Evaluating analytical data

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  • (bq) part 1 book "chemistry - modern analytical chemistry" has contents: introduction, basic tools of analytical chemistry, the language of analytical chemistry, evaluating analytical data, evaluating analytical data, obtaining and preparing samples for analysis, gravimetric methods of analysis,...and other contents.

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  • As currently taught, the introductory course in analytical chemistry emphasizes quantitative (and sometimes qualitative) methods of analysis coupled with a heavy dose of equilibrium chemistry. Analytical chemistry, however, is more than equilib- rium chemistry and a collection of analytical methods; it is an approach to solving chemical problems. Although discussing different methods is important, that dis- cussion should not come at the expense of other equally important topics.

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  • Evaluating Analytical Data Một vấn đề đưa ra các yêu cầu chúng ta đặt trên các phép đo và kết quả của chúng tôi. Cơ quan quản lý, ví dụ, đặt các yêu cầu nghiêm ngặt về độ tin cậy của các phép đo và kết quả báo cáo cho họ. Đây là lý do cho việc tạo ra một giao thức cho các vấn đề pháp lý. Sàng lọc các sản phẩm của một tổng hợp hữu cơ, mặt khác, những nơi ít nhu cầu về độ tin cậy của các phép đo, cho phép các nhà hóa học...

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  • Data Analysis and Presentation Skills: An Introduction for the Life and Medical Sciences is an invaluable text allowing students to develop appropriate key skills when designing experiments, generating results, analysing data and ultimately presenting findings to academics and referees. Taking a hands-on approach, each of these key areas is introduced clearly and carefully, showing how to access and evaluate information using a variety of resources. Basic analytical theory is gradually introduced alongside practical applications to enhance student understanding.

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  • Colloid and surface chemistry occupy a paradoxical position among the topics of physical chemistry. These are areas which have traditionally been considered part of physical chemistry and are currently enjoying more widespread application than ever due to their relevance to environmental and biological problems. At the same time, however, colloid and surface chemistry have virtually disappeared from physical chemistry courses. These topics are largely absent from the contemporary general chemistry course as well.

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  • The prototypical catalytic reductiveC–Cbond formations, the Fischer-Tropsch reaction [1] and alkene hydroformylation [2], were discovered in 1922 and 1938, respectively [3,4]. These processes, which involve reductive coupling to carbon monoxide, have long been applied to the industrial manufacture of commodity chemicals [5]. Notably, alkene hydroformylation, also known as the oxo-synthesis, has emerged as the largest volume application of homogeneous metal catalysis, accounting for the production of over 7 million metric tons of aldehyde annually.

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  • Colostrum is essential to guarantee normal and healthy feeding in newborn ruminants during the first hours. In the present work, Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), as a spectrochemical analytical technique, and principal component analysis (PCA) as a multivariate analysis method were used to evaluate colostrum compared to mature milk of sheep to plan the nutritional strategies for newly born lambs. Samples of colostrum have been collected from thirty-three Barki ewes.

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  • Forecasting plays a major role in financial planning and it is an essential analytical tool in banks‟ strategies. In recent years, researchers are developing new techniques for estimation. Financial performance evaluation of banks is a kind of multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) problem which has developed rapidly. It is very important for a firm to monitor a wide range of performance indicators in order to ensure that appropriate and timely decisions and plans can be made.

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  • With the wide-spreading of public repositories of NGS processed data, the availability of user-friendly and effective tools for data exploration, analysis and visualization is becoming very relevant. These tools enable interactive analytics.

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  • We describe a suite of tools and methods that form a core set of capabilities for researchers and clinical investigators to evaluate multiple analytical pipelines and quantify sensitivity and variability of the results while conducting large-scale studies in investigative pathology and oncology.

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  • This paper presents a new approach to assess the soil quality by aggregate indices using the Relative Soil Quality Index (RSQI) proposed by Ho Ngoc Pham. RSQI is integrated from the individual indices into a simple formula for overall assessment of the soil quality. RSQI is different from other approaches. Particularly, the individual indices and the weighting factors of Pham are calculated from the analytical laboratory data and the environmental standards, respectively, and not self-regulated as in methods of some other authors.

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  • The committee was tasked to determine the best instrumentation and procedures for measuring BFD (see Box S-1). To do this, it reviewed technical specifications, viewed demonstrations of the operation and use of current and prospective systems, and evaluated factors such as human handling variability, process transparency, and software variability judgment. The committee found that given the current clay variation, a measurement precision (standard deviation) of 0.5 mm is sufficient; instruments featuring greater precision add little practical value to the testing process.

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  • Greenplum Database is a software solution built to support the next generation of data warehousing and large-scale analytics processing. Supporting SQL and MapReduce parallel processing, the database offers industry-leading performance at a low cost for companies managing terabytes to petabytes of data.

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  • MapReduce has been proven as a technique for high-scale data analysis by Internet leaders such as Google and Yahoo. Greenplum gives enterprises the best of both worlds—MapReduce for programmers and SQL for DBAs—and will execute both MapReduce and SQL directly within Greenplum’s Parallel Dataflow Engine (Figure 10), which is at the heart of the database. Greenplum MapReduce enables programmers to run analytics against petabyte-scale datasets stored in and outside of Greenplum Database.

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  • A series of 5-{[(6-substituted-2-hydroxyquinolin-3-yl)methylidene]/5-[(7-substitutedtetrazolo[1,5-a]quinoline-4-yl)methylidene]}-2-[(4-substitutedphenyl)amino]-1,3-thiazol-4(5H)-one was successfully synthesized under solvent free conditions by microwave irradiation in high yield. Structures of these newly synthesized compounds were established on the basis of spectral and analytical data. These novel compounds were also evaluated for their in vitro antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal activity.

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  • Driverless cars will dominate the road ways in the near future. Insurers often strategize to understand the technologies of autonomous cars, what they mean and the impact they may have on their business so they can then tackle that from an insurance perspective. In order to identify the changes going with autonomous cars development, the way of literature reviewing is conduct. AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process), then, employed to evaluate the weights of the changes which go with the autonomous cars development from perspectives of insurers and agency separately.

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  • This paper assesses a performance evaluation framework for wealth management (WM) banks. We propose a method that combines the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) with the assurance region (AR) model of data envelopment analysis (DEA) to enable a consensus decision. We also present several strategies for using this methodology, such as Delphi procedures. The analysis results indicate that evaluators (evaluation members) responsible for recommending the business performance of WM banks in Taiwan employ the AHP and DEA methods.

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  • This study evaluates the effect of technology and education diversity on the employees’ innovativeness of manufacturing entities in Nigeria. By adopting a descriptive survey design method and utilizing a self-administered closed-end questionnaire, data was collected from 5483 respondents’ population who were staff of twelve randomly selected manufacturing entities in north central Nigeria.

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  • Maps have long been identified as a political document aimed at structuring human senses, expectations, desire and notion on the space around. Developments in Geographic information technology which combines GIS, Remote Sensing and GPS has created new avenues in mapping and spatial decision making. Advent of FOSSGIS and Web GIS has further simplified data availability and analytical capability. These new technological advances have helped the use of critical mapping which is a set of new mapping practices and theoretical critique grounded in critical theory.

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  • This research was approved by the Ethics Committee of Dong Nai General Hospital. The fingernail collected from 29 women with breast cancer and 30 healthy women, who are the same age and living in Dong Nai province, Vietnam. The concentrations of Fe, Se, and Zn in the fingernails were determined using the k0-INAA method. The analytical data were evaluated using some statistical analysis for the correlation of trace elements in the fingernails of both groups.

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