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  • Welcome to the second edition of the Trade Finance Guide: A Quick Reference for U.S. Exporters. This guide is designed to help U.S. companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), learn the basic fundamentals of trade finance so that they can turn their export opportunities into actual sales and achieve the ultimate goal of getting paid—especially on time—for those sales. This guide provides general information about common techniques of export financing.

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  • This paper underlines the idea of endogenous growth theory that new or higher quality products have significant impacts on productivity and economic growth. Different with previous studies, this paper uses a quite comprehensive definition of variety, which distinguishes the country of origin of the products. With disaggregated level of export data of Japan from 1980 to 2000, the empirical results suggest that nearly half of the industries studied have positive and significant relationship between varieties and Total Factor Productivity (TFP).

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  • The U.S. apparel industry is large, mature, slow growing, and highly fragmented (Wagle). “Clothing that is sold in the United States is produced both domestically and internationally.” According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, domestic apparel production in 2001 approximately equaled $23.3 billion, a slight decline from $24.7 billion in 2000. Apparel imports for 2002 approximately equaled $63.8 billion and exports were $5.5 billion, a figure that is continually falling in the past two years.

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  • However, the determination the environmental factors affecting the structure and function of fish communities will provide awareness and direction to find out information on environmental impacts in the future. Although Lake Huron is recognized as a deep lake, oligotrophic, it also has an extended coastline including more than 7,000 km with the inclusion of the St Marys River, Manitoulin Island and 30, 000 islands of Georgian Bay (International Joint Commission, 1989, 1993).

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  • One of the most important roles for social funds is to expand their ac- tivities facilitating community participation and the interaction among the state, the private sector, and grassroots communities, which in turn enhances the sustainability of investments. Sustainability of investments is an important factor, especially in poor communities. Social funds ac- tivities can include training and advice on the development of programs for poorer communities.

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  • In summary, many of the issues raised can be addressed through effective policymaking in these five areas, overcoming supply side constraints, establishing and implementing effective financial and supervisory machinery to ensure smooth functioning of the insurance sector and its stakeholders, identifying areas where the Government has a role as a provider of insurance services and last appropriate sequencing of privatization and liberalization of insurance services, while identifying areas of export interest present or potential for developing countries.

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  • Consumer demand for poultry products in each region is represented by a four- level nested Constant Elasticity of Substitution (CES) demand system (see figure 1). At the bottom level, consumers choose among alternative sources of imported high-value poultry products or low-value poultry products, respectively. We have chosen to use an Armington specification due to the variation in unit value across exporters for a given importing region (see table 1).

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  • With the rapid development of the animation industry in the west, particularly in the U.S. and Europe, the need for outsourced services in animation increased in Asia. Thus, and with animation’s protracted development cycles, wherein 70% to 80% of related costs credited to labor – western animators began to see Asian destinations such as the Philippines, with its cheaper labor and abundant creative talent – as cost-cutting alternatives. The rise of animation in the Philippines as an outsourced industry began in the early 1980’s.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về bệnh học thý y được đăng trên tạp chí Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica cung cấp cho các bạn kiến thức về bệnh thú y đề tài: Summer eczema in exported Icelandic horses: influence of environmental and genetic factors...

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  • Certifying organisations inspect operators annually to ensure they comply with the National Standard. They are also authorised to issue organic produce certificates on behalf of the Australian Government. An AQIS-approved organic certifying organisation must undergo an annual audit of its documented system. AQIS also audits the inspection system of certifying organisations at various organic farms, processors, wholesalers and exporters.

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  • What does it mean to say that the corporate executive has a "social responsibility" in his capacity as businessman? If this statement is not pure rhetoric, it must mean that he is to act in some way that is not in the interest of his employers. For example, that he is to refrain from increasing the price of the product in order to contribute to the social objective of preventing inflation, even though a price increase would be in the best interests of the corporation. Or that he is to make expenditures on reducing pollution beyond the amount that is...

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  • “Exporting My Products/Services” is the least important problem to small business owners, essentially unchanged from when it first entered the survey in 1986. Even with federal and state/local programs to promote exporting, small business owners show little interest. Most small businesses are local. Their market is the town or community in which their business is located and the immediate environs. Growth means expanding to the re- gion, not going overseas. Plus, the economy has been strong. There is plenty of business, if not locally, then somewhere in the United States.

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  • RNA helicase A (RHA), a member of DNA and RNA helicase family containing ATPase activity, is involved in many steps of gene expression such as transcription and mRNA export. RHA has been reported to bind directly to the transcriptional coactivator, CREB-binding protein, and the tumor suppressor protein, BRCA1, and links them to RNAPolymerase II holoenzyme complex. Using yeast two-hybrid screening, we have identified RHA as an interacting molecule of the p65 subunit of nuclear factorjB(NF-jB).

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  • Themultidrug/oligosaccharidyl-lipid/polysaccharide(MOP) exporter superfamily (TC #2.A.66)consists of four previ-ously recognized families: (a)the ubiquitous multi-drug and toxin extrusion (MATE)family; (b)the prokaryotic poly-saccharide transporter (PST)family; (c)the eukaryotic oligosaccharidyl-lipid flippase (OLF)family and (d)the bacterial mouse virulence factor family (MVF). Of these four families, onlymembers of the MATE family have been shown to function mechanistically as secondary carriers, and no member of the MVF family has been shown to function as a transporter. ...

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "International economics - Theory & policy" has contents: Specific factors and income distribution, the standard trade model; external economies of scale and the international location of production; firms in the global economy - export decisions, outsourcing, and multinational enterprises, the instruments of trade policy; the political economy of trade policy,...and other contents.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về y học được đăng trên tạp chí y học quốc tế cung cấp cho các bạn kiến thức về ngành y đề tài: " Nuclear Factor 90, a cellular dsRNA binding protein inhibits the HIV Rev-export function...

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  • Twin-arginine translocation (Tat)-mediated protein trans-port across the bacterial cytoplasmicmembrane occurs only after synthesis and folding of the substrate protein that contains a signal peptide with a characteristic twin-arginine motif. This implies that premature contact between the Tat signal peptide and the Tat translocon in themembranemust be prevented. We used site-specific photo-crosslinking to demonstrate that the signal peptide of nascent Tat proteins is in close proximity to the chaperone and peptidyl-prolyl isomerase trigger factor (TF). ...

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  • Unlike in the HIPC Initiative where a single indicator – debt to exports - was used the DSF paper selects three debt ratios to judge debt sustainability. Further, country policies and institutional capability and vulnerability to shocks are other factors identified as being important for assessing a country’s debt sustainability. In particular, country policies and institutional capability are used to grade countries and determine different debt ratio thresholds for them.

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  • Liquidity Monitoring Ratios a) The Debt Service Ratio is the proportion of exports of goods and non factor services that is absorbed for debt service payments, i.e., interest, principal and other payments. The basic ratio refers only to long and medium-term debt which covers all loans with an original maturity of one year and above. b) The Interest Service Ratio is the ratio of interest payments to exports of goods and non-factor services.

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  • The strong growth of credit in both cases, however, does not mean that domestic credit was the only source for finance of enterprises. In both cases, retained savings by the enterprises played an important role (in China today, these retained savings are an important factor to explain the high national saving rate). However, it can well be argued that the strong credit creation is a necessary condition for profit growth in an economy: Only if credit creation helps to maintain a high level of aggregate demand, firms will be able to make sufficient profits in the aggregate.

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