Exchange server architecture

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  • This guide explains how features work in the Exchange Server architecture, and how to configure and manage these features for optimal results. This content ranges from configuring global settings at an organizational level, to managing individual servers, to managing Exchange clusters. After reading this guide, you will have a solid understanding of what it takes to configure and manage your Exchange Server 2003 organization.

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  • This document provides design and configuration guidance for site and server load balancing, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)- offload and WAN optimization in a Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 environment when it is deployed into a Cisco multisite data center architecture. An overview of the various Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 roles and operations will be given to provide the reader some context as to how the application environment is impacted in a multisite data center design.

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  • Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003 and Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server support using a server architecture that distributes server tasks among front-end and back-end servers. In this architecture, a front-end server accepts requests from clients and proxies them to the appropriate back-end server for processing.

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  • Course 1569A is a four-day course that will provide students with the knowledge and skills required to install and configure Exchange 2000. Students begin the course by reviewing the interaction of Exchange 2000 with Active Directory™ directory service in Microsoft® Windows® 2000. Students then learn the component architecture of Exchange 2000 and install the product. After Exchange 2000 is installed, students focus on core management, such as server, transport, and public folder management.

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  • Designed to handle the most demanding server operations, Snow Leopard Server is up to twice as fast as its predecessor,Snow Leopard Server is designed so people of all technical levels can easily manage servers, Allow users to exchange files, synchronize contact information/calendars, schedule events, Deploy the server that's right for you, without the need for expensive hardware: use an Xserve, a Mac Pro, an iMac, or even a Mac mini Enhanced core technologies include 64-bit computing, an advanced networking architecture, Conduct live video conferences, send/receive emai...

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  • When talking about cryptography, we refer to senders and receivers wishing to exchange messages or plaintext by exchanging ciphertext. It is assumed that an eavesdropper reading ciphertext should not be able to extract corresponding plaintext. This characteristic is called confidentiality. The process performed by a sender to hide plaintext is called encryption, the reverse operation is called decryption. These processes are often expressed as mathematic functions or com- puting algorithms. The encryption and decryption algorithms together constitute a cipher.

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  • You have been hired by Northwind Traders to assist the company with their deployment of Microsoft® Exchange 2000 Server. You are responsible for developing the messaging architecture and directory design to support Exchange 2000 Server while ensuring that your design meets the company’s business and Information Technology (IT) goals.

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