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  • Whenever I withdrew to the computer room, my wife would say that I was off to my “fun and games.” I would flatly deny this accusation, saying that it was serious work that I was involved in. But later, when I emerged with a twinkle in my eye and excitedly asked her to take a look at my latest rendering, I knew that she was right. Working with 3D graphics is pure “fun and games.” My goal in writing this book was to take all my fun years of playing in 3D and boil them down into something that’s worthwhile for you—the reader. This goal was compounded...

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  • BEHAVIOR OF THE POSITIVE SOLUTIONS OF FUZZY MAX-DIFFERENCE EQUATIONS G. STEFANIDOU AND G. PAPASCHINOPOULOS Received 15 September 2004 We extend some results obtained in 1998 and 1999 by studying the periodicity of the solutions of the fuzzy difference equations xn+1 = max{A/xn ,A/xn−1 ,...,A/xn−k }, xn+1 = max{A0 /xn ,A1 /xn−1 }, where k is a positive integer, A, Ai , i = 0,1, are positive fuzzy numbers, and the initial values xi , i = −k, −k + 1,...,0 (resp., i = −1,0) of the first (resp., second) equation are positive fuzzy numbers. 1.

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  • Changthang cao nguyên ở phía đông Ladakh max identifier cho mot tinh the sinh học quan trong trong xuyên Khu Vực Himalaya của Ấn Độ (Rodgers and Panwar 1988). Vũng cao nguyên này hình thành phần extended phía tây của cao nguyên Tây Tang and is chủ elements là trên 4500 masl. Khu Vực này, an Tethyan cổ below Biên đã trai qua giai đoạn thường xuyên closing băng và kho có thể, Cuộc triển lam the điều kiện instruments hậu khắc nghiệt và tập hợp độc đao của hệ thực vật và động vật.

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