Export demand model

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  • This study estimates a supply model for apricots and an export demand model for dried apricots for Turkey to provide unit-free measure coefficients for better supply and marketing management. Using parameter estimates from the models and sample average data, elasticities of long-run supply, price-yield and export of dried apricots were computed as 0.72, 0.54 and -0.87 respectively.

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  • THE ROLE OF IMPORT SUBSITITUTION AND EXPORT ORIENTATION STRATEGIES ON THAILAND'ECONOMIC GROWTH This result calls the incentive effects of Tiebout choice into question, as it indicates that administrators of effective schools are no more likely to be rewarded with high demand for local housing in high-choice than in low-choice markets. To explore this further, I estimate models for the effect of Tiebout choice on mean scores across metropolitan areas. Consistent with the earlier results, I find no evidence that high-choice markets produce higher average SAT scores.

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  • investigated. The model shows that developing countries will consume and produce a much greater share of the world’s fish in the future, and trade in fish commodities will also increase. As aquaculture expands, especially in developing countries, environmental concerns such as effluent pollution, escaped farmed fish, land conversion, and pressure on stocks from fishmeal demand will only increase with time unless technologies and policies promote sustainable intensification.

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  • The rationale for using oil price movements as a factor affecting stock valuations is that, in theory, the value of stock equals the discounted sum of expected future cash flows. These cash flows are affected by macroeconomic events that can be influenced by oil shocks. Indeed, oil exports affect the main economic variables in GCC countries: earnings, government budget revenues and expenditures and aggregate demand. So oil price increases should positively affect corporate output and earnings, and then stock returns in these countries.

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  • The research identifies eight core criteria affecting decisions to select service suppliers by HCMC-based exporters and importers: quick response to customers’ demand, updating service supplying fares, brand reputation of logistics services suppliers, exact billing, care of customers’ interests and needs.

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  • This study analyzes the onion market and the dynamic behavior of real onion prices in Turkey. The price responsiveness of the supply, demand and export of dry onions was determined.

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