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  • We always speak of Canada as a new country. In one sense, of course, this is true. The settlement of Europeans on Canadian soil dates back only three hundred years. Civilization in Canada is but a thing of yesterday, and its written history, when placed beside the long millenniums of the recorded annals of European and Eastern peoples, seems but a little span. But there is another sense in which the Dominion of Canada, or at least part of it, is perhaps the oldest country in the world.

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  • The object of this volume is to give a succinct idea of the nature and history of our Ontario School Legislation. This legislation is so bound up with the name of Egerton Ryerson that to give its history is to relate the work of his life. It would be useless to attempt to show how our school legislation developed under Responsible Government without some understanding of its history previous to the time of Ryerson. I have, therefore, devoted three chapters to a brief account of education in Upper Canada previous to 1844.

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  • Milan is the dynamo of Italy, and it combines the Central European atmosphere with the mood of the Mediterranean. Milan’s history is a testimony to its central location on the Po plain’s crossroads of the world. Roman ruins and old fortresses from its period as capital of Lombardy are some of the city’s most fascinating attractions. Milan’s famous cathedral is the city’s icon and definitely one of the attractions any visitor ought to see, but there are also other churches, art museums and the modern San Siro arena, one of Europe’s true soccer cauldrons....

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