Exhibits and statistical data

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  • The Encyclopedic Dictionary of International Finance and Banking is written and compiled for working professionals engaged in the fields of international finance, global trade, foreign investments, and banking. It may be used for day-to-day practice and for technical research. The Encyclopedic Dictionary is a practical reference of proven techniques, strategies, and approaches that are successfully used by professionals to diagnose multinational finance and banking problems.

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  • The large loss effect that we report reinforces the findings of Kamstra, Kramer, and Levi (2000), who document a stock market effect of similar magnitude in response to the daylight saving clock change. While Pinegar (2002) argues that the “daylight saving anomaly” is sensitive to outliers, our effect remains economically and statistically significant even after removing outliers in the data and applying a number of robustness checks. Another contribution of this paper is that we are able to go a long way towards addressing the main disadvantage of the event approach.

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  • An experiment with seventy genotypes of bread wheat carried out to study the nature and magnitude of divergence using Mahalanobis D2 statistics, in randomized block design with three replications. The data for twelve important quantitative traits were recorded from the genotypes raised. High genotypic and phenotypic coefficient of variation were observed for grain weight per main spike followed by biological yield per plant, grain yield per plant, 1000 grain weight, harvest index, number of productive tillers per plant and number of grains per main spike.

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  • One of the major challenges in designing modern communication networks is providing quality of service to the individual users. An important part of this design process is understanding statistical characteristics of network traf®c streams and their impact on network performance. Unlike the conventional voice traf®c, modern data traf®c exhibits an increased level of ``burstiness'' that spans over multiple time scales. It was observed that sample paths of these data sequences show evidence of self-similarity....

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