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  • The extended use of networking and the availability of multimedia processing and sharing applications have clearly gained momentum in the informationised society where Interactive Multimedia theories, technologies, applications and systems stage the principal role, as they furnish users with the necessary communication tools. In that respect, multimedia-enabled devices and tablet computers support fully featured interactive multimedia applications and cover wide-ranging interaction requirements from communication and business to games and interactive art.

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  • Considering the high probability of the existence of the postshock excitable tunnel even for above-DFT shocks, defibrillation success may be explained by the fact that initiating PAs, originating within the wall, cannot find an excitable exit onto the epicardium and die out in the mid-myocardium. Obtaining such insight into the mechanisms of defibrillation would have been impossible with the use of experimentation alone.

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  • In addition, since the collapse will not occur even with a seismic force of 1,000 gal in the case of a design solution for a seismic forces 800 gal or more, the total repair cost is about half that for other design solutions with the collapse, except at 750 gal. Sung. 13 to 15 show the relationship between total costs and seismic forces in the case repair costs for each design solution, calculated using the dangerous curve in the figure.

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