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  • Plant species that invade an alien area and outgrow the native vegetation, establishing and increasing their own territory, often lead to negative economic, environmental, and social impacts. Even native species can behave like invasive species by their exponential spread. Similarly, not all non-native species are invasive. Many alien invasive species, however, do threaten the health and integrity of our terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

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  • Exotic Pine Nursery This Practical Guide was developed by Forestry Plantations Queensland (FPQ) used in Vietnam as part of project evaluation CARD Field "and advanced mass plant propagation technology to expand the plantations of Pinus caribaea value and related hybrids in Vietnam ".

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  • LEE J. AMES has created more than 27 books in the Draw 50 series, including, most recently The Draw 50 Way. He lives in Mission Viejo, California. A latest entry in the popular Draw 50 series offers easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for drawing a wide variety of plants, including such favorites as roses and orchids, as well as more exotic types including Jack in the Pulpit.

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  • Forest Gardening (forest gardening) is considered a form of agriculture oldest in the world. [2] This began in prehistoric times by the river services in the forest in the foothills and humid in tropical monsoon. In the course of a family slowly improving their habitats, species and plant grapes helpful gradually been identified, and improved protection against unwanted species are discarded. Even exotic species were selected and cultivated in their gardens.

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  • The Research Centre for Forest Tree Improvement (RCFTI) is a unit within the Forest Science Institute of Vietnam (FSIV) which specialises in tree improvement research and delivery of genetically improved seed and planting stock to meet the planting requirements of the Government of Vietnam (GoV) as well as community and private sector plantation programs. RCFTI carries out an active program of research at stations throughout Vietnam, with its principal research station at Ba Vi.

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  • In recent years Vietnam’s forest coverage has undergone rapid expansion, with a marked increase in plantings of exotic species of Eucalyptus, Acacia and Pinus. This expansion provides excellent opportunities for new international export markets for timber products. However it also represents new and increased risks from forestry pests and diseases, which in outbreak circumstances can have catastrophic consequences on plantation establishment and productivity. These risks come from pest and disease species already established in Vietnam, and exotic species not yet present in the country....

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  • The origins of the sciences of microbiology and virology are sharply different from those of other biological sciences.While intrepid explorers dissected animals and studied their behaviors in exotic locations, and English vicars described hedgerow plants in loving detail through their gentle seasons, microbiology emerged from the fetid fever hospitals of Europe in the mid-1880s.

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