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  • This book focuses on the basic electrochemical applications of DNA in various areas, from basic principles to the most recent discoveries. The book comprises theoretical and experimental analysis of various properties of nucleic acids, research methods, and some promising applications.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "An introduction to statistical methods and data analysis" has contents: Statistics and the scientific method; using surveys and experimental studies to gather data; data description, probability and probability distributions; inferences about population central values; inferences comparing two population central values,...and other contents.

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  • Data of unknown quality are useless! All laboratory measurements contain experimental error. It is necessary to determine the magnitude of the accuracy and reliability in your measurements. Then you can make a judgment about their usefulness. Replicates - two or more determinations on the same sample Example 3-1: One student measures Fe (III) concentrations six times. The results are listed below: 19.4, 19.5, 19. 6, 19.8, 20.1, 20.3 ppm (parts per million) 6 replicates = 6 measurements The "middle" or "central" value for a group of results: Mean: average or arithmetic mean ...

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Research methods, design, and analysis" has contents: Procedure for conducting an experiment, summarizing research data descriptive statistics, preparing and publishing the research report, using inferential statistics, qualitative and mixed methods research,...and other contents.

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  • Electromyography (EMG) is a technique for evaluating and recording the electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles. EMG may be used clinically for the diagnosis of neuromuscular problems and for assessing biomechanical and motor control deficits and other functional disorders. Furthermore, it can be used as a control signal for interfacing with orthotic and/or prosthetic devices or other rehabilitation assists.

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  • Nearly a decade has passed since the publication of the first edition. Many instructors have used the first edition to teach master's and Ph.D. students. Based on their feedback and our own teaching experience, it became clear that we needed to revise the book to make it more accessible to a larger audience, including upper-level undergraduates. To this end, we have expanded and reorganized the early chapters in the second edition. For example, our book now provides a self-contained presentation of regression analysis (Sections 1.4-1.

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  • Due to the unavoidable nonbiological variations accompanying many experiments, it is imperative to consider a way of unravelling the functional interaction structure of a cellular network (e.g. signalling cascades or gene networks) by using the qualitative information of time-series experimental data instead of computation through the measured absolute values.

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  • Failure of locking plate fixation due to varus collapse is a common problem for the elderly population who have osteoporotic bone with comminuted fractures. However, it is possible to increase the stability and the stiffness of the fixation system by using intramedullary fibular graft. This study compares the effectiveness of the augmented versus non-augmented locking plate fixation under clinically relevant cyclic loading. Nine pairs of cadaveric humeri were utilized with one side fixated using the augmented system and the other using the non-augmented one.

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  • This paper discusses sampling strategies for building a dependency-analyzed corpus and analyzes them with different kinds of corpora. We used the Kyoto Text Corpus, a dependency-analyzed corpus of newspaper articles, and prepared the IPAL corpus, a dependency-analyzed corpus of example sentences in dictionaries, as a new and different kind of corpus. The experimental results revealed that the length of the test set controlled the accuracy and that the longest-first strategy was good for an expanding corpus, but this was not the case when constructing a corpus from scratch. ...

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  • The unique practical properties of adsorption have promoted its extensive use in genetic analysis. The disadvantages of adsorption with respect to covalent immobilization are mainly that (1) nucleic acids may be readily desorbed from the substrate, and (2) base moieties may be unavailable for hybridization if they are bonded to the substrate in multiple sites [34]. However, the electrochemical detection strategy based on the intrinsic oxidation of DNA requires the DNA to be adsorbed in close contact with the electrochemical substrate by multi-point attachment.

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  • This report introduces a new computer program, so-called MSAP-1.0, which has been developed at the Dalat Nuclear Research Institute, for data processing and interpretation of the experimental data sheets based on the multivariate data analysis techniques. In this preliminary version of the program, the dimensions of a given data set to be analyzed are up to 50 variables and thousands of observations. The main functions in this version are principal component analysis, cluster analysis, standardization and output data plot.

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  • This paper presents the results of an experimental study of three samples containing various elements in the near-surface layers. The depth profiles of all the elements of different atomic masses from hydrogen to silver were investigated by Rutherford Backscattering Spectrometry (RBS) and Elastic Recoil Detection Analysis (ERDA). The experiments were performed by using the low-energy (about 2 MeV) 4He+ ion beams.

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  • This paper deals with the problem of inverse kinematics and dynamics of a measuring manipulator with kinematic redundancy which was designed and manufactured at Hanoi University of Technology for measuring the geometric tolerance of surfaces of machining components. A comparison between the calculation result and the experimental measurement is also presented.

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  • The stiffened plate element is a combination of basic triangular element and bar component. The element can accommodate any number of arbitrarily oriented stifeners and obviates the use of mesh lines along the stiffeners. Free vibration analyses of stiffened laminated plates have been carried out with this element and the results are compared with those published. The finite element results show very good matching with the experimental ones.

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  • The results of deformation analysis of the inflated air-spring shell made of composite with rubber matrix reinforced by textile cords are given. Obtained numerical results of deformation correspond to the experimentally measured deformation of the inflated cylindrical air-spring.

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  • The paper presents some results of a study based on the experiment carried out in Delta Flume of Delft Hydraulics. The analysis of time-series of sand concentration and velocity are implemented for regular and irregular waves with different conditions on wave and grain size.

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  • In this paper, we present the experimental results in verifying the research hypothesis represented in the article “An epistemological analysis of the concept of quotient group” (Nguyen Ai Quoc, 2018) about the existence of three difficulties to students in first approaching the concept of quotient group. And these difficulties are derived from three epistemological obstacles: intrinsic, abstraction, and structuralisation.

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  • For purpose of FRA interpretation in practical manner, electrical parameters of power transformers in a physical equivalent circuit should be determined. As a first step, the paper introduces a new approach in determining frequency dependent core impedances of a distribution transformer based on the combination of circuit analysis of a duality-based model, measurements of driving-point impedances and experimental formulas.

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  • This study uses what Cresswell (2003) refers to as a ‘mixed methods approach’, one that combines quantitative and qualitative data collection and a ‘sequential explanatory strategy’ in which the collection and analysis of the quantitative data is followed by the collection and analysis of the qualitative data (p 215).

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  • As currently taught, the introductory course in analytical chemistry emphasizes quantitative (and sometimes qualitative) methods of analysis coupled with a heavy dose of equilibrium chemistry. Analytical chemistry, however, is more than equilib- rium chemistry and a collection of analytical methods; it is an approach to solving chemical problems. Although discussing different methods is important, that dis- cussion should not come at the expense of other equally important topics.

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