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  • (bq) part 1 book "core microeconomics" has contents: exploring economics; production, economic growth and trade; supply and demand; markets and governments; elasticity; consumer choice and demand; production and costs; perfect competition.

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  • THE ROLE OF IMPORT SUBSITITUTION AND EXPORT ORIENTATION STRATEGIES ON THAILAND'ECONOMIC GROWTH This result calls the incentive effects of Tiebout choice into question, as it indicates that administrators of effective schools are no more likely to be rewarded with high demand for local housing in high-choice than in low-choice markets. To explore this further, I estimate models for the effect of Tiebout choice on mean scores across metropolitan areas. Consistent with the earlier results, I find no evidence that high-choice markets produce higher average SAT scores.

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  • We thank the University of Washington Department of Economics for sponsoring ‘Frontiers in Natural Resource and Environmental Economics’, a conference in honor of Gardner M. Brown, Jr., that led to this book. In particular, we thank Richard Parks for his efforts in planning a wonderful event and helping to lay the foundation for this book; Neil Bruce, who sup- ported and encouraged us to plan a conference worthy of Gardner’s career; and Gary Waterman who helped to make the event, and in turn this book, a reality.

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  • Natural Resources and Economic Development explores a key para- dox: why is natural resource exploitation not yielding greater benefits to the poor economies of Africa, Asia and Latin America? Part One examines this paradox both through a historical review of resource use and development and through examining current theories that explain the under-performance of today’s resource-abundant economies, and proposes a frontier expansion hypothesis as an alter- native explanation.

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  • (bq) part 1 book "statistical techniques in business & economics" has contents: what is statistics, describing data - numerical measures, describing data - displaying and exploring data, a survey of probability concepts, discrete probability distributions, sampling methods and the central limit theorem

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  • This report explores both the short- and medium-term impacts of the financial crisis on developing countries. It presents evidence that the financial boom played a critical role in the growth boom experienced by developing countries between 2003 and 2007, but that tighter conditions in the future are expected to result in weaker growth over the next 5 to 15 years. Although global growth has resumed, the recovery is fragile, and unless

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  • Occupation cluster analysis is a relatively new approach in regional development. In contrast to industry clusters that focus on what businesses produce, occupation clusters focus on the knowledge, skills and abilities of the individuals who work for those businesses. Like the industrial cluster tool, this tool enables users to explore their regional economy from a different perspective. Like the other tools, its main advantage is flexibility: users can define custom regions and make comparisons easily.

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  • To explore and measure the main factors which have impact on the competitiveness of DCI; (2) To explore and measure perceive the overall impacts of competitiveness of DCI in Vietnam; (3) To explore and measure the supports for cluster developments of DCI; (4) To measure the relationship between the industrial competitiveness and supports for cluster development.

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  • In this chapter, you will explore regional economic integration. You will also: Learn about the five different levels of integration, understand the potential benefits and drawbacks of regional integration, and examine the progress of various efforts at integration around the world.

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  • This study explores factors that determine the economic growth in Vietnam by using time-series model in 1988-2013. The study shows that there are strong and positive effects of domestic investment and foreign direct investment on Vietnamese economic growth as a channel of increasing the stock of capital. Exchange rate and Asian financial crises also determine the economic growth. However, human capital and trade in Vietnam are not yet the channels that increase Vietnam’s economic growth.

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  • The ability of a regional economy to innovate drives healthy growth, but innovation is a complex concept. How can you measure innovation in order to improve it? This index provides leaders and practitioners with the first tool for comparing regional innovation performance with that of the United States, a state, or other regions. Like the cluster tool, the primary advantage of the innovation index is its flexibility. Users can design their own region and easily make comparisons across regions. A word of caution is in order: measuring regional innovation can be tricky.

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  • We focus on the impact of two main policy changes: first, the increase in the rice export quota and the significant increase in the price of rice, especially in the south; second, liberalization of the fertilizer market and the sharp drop in the price of fertilizer. To this end, we document changes in the empirically observable “institutional environment,” exploring changes in rice and other crop prices as well as fertilizer prices.

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  • Chapter 30 - Fiscal policy, deficits, and debt. This chapter explores the tools of government stabilization policy in terms of the aggregate demand-aggregate (AD-AS) model. Next, the chapter examines fiscal policy measures that automatically adjust government expenditures and tax revenues when the economy moves through the business cycle phases. The recent use and resurgence of fiscal policy as a tool are discussed, as are problems, criticism, and complications of fiscal policy.

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  • The author combines macroeconomic history with a brief exposition of economic theory that stems from and explains that history and explores how that experience may apply to the future. He examines the Great Depression, World War II and the following prosperous quarter century, the stagflation and recovery of the 1970s

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  • Chapter 13 - Fiscal policy, deficits, and debt. This chapter explores the tools of government stabilization policy in terms of the aggregate demand–aggregate supply (AD-AS) model. Next, this chapter examines fiscal policy measures that automatically adjust government expenditures and tax revenues when the economy moves through the business cycle phases.

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  • Web Chapter B: Income inequality and poverty. In this chapter we will explore income inequality and actions that can be taken by government to try to correct income inequality, using the Lorenz curve and Gini ratio to help with this evaluation.

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  • The paper explores the concept of modernization which is carried out in Vietnam from the middle of the 1990’s, its main tasks, methods and stages, influence of the experience of new industrial states of East Asia.

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  • Economic growth and macro variables in india: An empirical study. The research objective of this paper is to explore the empirical linkages between economic growth and foreign direct investment (FDI), gross fixed capital formation (GFCF) and trade openness in India (TOP) over the period 1980 to 2013.

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