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  • Tham khảo sách 'export promotion federal agencies activities and resources in fiscal year 1999', kỹ thuật - công nghệ, cơ khí - chế tạo máy phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Promoting exports is often an important option for small open economies like South Africa. It was certainly thought that trade would contribute to job creation. Yet there has been concern that trade has encouraged greater capital intensity. This paper compares labour absorbtion that arises from trade and from the domestic market. It takes this further to consider employment created by export destination. A fuller understanding of employment implications is made possible by using social accounting matrix to take into account both direct and indirect employment....

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  • Study objectives: To clarity the scientific basis (both theoretical and practical) to recommend measures to overcome the technical barriers of importing countries, promote the export of garment and textile in Vietnam.

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  • The phenomenon of globalization has captured the popular imagination in the last decade or so. This is reflected in numerous books published on this topic from various academic disciplines and across philosophical discourses. In discussing the various facets of globalization, almost all discourses consider the role of business and/or multinational corporations to be very salient in either enhancing this phenomenon or managing the process of globalization.

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  • Japanese business has changed tremendously in the past decade. Once sacred institutions such as lifetime employment and seniority - based promotion in the workplace have increasingly been replaced by “ temp ” contracts and performance - based pay. During Japan ’ s miracle growth years in the two decades following the end of World War II, the nation ’ s schools churned out a veritable “ soldier ” class of white - collared sarariman (salaried men) and OLs (offi ce ladies) dedicated to building their country into an economic superpower. And they succeeded.

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  • fast pace. As part of the structural adjustment programmes of the late 1980s and early 1990s Bangladesh undertook a number of initiatives towards trade liberalisation and trade promotion to stimulate exports and encourage investment in export-oriented activities. The major objective of these reforms was removal of anti-export bias, introduction of incentives for exports and facilitation of participation in global labour market.

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  • On broader measures of innovation, New Zealand fi rms have higher rates of marketing and product innovation, but relatively lower rates of process and organisational innovation. New Zealand businesses focus their innovation mainly on production for the domestic market rather than international markets, and innovation for international markets is low relative to fi rms in the EU. The share of medium-high and high-tech products in exports is low, and the sophistication of New Zealand’s exports overall is consistent with its per capita income.

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  • "International Business: Session 6" protectionist policies; economic development programs (export promotion strategy, import substitution strategy); industrial policy (key domestic industries chosen, protected, and promoted); regional agreements.

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  • The 5¢ flanking region of the bile salt export pump (Bsep) gene was systematically analysed to provide the basis for understanding the mechanisms which regulate Bsep transcription. In addition substrates and drugs were investigated for their ability to alter Bsep promoter activity. Bsep promoter function was restricted to hepatocyte derived HepG2 cells. The 5¢ deletional analysis revealed a biphasic shape of reporter gene activities, indicating a suppressive element between nucleotides )800 and )512. ...

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  • export manual your guide to market research a guide to practical and low cost market research methodologies in eu countries centre for the promotion of imports from developing countries your guide to market research a guide to practical and low cost market research methodologies in eu countries compiled for cbi by: searce in collaboration with a. van duijvenbode 2003

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  • investigated. The model shows that developing countries will consume and produce a much greater share of the world’s fish in the future, and trade in fish commodities will also increase. As aquaculture expands, especially in developing countries, environmental concerns such as effluent pollution, escaped farmed fish, land conversion, and pressure on stocks from fishmeal demand will only increase with time unless technologies and policies promote sustainable intensification.

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  • The purpose of this letter and accompanying booklet is to help you and your company better understand U.S. export control laws. U.S. export control laws help protect our country and our allies by keeping goods and technologies out of the hands of countries of concern and terrorists who would misuse them to attack us or our allies. This booklet is intended to deter violations of our export control laws and promote best export compliance practices by the exporting community.

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  • All exhibitions play a vital role in the UK economy in generating exports. Many exhibitions held in the UK have established themselves as a strong base for international trade. Exhibitions do more than just sell: they build product branding, strengthen existing customer relationships, produce high quality leads, educate, have applications for market research, generate media coverage and are often used to launch new products. Exhibitions play a vital role in the marketing mix offering a wide range of benefits.

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  • By entering the East Asian economic model (EAEM) in the 1950s, the Thai economy was committed to the export-oriented, import-substituting low labour-cost manufacturing paradigm that Vietnam and Cambodia have more recently embraced. The EAEM provides for some success in expanding employment in the manufacturing sector and promoting income generation for its workers and, overall, in promoting national economic development.

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  • The 10 least severe problems for small-business owners of the 75 business problems as- sessed, beginning with the least severe and moving up the list are: “Exporting My Products/ Services,” “Undocumented Workers,” “Access to High-Speed Internet,” “Employee Turn- over,” “Costs and Frequency of Lawsuits/Threatened Lawsuits,” “Using Social Media to Promote Business (Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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  • In these ongoing negotiations, three main groupings have emerged. A cautious group comprising European and other Northern countries promotes the maintenance of the current concept embodied in the AoA and to take account of non-trade concerns (NTCs) in the further liberalization process. The ambitious camp of net-food exporters such as Cairns Group countries and the United States call for significant progress in market access and the elimination of both export subsidies and trade distortive domestic support.

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  • “Exporting My Products/Services” is the least important problem to small business owners, essentially unchanged from when it first entered the survey in 1986. Even with federal and state/local programs to promote exporting, small business owners show little interest. Most small businesses are local. Their market is the town or community in which their business is located and the immediate environs. Growth means expanding to the re- gion, not going overseas. Plus, the economy has been strong. There is plenty of business, if not locally, then somewhere in the United States.

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