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  • Our analysis required us to construct bank credit aggregates for a large sample of countries. Domestic credit as usually measured captures only loans or securities booked at banks in a given jurisdiction vis-à-vis residents of that jurisdiction. To this we added the cross-border credit reported in the BIS international banking statistics, yielding a measure of the total credit provided by banks to non-banks in a particular country.

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  • We propose an approach for extracting relations between entities from biomedical literature based solely on shallow linguistic information. We use a combination of kernel functions to integrate two different information sources: (i) the whole sentence where the relation appears, and (ii) the local contexts around the interacting entities. We performed experiments on extracting gene and protein interactions from two different data sets. The results show that our approach outperforms most of the previous methods based on syntactic and semantic information. ...

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  • A rye kernel contains large amounts of important dietary fi bre components combined with other bioactive compounds, which have numerous positive functions for our health and well-being. Rye contains both soluble and insoluble dietary fi bre. The main dietary fi bre component in rye is the partly soluble arabinoxylan. In bread making, the cell wall polysaccharides in rye have a profound effect on the rheological properties of dough and bread. The macronutrients in rye are the same as in other cereals: starch, dietary fi bre, and protein.

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  • The theoretical manner in which periodontal disease progresses has long been a subject of debate. It is currently agreed that destructive periodontal disease progresses by means of asynchronous bursts of activity (Haffajee and Socransky 1986). According to this theory, periodontal tissue support is lost during short, acute episodes followed by prolonged periods of quiescence (Reddy, Palcanis, and Geurs 1997).

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  • All cacac aspects of human and robotic elements within the research activities of HRI far as they provide insight into how to improve our understanding of the development effective tools, protocols, and systems to enhance the HRI. For example, significant research efforts are being devoted to the man-machine interface design which makes it easier for people to interact with the robot. Researchers are investigating how to improve the existing interface so that multiple users can interact with multiple risk program at the same time.

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  • Such pesticides are widely used agricultural inputs, and they are esters of the phosphoric acid and the derivates thereof, and they share in common as a pharmacological characteristic, the action of inhibiting enzymes having esteracic activities, and more specifically, the inhibition of the acetylcholinesterase. They are easily hydrolyze and they have a low capacity of remaining in the environment (Palacios and Moreno, 2004), (Chakraborty, 2009), (Ntow et al, 2009). Other pesticides under study are the organochlorated, which are persistent, lypophilic and very steady.

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  • An extended range of new sensing applications and solutions have emerged in different fields such as rural and forest fire detection [1], monitoring of industrial manufacturing processes [2], transport/logistics [3], and for personal services in areas such as healthcare and Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) [4]. These new advanced applications based on a new generation of sensing and communication capabilities are a consequence of the continuous advances in sensor technologies and wireless communication protocols that allow for greater autonomy of sensor nodes.

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  • Chlorophyll fluorescence represents an intrinsic signal emitted by plants that can be employed to monitor their physiological state including changes of the photosynthetic apparatus, developmental processes of leaves, state of health, stress events, stress tolerance, and also to detect diseases or nutrient deficiency of plants. In particular, the application of laser induced chlorophyll fluorescence spectroscopy has drawn much attention recently owing to the non-invasive and nondestructive nature of the technique (Svanberg, 1995; Lang & Lichtenthaler, 1991; Chappelle et al., 1984)....

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  • The narrative behind Simplified Ecosystem Capital Accounts (SECA): Ecosystems can be described as capital which delivers a bundle of services to people, some of which are appropriated and incorporated into products, accumulated and/or consumed. Other services are public goods of common benefit to the economy and human wellbeing. Altogether, these ecosystem services depend on ecosystem capital regeneration which is in turn influenced by ecosystem services consumption.

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  • Our stylized model generates several empirical hypotheses about the insurance offer decision. Firms in industries where labor turnover rates are high do not tend to offer insurance. Premium rigidities will be most pronounced in such industries. Firms not offering insurance will tend to have lower health-cost variability and lower average expected health spending than firms offering insurance; for example, they have higher proportions of younger workers or are in industries where workers tend to be healthy.

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  • While the aesthetic and creative process of interior design would best be done by professional interior designers, our goal is to cre- ate software capable of automatically generating furniture arrange- ments for complex indoor scenes that are optimized to respect im- portant ergonomic factors. This technique would be useful in multi- player online games and other graphics applications requiring fully automatic interior design with a high degree of realism.

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  • A breakdown by diagnosis shows even greater inequities: for women only 21% of the assessed musculoskeletal disorders’ claims were approved compared to 38% for men. For mental illness, only 12% of the women’s claims were accepted against 35% for the men’s. Data from Quebec, Canada, show similar inequities for stress-related claims and those for musculoskeletal disorders (Lippel, 1999, 2003); however an examination of claims related to workplace violence showed an advantage for women (Lippel, 2001).

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  • There are, actually, no formal Swedish regulations for organic contaminants in sludge. There is an informal agreement between the Swedish EPA, the Farmers Union and the Water and Wastewater Association which includes the recommendations in table 3.1-1. These agreements are based more on practical experience than on scientific data. Sweden also used to have a recommended limit value for toluene, but this has been omitted (WALLGREN 2001).

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  • Without doubt, improving the education system to support Māori students to achieve their full potential is a big and complex challenge. For most of us, it is too big to know where to start. During our scoping work for this report, we decided on some questions that we consider make this challenge more digestible.

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  • This paper addresses the innovation dynamics induced by environmental policy in the pulp and paper industry. There has been a fair amount on technical change in the pulp and paper industry in the recent past and there are still plenty of options for improve- ment. Innovation and diffusion of new technologies have occurred with respect to end- of-pipe abatement, on processes and the product (paper) itself. The main drivers for in- novation in the pulp and paper industry are competition and market demands, but envi- ronmental policies have also played a role.

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  • For elucidating protein–protein interactions, many methodologies have been developed during the past two decades. For investigation of interac-tions inside cells under physiological conditions, yeast is an attractive organism with which to quickly screen for hopeful candidates using versa-tile genetic technologies, and various types of approaches are now avail-able.

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  • More than ever before, people are being asked to make decisions and take responsibility for managing their finances. This is an area that many people can find daunting and confusing. For some, thinking about their long-term financial security is dispiriting or even distressing, particularly if they are struggling to manage debt or other commitments. The number and complexity of choices to be made have increased dramatically over the last 25 years, so that many find it hard to understand financial products and the risks associated with them.

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  • A supply/demand conceptual framework for ICT statistics has been promulgated by the OECD’s Working Party on Indicators for the Information Society (WPIIS) (OECD, 2009a). The WPIIS has been developing statistical standards for measuring ICT since 1997, with some individual member countries active in this field since the 1980s.

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  • The hazards of methylmercury poisoning received modern international attention in 1956 when many of the residents of Minamata, Japan, became seriously ill, or died, after eating the fish and shellfish in Minamata Bay. A chemical plant that used methylmercury to manufacture plastic (acetaldehyde) was dumping methylmercury-contaminated wastes into Minamata Bay. The mercury built up or bioaccumulated in the fish and shellfish, which were a major part of the residents’ diets. A similar tragedy unfolded in the nearby town of Nigata, Japan.

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  • Surface brine deposits are exploited using solar evap- oration ponds to concentrate and precipitate the potash. The evaporation ponds are extensive, with some operations covering in excess of 90 square kilo- meters of land area to produce around 8 million tonnes of potash ore per year. Conventional mechanized underground mining oper- ations are the most widely used method for the extraction of potash ore.

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