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  • In recent years there has been a growth of interest in the philosophy of T. H. Green, which, despite its once pre-eminent status, was in twentiethcentury philosophical thinking almost wholly neglected. It is the aim of this volume both to reflect and to stimulate that process of rehabilitation. Offering the largest collection of papers to date on Green, it represents a significant expansion in scholarship on this most important of British Idealists, substantially advancing our knowledge of his philosophy....

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  • Materialism and green purchase intention: A study of urban Vietnamese consumers. This study focuses on examining the impact of three components of materialism on green purchase intention for urban consumers in Vietnam, an emerging economy. An extended Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) is applied as the conceptual framework for this study.

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  • A vast literature focuses on the predictability of U.S. and international stock returns using macroe- conomic variables, such as the short government interest rate or the yield spread between defaultable and government bonds. For instance, Ferson and Harvey (1993) nd that returns on international stock indexes are predictable using macroeconomic indicators as conditioning variables. More strikingly, Ferson and Harvey (1999) nd that broad economic variables explain the cross-sectional variation in U.S. individual stock returns better than the Fama and French (1993) empirical factors.

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  • The purpose of irrigation is to prevent water stress, especially during the formation of the part of the plant that will be harvested. Water stress can occur in a crop when the soil moisture is excessive or when it’s deficient. When oxygen concentration levels in the soil atmosphere are lowered due to displacement by water for an extended period of time, the root system can be severely damaged. Lettuce and green-leaf plants are especially susceptible to water stress due to their shallow root systems.

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  • The final article in this section presents a modification to the Green’s function approach for modeling acoustic pressure, where the use of conformal mapping is replaced by a group of bound vortices. The author shows that the approach is readily extended to three dimensions. The method is discussed in the context of aircraft noise.

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  • BUOS was chastising Laloi as they sped through the ionosphere of the green planet. But like the airy creature she was, Laloi ignored the criticism and rippled zephyr-like through a clump of daffodils when they completed their descent. "So pretty," she sighed. She flung her incorporeal substance around each flower, absorbing their unified beauty of scent, sight, and feel. Buos shrilled himself into a column of wind to express his displeasure at her attitude. "Stupid, silly, shallow thing!" he said.

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