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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Entrepreneurship" has contents: The entrepreneurial mind set; corporate entrepreneurship, generating and exploiting new entries; creativity and the business idea; protecting the idea and other legal issues for the entrepreneur; the organizational plan; the financial plan,...and other contents.

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  • Most observers of the economy now accept that a major shift occurred during the 1970s. The rapid productivity growth of the postwar years came to an end—for reasons that are still being debated among economists and historians. Wage growth lagged, and the economy suffered multiple shocks from energy prices and rapid inflation. The surge of births in the postwar baby boom meant that the labor force grew rapidly, while women were entering the labor force in numbers unprecedented in peacetime.

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  • Productivity growth is associated with entry of and growth of high-performing fi rms, and the shrinking and exit of low-performing ones. New Zealand has high rates of fi rm entry and exit, but a low and declining share of high-growth businesses. Investment, Saving, and Financial Market Development New Zealand’s gross fi xed capital formation as a percentage of GDP is around the OECD mean. Plant and machinery investment has been slightly above the OECD mean in most years since 1970.

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