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  • Export and Import Utilities The Export utility provides a simple way for you to transfer data objects between Oracle databases, even if they reside on platforms with different hardware and software configurations. When you run Export against an Oracle database, objects (such as tables) are extracted, followed by their related objects (such as indexes, comments, and grants), if any. The extracted data is written to an Export file, which is an Oracle binary-format dump file that is typically located on disk or tape.

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  • Oracle Database Utilities is intended for database administrators (DBAs), application programmers, security administrators, system operators, and other Oracle users who perform the following tasks: - Archive data, back up an Oracle database, or move data between Oracle databases using the Export and Import utilities (both the original versions and the Data Pump versions) - Load data into Oracle tables from operating system files using SQL*Loader or from external sources using the external tables feature - Perform a physical data structure integrity check on an offline database, usin...

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  • In a first stage no distinction is made between cars owned by private business, government and  utilities on the one hand and personal cars on the other hand. This distinction could be useful  because the policy instruments can be different  in both cases and because changes  in the com‐ position of the fleet stock eventually filter down to the personal car stock. Including a separate  category of  fleet  cars would  require modelling  the  transition of  these  cars  to  the personal  car  stock.

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  • The main purpose in planning a third edition of this book was to upgrade it to cover the latest version of MATLAB (Version 7.2 Release 2006a). The other purpose was to maintain the objectives of the late Brian D. Hahn as stated in the prefaces of the first and second edition. In his prefaces to the first and second edition, he pointed out the following

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