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  • The Soneplex Loop Extender system is an efficient, cost-effective solution for T1-based service delivery. It supports DS1 network interfaces and up to 28 DS1 loop transport modules. Integrated network management lets carriers save on overall operations costs through the entire system lifecycle.

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  • Soneplex Loop Extender Modules Central Office HDSL Remote HDSL Standard Simplex Power Simplex Power and Idle Code Simplex Power and Local Power HDSL Repeater Repeater Loop Extender (T1) Plus Repeater Loop Extender (T1) Quad Loop Extender Module SC connector FC connector Quad Loop Extender Module - Short Range SC connector FC connector

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  • This chapter aims at providing an overview of products and systems using batteries. Here, the term product indicates any device – small or large, portable or not – powered by a battery. The term system indicates a large installation, such as an energy storage plant to back up an electricity grid, or an extended sensor network.

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  • The need for complete network security has never been greater nor as well understood. Malicious users threaten to steal, manipulate, and impede information. Numerous solutions address perimeter defense, but the greatest threat of information theft and unauthorized access remains within the internal network boundaries. One point of concern is the relative ease of physical and logical access to a corporate network. Both physical and logical access has been extended to enable a greater level of mobility, providing several benefits to business operations and overall productivity.

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  • This subcourse is designed to provide instruction on the concept and operation of the basic components of the hydraulic system. It also describes the various components of a typical hydraulic system, their construction and functions, and their relationship to each other. When the term hydraulics is applied to aircraft, it means a method of transmitting power from one location to another through the use of a confined fluid.

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  • The definition of a distributed system (1) A distributed system is: A collection of independent computers appears to its user as a single combine thong.Mot distribution system organized as middleware. Note that the intermediate layer extended over multiple computers.

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  • LINUX IS A MULTIUSER, multitasking operating system from the ground up, and in this regard the system administrator has flexibility — and responsibility — far beyond those of other operating systems. Now, Red Hat has employed innovations that extend these duties even for the experienced Linux user. In this chapter, we look at those requirements.

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  • Some features of a real world situation can be difficult to model using only the features of the E-R model that we have seen so far. • Some quite common concepts require extending the E-R model to incorporate mechanisms for modeling these features. Again, we won’t look at all of them, but rather an overview of some of the more important extensions.

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  • Upon completing this lesson, you will be able to: Use Cisco IOS commands to configure IP standard and extended access lists, given a functioning router Use show commands to identify anomalies in IP standard and extended access lists, given an operational router.

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  • CL Research began experimenting with massive XML tagging of texts to answer questions in TREC 2002. In DUC 2003, the experiments were extended into text summarization. Based on these experiments, The Knowledge Management System (KMS) was developed to combine these two capabilities and to serve as a unified basis for other types of document exploration. KMS has been extended to include web question answering, both general and topic-based summarization, information extraction, and document exploration. ...

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  • In the early twentieth century, the instruments of war were simply called weapons. The cannon, the rifle, or the bayonet were all considered separate pieces of weaponry to be used in combat. By the Second World War, technology began to be integrated into combat. The invention of radar and sonar extended the field of combat to greater and greater ranges, and it was no longer necessary to sight targets directly. As technology progressed, the very nature of weapons also changed. Now, it is no longer sufficient to discuss individual pieces of weaponry, they must be taken in the context of...

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  • Upon completing this module, you will be able to: Use Cisco IOS commands to configure standard and extended IP access lists, and NAT/PAT, given a functioning router Use show commands to identify anomalies in standard and extended IP access lists, given an operational router

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  • With the recent introduction of the CPM (Continuous Performance Monitoring) module to the remote QLX product line and Soneplex MPU software release 4.2, DS1 hicap route diversity can now be added to the "path protection" feature associated with many fiber rings and OCn multiplexers. DS1 hicap route diversity allows service providers to extend path protection into the local loop and provide complete DS1 circuit protection for critical hicap customers.

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  • In this paper we deal with Named Entity Recognition (NER) on transcriptions of French broadcast data. Two aspects make the task more difficult with respect to previous NER tasks: i) named entities annotated used in this work have a tree structure, thus the task cannot be tackled as a sequence labelling task; ii) the data used are more noisy than data used for previous NER tasks. We approach the task in two steps, involving Conditional Random Fields and Probabilistic Context-Free Grammars, integrated in a single parsing algorithm.

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  • Academic Article: Hot Weather Comparative Heat Balances in Pervious Concrete and Impervious Concrete Pavement Systems focuses on a site in Iowa where both a pervious concrete and a traditional concrete paving system have been installed and where temperatures were recorded within the systems for extended time periods. The analyses cover days with negligible antecedent precipitation and high air temperatures, which are extreme conditions for UHI impact.

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  • In this chapter, you will learn about extensions to DBMSs for objects, combinations of complex data and operations. This chapter provides a broad introduction to object DBMSs. You will first learn about the business reasons to extend database technology. This chapter discusses the increasing use of complex data and the mismatch between DBMSs and programming languages as the driving forces behind object database technology.

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  • This application note provides detailed alternatives for transporting the Soneplex Broadband and Soneplex Loop Extender alarm and performance information from a remote location back to the central/hubbing location. The Soneplex Broadband System is used as an intelligent network hub for DS1 hicap distribution in the local loop. The network interface is one standard electrical DS3 signal. This DS3 signal is demultiplexed into twenty-eight DS1 circuits, which can then be delivered to up to twenty-eight remote locations utilizing either fiber or copper facilities....

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  • High-bit-rate digital subscriber line (HDSL) circuits for the delivery of DS1 services can now be extended to 36,000 feet by implementing the newly introduced Soneplex main processor unit (MPU) module with software release 5.2 and the latest version Soneplex HDSL central office repeater and remote modules. This allows monitoring of the signals from the central office along each span.

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  • One of the main obstacles to highperformance Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD) is the knowledge acquisition bottleneck. In this paper, we present a methodology to automatically extend WordNet with large amounts of semantic relations from an encyclopedic resource, namely Wikipedia. We show that, when provided with a vast amount of high-quality semantic relations, simple knowledge-lean disambiguation algorithms compete with state-of-the-art supervised WSD systems in a coarse-grained all-words setting and outperform them on gold-standard domain-specific datasets. ...

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  • The goal of this paper is to provide computable account for some definite descriptions. To this end, we define in terms of inclusion the notion of distinguishing description and of distinguishable entities introduced by [Dale 89]. These def'mitions allow us to give conditions of wellformedness for incomplete distinguishing descriptions. We also extend the notion of distinguishing description to take into account cases of synonymy and hyponymy. We describe a real application of a guided composition system where this sort of expressions arise. ...

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