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  • Evaluation Methods in Medical Informatics, Second Edition is a heavily updated and revised volume based on editors Friedman and Wyatt's successful first edition. This book incorporates the solid foundation of evaluation theories, methods, and techniques laid out in the first edition, and builds on it to include case studies from real world situations. Designed as a guide for both the informatics novice and the seasoned professional seeking a comprehensive resource, this book explores information systems evaluation from the ground up.

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  • A strawberry plant is considered day-neutral if it can form flower buds under both long and short day conditions however, researchers use different methods to score day-neutrality.

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  • This paper presents DEPEVAL(summ), a dependency-based metric for automatic evaluation of summaries. Using a reranking parser and a Lexical-Functional Grammar (LFG) annotation, we produce a set of dependency triples for each summary. The dependency set for each candidate summary is then automatically compared against dependencies generated from model summaries. We examine a number of variations of the method, including the addition of WordNet, partial matching, or removing relation labels from the dependencies. ...

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  • The study evaluated the translation quality of the Vietnamese version of the film “Rio”, which was translated and dubbed in the project of MegaStar Media Ltd. Company, Vietnam in April 2011. To reach its aim, the study used four methods including analysis and comparison, which were based on Newmark’s model. In addition, statistical and observational methods were also applied to examine the synchronisation of each utterance and its translated version.

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  • This article examines new tutoring evaluation methods to be adopted in the course, Machine Theory, in the Escola Tècnica Superior d’Enginyeria Industrial de Barcelona (ETSEIB, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya). These new methods have been developed in order to facilitate teaching staff work and include students in the evaluation process.

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  • Assessing the Patient's Readiness to Change An attempt to initiate lifestyle changes when the patient is not ready usually leads to frustration and may hamper future weight-loss efforts. Assessment includes patient motivation and support, stressful life events, psychiatric status, time availability and constraints, and appropriateness of goals and expectations. Readiness can be viewed as the balance of two opposing forces: (1) motivation, or the patient's desire to change; and (2) resistance, or the patient's resistance to change.

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  • The term ‘food miles’ refers to the distance food travels from the location where it is grown to the location where it is consumed, or in other words, the distance food travels from farm to plate. Recent studies have shown that this distance has been steadily increasing over the last fi fty years. Studies estimate that processed food in the United States travels over 1,300 miles, and fresh produce travels over 1,500 miles, before being consumed.

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  • This information could include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. IBM does not assume any liability for damages caused by such errors as this information is provided for convenience only; the reader should confirm any information contained herein with the associated vendor. Changes are periodically made to the content of the document. These changes will be incorporated in new editions of the document. IBM may make improvements and/or changes in the product(s) and/or the program(s) described in this document at anytime without notice.

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  • Family planning refers to a conscious effort by a couple to limit or space the number of children they want to have through the use of contraceptive methods. Information about use of contraceptive methods was collected from female respondents by asking if they (or their partner) were currently using a method. Contraceptive methods are classified as modern and traditional methods. Modern methods include female sterilization, male sterilization, pill, IUD, injectables, implants, male condom, diaphragm, lactational amenorrhea method (LAM), and standard days method.

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  • This paper presents the use of Support Vector Machines (SVM) to detect relevant information to be included in a queryfocused summary. Several SVMs are trained using information from pyramids of summary content units. Their performance is compared with the best performing systems in DUC-2005, using both ROUGE and autoPan, an automatic scoring method for pyramid evaluation.

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  • This paper introduces a new method for identifying candidate phrasal terms (also known as multiword units) which applies a nonparametric, rank-based heuristic measure. Evaluation of this measure, the mutual rank ratio metric, shows that it produces better results than standard statistical measures when applied to this task. 1 Introduction The ordinary vocabulary of a language like English contains thousands of phrasal terms -multiword lexical units including compound nouns, technical terms, idioms, and fixed collocations. ...

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  • In previous papers we presented methods for retrieving collocations from large samples of texts. We described a tool, X t r a c t , that implements these methods and able to retrieve a wide range of collocations in a two stage process. These methods a.s well as other related methods however have some limitations. Mainly, the produced collocations do not include any kind of functional information and many of them are invalid. In this paper we introduce methods that address these issues. These methods are implemented in an added third stage to X t r a c t...

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  • This article presented an extensive experience of the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Denmark and Australia - four of the countries which had established the evaluation system of research activities in universities in a comprehensive way, at national level - with the content including starting time and purpose of evaluation; main evaluation methods; and basic criteria of evaluation.

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  • Various application methods for the entomopathogenic nematode Heterorhabditis bacteriophora were evaluated under laboratory and field conditions. Four different methods of applying the infective juveniles (IJs) of the nematode to soil were assessed including insect cadavers (referred to as nematode-infected cadavers), subsurface injection, praying and drip irrigation.

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  • This paper presents the design and evaluation of a non-using energy mechanism for collecting the garbage. The collector of rubbish is implemented by using the mechanical motion includes the gearbox, conveyor belt and brush, to alleviate the need of fuel as well as energy.

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  • This book covers the nature and development of teaching skills, including classroom climate and discipline. It includes specific information on planning, preparing, presenting and managing lessons. It covers assessing and evaluating pupils' and teachers' own performance. Each chapter includes a summary, discussion questions and suggested further reading. The book contains information about the DfES's standards for newly qualified teachers.

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  • Copula Methods in Finance is the first book to address the mathematics of copula functions illustrated with finance applications. It explains copulas by means of applications to major topics in derivative pricing and credit risk analysis. Examples include pricing of the main exotic derivatives (barrier, basket, rainbow options) as well as risk management issues. Particular focus is given to the pricing of asset-backed securities and basket credit derivative products and the evaluation of counterparty risk in derivative transactions....

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  • The first chapter of the fourth section describes a method that is naturally suited for fluid mechanics problems, and then considers its application for solid mechanics, particularly when plasticity or changing material interfaces are present. The material is modeled as particles, each of which can have its own properties. Because the connectivity of the particles is not prescribed, the method is particularly suitable to problems that include large deformations.

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  • This book describes the underlying concepts and practical methods for effective design, evaluation, and optimization of bulk working operations such as forging, rolling, and extrusion. The Handbook of Workability and Process Design includes updated content from a previous ASM publication (Workability Testing Techniques, 1984) as well as substantial new coverage in the areas of process design, numerical simulation, and computer-based modeling of testing and processing conditions.

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  • A wide variety of detail regarding genuine and proprietary research from distinguished authors is presented, ranging from new means of evaluation of the local solar irradiance to the manufacturing technology of photovoltaic cells. Also included is the topic of biotechnology based on solar energy and electricity generation onboard space vehicles in an optimised manner with possible transfer to the Earth. The graphical material supports the presentation, transforming the reading into a pleasant and instructive labor for any interested specialist or student....

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