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  • In the 40s the first computers were built. The very first models were ‘programmed’ by means of huge connection boards. Soon the program was stored in computer memory, introducing the first programming languages. Because in those days computer use was very expensive, it was obvious to have the programming language resemble the architecture of the computer as close as possible. A computer consists of a central processing unit and a memory. Therefore a program consisted of instructions to modify the memory, executed by the processing unit. With that the imperative programming style arose.

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  • [ Team LiB ] Recipe 2.13 Executing SQL Server User-Defined Scalar Functions Problem Your SQL Server 2000 database includes a user-defined function that returns a scalar value. You want to retrieve the value from this function using ADO.NET.

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  • Chapter 9(3) intruduce stored procedures and function (9.6.1) with contents: Stored procedures type, create stored procedures, execute stored procedures, modify stored procedures, delete stored procedures, using parameter in stored procedures,...

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  • Chapter 6: Beyond competitive strategy: Other important strategy choices. This chapter includes contents: Strategic alliances and collaborative partnerships, merger and acquisition strategies, vertical integration strategies, outsourcing strategies, using offensive strategies to secure competitive advantage, using defensive strategies to protect the company’s position, strategies for using the internet as a distribution channel, choosing appropriate functional-area strategies, first-mover advantages and disadvantages.

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  • Understanding the High-Functioning Alcoholic represents the untold story of millions of alcoholics. The goal of this book is to allow society to see that alcoholics all suffer from the same disease, but that it may manifest in different ways. The homeless person and the high-powered executive can both be alcoholics— alcoholism does not differentiate among socioeconomic class, education level, and appearance. However, because the high-functioning alcoholic (HFA) has the ability to perform and succeed, the treatment often comes too late or not at all.

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  • Today’s industrial products, and many public sponsored projects, show a strong increase in functionality and complexity. Think of automobiles, mobile phones, personal computers, airplanes, or a space mission. To ensure success and cope with inherent risks of modern products, project management and systems engineering have become indispensable skills for forward-looking enterprises.

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  • Statistical methods for survival data analysis have continued to flourish in the last two decades. Applications of the methods have been widened from their historical use in cancer and reliability research to business, criminology, epidemiology, and social and behavioral sciences. The third edition of Statistical Methods for Survival Data Analysis is intended to provide a comprehensive introduction of the most commonly used methods for analyzing survival data. It begins with basic definitions and interpretations of survival functions....

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  • What is Marketing? Marketing has been defined by the AMA as an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders.

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  • CAPM®: Certified Associate Project Manager; certification offered by PMI; requires less experience than PMP®. Capability: the functionality of the specified system. Cause-and-effect diagram: combines brainstorming and concept mapping to identify and consider a range of causes and impacts relative to a problem; also referred to as a fishbone diagram or an Ishikawa diagram.

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  • VHDL has been at the heart of electronic design productivity since initial ratification by the IEEE in 1987. For almost 15 years the electronic design automation industry has expanded the use of VHDL from initial concept of design documentation, to design implementation and functional verification. It can be said that VHDL fueled modern synthesis technology and enabled the development of ASIC semiconductor companies. The editions of Doug Perry’s books have served as the authoritative source of practical information on the use of VHDL for users of the language around the world....

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  • Unlike mainstream economists, political economists have always tried to situate the study of economics within the broader project of understanding how society functions.

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  • Seminar 6: Creating an Embedded Operating System Determine flow rate from pulse stream Milk pasteurisation system Milk pasteurisation system COPYRIGHT © MICHAEL J. PONT, 2001-2006. Contains material from: Pont, M.J. (2002) “Embedded C”, Addison-Wesley.

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  • In this chapter, we’ll explain the data structures and algorithms that deal with processes, threads, and jobs in the Windows operating system. The first section focuses on the internal structures that make up a process. The second section outlines the steps involved in creating a process (and its initial thread). The internals of threads and thread scheduling are then described. The chapter concludes with a description of the job object. Where relevant performance counters or kernel variables exist, they are mentioned.

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  • Campaign Execution (Model Deployment): Once the model is ready, the next step is to deploy the model in the current campaign. The model is applied to rank all potential customers by the predicted probability of belonging to the class initiating the contact. Only the top x% of the ranked list will receive the promotion (if the majority of potential customers are contacted, then direct marketing would not differ much from mass marketing). The selection of an optimal x, i.e. the x that produces the highest net profit, depends on the (predicted) performance of the model.

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  • If you’re accustomed to using a desktop computer, it may take a little time to become comfortable using a laptop. Most of the same parts are on the laptop, but they are in different locations (and are usually a bit smaller). You also have to get used to a few different functions. This chapter takes a look at them and gets you ready to use your new machine.

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  • Chemistry comprises two related but distinct activities:(i)the quest for an understanding of matter and material change,(ii)the utilization of material change for human ends.Ideally, thefirst activity provides the necessary know-how for the pursuit of the second, but in practice, the help it can give is only partial, and the second activity has to fall back on trial and error techniques in order to achieve its ends. This means that a good chemist is one who not only has a mastery of chemical theory, but also a good knowledge of chemical facts.

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  • and gait is mostly derived from studies that measured and reported EF as a composite score [12,18,19]. Relatively few studies have focused on the age-related deficits in specific components of executive function and most of these studies were based on a traditional set of tests of executive function, without detailing specific components. The conclusions drawn from these studies might, therefore, be limited by their methodologies. The putative executive measures might not load on a single executive construct, and might overlap with each other [20,21].

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  • Finance is fundamental; accounting is merely the set of procedures, techniques, and reports that make possible the effective execution of the finance function.

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  • Introduction Two broad categories of multi-state systems: • Multi-State (Timed) In a multi-state (timed) system, the transition between states will depend only on the passage of time. For example, the system might begin in State A, repeatedly executing FunctionA(), for ten seconds. It might then move into State B and remain there for 5 seconds, repeatedly executing FunctionB(). It might then move back into State A, ad infinituum. A basic traffic-light control system might follow this pattern.

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  • Governance research in accounting exploits the role of accounting information as a source of credible information variables that support the existence of enforceable contracts, such as compensation contracts with payoffs to managers contingent on realized measures of performance, the monitoring of managers by boards of directors and outside investors and regulators, and the exercise of investor rights granted by existing securities laws. The remainder of Section 3 is organized as follows. Section 3.

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