (Gill & Shaw 2004, qv Visscher & Wild 1997, p264, Hargreaves 1999, p123, Visscher et al 2003, p364).

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  • Though systems still exist based on these models, they are not nearly as common as they once were. A directory service like ActiveDirectory orOpenLDAP is where you are most likely to engage in new hierarchical development. Another model—the object model—is slowly coming into favor for limited problem domains. As its name implies, it is a data model based on object-oriented concepts. Because Java is an object-oriented programming language, it actually maps best to the object model.

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  • An event—be it a networking gathering, open house, fundraiser, or class—is by nature, a social affair. People attend to connect, interact, and share with their peers. People join social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to connect, interact, and share with their peers. Sound familiar? Given their similar natures, it makes perfect sense to use social media to help plan, promote, and build excitement for any public event you’re hosting.

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  • In film studies, there has been a longstanding and ideologically charged debate on the effects of selective depth of field. In his essay ‘The Evolution of the Language of Cinema’ (1950), André Bazin opted for the use of deep focus and long takes to offer the spectator a deliberately ambiguous rendering of the events depicted, so that he or she might explore them independently. According to Bazin, shallow depth of field in conjunction with the use of montage pre- organises the cinematic material and guides the viewer’s perception to a great degree.

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