Exercise barriers

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  • On March 2, 2005, President George W. Bush greeted Rachel Robinson in the Capitol rotunda in Washington, D.C., and gently placed into her hand the Congressional Gold Medal in the name of her deceased husband, Jack Roosevelt Robinson. The ceremony of awarding the gold medal—the highest civilian honor that can be presented by Congress—took place nearly fi fty-eight years after Robinson played his fi rst Major League baseball game for the Brooklyn Dodgers. On that day in April 1947, Robinson’s presence in the lineup represented a giant step for integration.

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  • I was a closet meat eater, a vegetarian trying not to get caught with a pork chop, beef patty, or chicken sausage in my hand. Now I am a fl exitarian and don’t have to wear a scarlet letter for eating a little red meat. I want to be a vegetarian because of the countless health benefi ts. I also want to enjoy backyard barbecue hamburgers in the summertime, hot dogs at a Cubs baseball game, Grandma’s pork roast made with love, my father-in-law’s beef chili, Mom’s perfectly seasoned steak grilled to perfection by Dad, and Th anksgiving turkey....

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  • The revised ADA rules and the 2010 Standards contain new requirements for elements in existing facilities that were not addressed in the original 1991 Standards. These include recreation facilities such as swimming pools, play areas, exercise machines, miniature golf facilities, and bowling alleys. Because these elements were not included in the 1991 Standards, they are not subject to the safe harbor.

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  • Some of the poorest countries have significantly reduced maternal and newborn mortality and improved women’s and children’s health. Innovative approaches can achieve even more, eliminating barriers to health and producing better outcomes. These approaches need to be applied to all activities: leadership, financing (including incentives to achieve better performance and results), tools and interventions, service delivery, monitoring and evaluation.

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