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  • Evidence-based interactive management of change means hands-on experience of modified work processes, given evidence of change. For this kind of pro-active organizational development support we use an organisational process memory and a communication-based representation technique for rolespecific and task-oriented process execution. Both are effective means for organizations becoming agile through interactively modelling the business at the process level and re-constructing or re-arranging process representations according to various needs.

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  • Business is the economic mode of operation conditions exist in the economy of goods, including the overall methods, forms and means by which economic agents to make use of its economic activity (including the process of investment, production, transportation, trade, services ...) on the basis of value rules apply along with other rules, in order to achieve the highest capital profitability.

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  • No matter which way they turn, organizations are increasingly expected to find better and faster ways of responding to the change challenges presented by the revolution in information technology, increased globalization, smarter customers, and a constantly changing employee base.

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  • As the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has pointed out, it has become increasingly important to look beyond the traditional earnings and economic value effects and assess indirect interest rate effects as well. Taking a broader view of the potential earnings impact of changing interest rates, banks also need to take into consideration the growing share of (interest-sensitive) fee- based fi nancial services (loan servicing, asset securitization programs, pay- ments etc.).

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  • T he land value tax is a variant of the property tax that imposes a higher tax rate on land than on improve- ments, or taxes only the land value. Many other types of changes in property tax policy, such as assessment freezes or limita- tions, have undesirable side effects, including unequal treatment of similarly situated tax- payers and distortion of economic incentives. Land value taxation would enhance both the fairness and the efficiency of the property tax.

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  • Other areas that pose a challenge for developing countries include the potential impact of the operations of insurance companies on the activities of policyholders and the economy as a whole, the impact of emerging trends in the global insurance market, the need to overcome supply-side constraints, the need to raise public awareness about the benefits of insurance coverage, the need to build human capacity and how to take advantage of changes arising from liberalization and globalization within the insurance sector to develop export opportunities.

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  • We are living through a period of striking, gender-related social change in the West as traditional distinctions between the experiences of women and men are breaking down and being reconfigured in new, more complex ways. This has significant, but as yet largely unexplored, implications for health and illness. The long-established life expectancy gap between men and women appears to be closing in many affluent societies as men begin to ‘catch up’ with women.

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  • The spread of democracy to amajority of the world’s states and the legit- imization of the use of force by multilateral institutions such as NATO and the UNhave been two key developments since the Second World War. In the last decade these developments have become intertwined, as multilateral forces moved from traditional peacekeeping to peace en- forcement among warring parties.

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  • I do not know what prompted me to apply for the post of Primary Health Care Alcohol Liaison Worker and Counsellor with the Acorn Community Drug and Alcohol Service in Surrey, other than that it somehow felt right. I had not previously had experience of working with people with alcohol problems. It was late 1994 and I had recently left my job as a Fundholding Manager at a GP surgery in Guildford, having earlier completed my diploma training in person-centred counselling and psychotherapy.

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  • We are developing methods and models to support professionals in practical problem situations. To al- low for a direct, continuous exchange between work experience on the one hand and research and teach- ing on the other hand, these activities should happen simultaneously. We therefore need to offer the pro- gram as a part-time program to allow participating Business Engineers to maintain their careers and stay involved in suitable change projects. If different knowledge areas are to be integrated (e.g.

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  • Within the past decade, scholars have begun to reveal the important role African American midwives played in the reproductive experiences of southern women, both black and white. This book is a contribution to the documentation of that African American presence. It is also a requiem to the knowledge, skills, and beliefs that have been lost. If, thanks to the classic movie Gone with the Wind, popular imagery has the African American woman faced with the prospect of having to help deliver a baby being completely hysterical, then recent scholarship counters that portrayal.

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  • Teacher Education and Institutional Change in South Africa investigates the specific experiences of institutional change in eleven diverse university contexts and explores the complex, multiple impacts of these experiences on the conditions for initial teacher education. Ultimately, the study highlights the challenges that lie ahead if the system is to produce the right number and right kind of teachers for South Africa.

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  • Improvement of life insurance policyholders’ protection corporation with emphasis on consistency with the Vietnamese market. What is needed for the Life Insurance Policyholders’ Protection Fund in Vietnam is to review and improve its system so that it is consistent with any anticipated changes of the insurance market in Vietnam, by taking advantage of the experience of the Life Insurance Policyholders’ Protection Corporation in Japan where large scale bankruptcies have occurred in series.

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  • This paper studies the experiences of China in the set up of policy and use efficiency finance climate address climate change. As predicted, Vietnam is a country affected greatly by climate change and sea level rise due to warming of the Earth. The learned lessons in the mobilization and use of climate finance from China are essential towards a green economy and sustainable, which the Vietnam government has set.

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  • An experiment of rubber plants intercropped with tea was conducted at the Regional Experiment Station, Nagrakata, Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal to see the feasibility of growing tea as intercrop with rubber in Dooars area of north Bengal. It can be concluded that tea can successfully be grown as beneficial intercrop in between the inter-row spaces of rubber by changing in the crop geometry during immature phase of rubber with additional benefit of less attack of red spider mite to tea crop/leaf.

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  • A field experiment of rice crop was conducted during Kharif season 2016 at Agrometeorological Research Farm of N.D.U.A&T, of Kumarganj, Faizabad. The experiment was conducted in Randomized Block Design. The treatment comprised of three dates of Transplanting viz. 5th July (D1); 15th July (D2) and 25th July (D3) with three varieties viz. NDR-80 (V1); Pant Dhan-4 (V2) and Swarna (V3). In this study, DSSAT-CERES model was used to assess the impact of temperature on productivity of crop.

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  • Imbalanced application of inorganic fertilizer generates undesirable over soil physicochemical properties to a great extent. Short term aerobic incubation experiment was implemented with soil samples (Typic Haplustert) collected from top soil horizon (0-15cm) of cabbage field in Viraliyur, Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu. Intention of study is towards examining the pattern of changes in pH and electrical conductivity (EC) in soil added with varied levels of fertilizers (NPK) under field capacity condition. Fertilizer was applied in accordance with the treatments viz.

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  • Lumbar traction is a traditional treatment modality for chronic low back pain (CLBP) in many countries. However, its effectiveness has not been demonstrated in clinical practice because of the following: (1) the lack of in vivo biomechanical confirmation of the mechanism of lumbar traction that occurs at the lumbar spine; (2) the lack of a precise delivery system for traction force and, subsequently, the lack of reproducibility; and (3) few randomized controlled trials proving its effectiveness and utility.

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  • This study examines the issues of modernisation of the state planning system in the Republic of Kazakhstan, taking into account the Paris Climate Agreement and new pledge on achievement of the carbon neutrality. Based on the generalisation of the international experience of the OECD countries, authors determine the main approaches, principles and priorities for adapting the strategic planning system to the conditions of climate change and global risks.

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  • Self-management of arthritis requires informed, activated patients to manage its physical and psychosocial consequences. Patient activation and self-management can be enhanced through the use of cognitive-behavioural approaches, which have a strong evidence base and provide insight into the variation in outcome of patients with ostensibly the same degree of disease activity.

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