Extremal length

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  • Rating:Not yet rated.Published: Oct. 30, 2011Category: Fiction»Science fiction»Short storiesCategory: Fiction»Humor & comedy»GeneralWords: 4206 (approximate)Language: EnglishEbook Short DescriptionMitch Tacit is Hyperion Dazzle's best friend, and being best friends with the universe's most famous media star requires going to extreme lengths. With Hyperion's new album ready ......

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu khoa học về toán học trên tạp chí toán học quốc tế đề tài: An Extremal Doubly Even Self-Dual Code of Length 112...

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  • Lars Ahlfors often spoke of his excitement as a young student listening to Rolf Nevanlinna's lectures on the new theory of meromorphic functions. It was, as he writes in his collected papers, his "first exposure to live mathematics." In his enormously influential research papers and in his equally influential books, Ahlfors shared with the reader, both professional and student, that excitement. The present volume derives from lectures given at Harvard over many years, and the topics would now be considered quite classical.

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  • The temperature sensor for an electronic controller may be a length of wire or a thin metallic film (called a resistance temperature device or RTD) or a thermistor. Both types of resistance elements change electrical resistance as temperature changes. The wire increases resistance as its temperature increases. The thermistor is a semiconductor that decreases in resistance as the temperature increases. Because electronic sensors use extremely low mass, they respond to temperature changes more rapidly than bimetal or sealed-fluid sensors. The resistance change is detected by a bridge circuit.

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  • The medical consequences of operating outside of the normal boundaries of a well tuned musculo-tendinous system are also poorly understood, although clearly recognized in the persistent atrophy experienced in microgravity despite rigorous exercise programs. Muscle force generation is length and velocity sensitive. The process is repetitive in the sense that muscles will always generate force based on their length-tension and forcevelocity properties, causing tendon deformation.

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  • A translator can have but one aim—to present the thought of the author faithfully. In this case an added responsibility is involved, since one who had so much to give to the world has been taken in his prime. M. Petrucci has written at length of art in the Far East in his exhaustive work La Philosophie de la Nature dans l’Art d’Extrême Orient and elsewhere, and has demonstrated the wide scope of his thought and learning. The form and style in Peintres Chinois are the result of much condensation of material and have thus presented problems in translation,...

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  • Typical externally and internally pivoted shoe brakes are shown in Figures 1 and 2. In all but extremely rare designs, equal forces act upon both shoes to produce equal applied moments about their pivots. External shoe brake control is usually through a lever system that may be driven by electromechanical, pneumatic, or hydraulic means. Internal shoe brake control is usually by means of a double-ended cylinder or a symmetrical cam.

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  • There has been significant interest in the topic of finding permutations containing many copies of the same pattern. In this paper, we will be concerned with the other extremity, permutations containing as many different patterns as possible. At the Conference on Permutation Patterns, Otago, New Zealand, 2003, Herb Wilf asked how many distinct patterns could be contained in a permutation of length n. Based on empirical evidence, it seemed this number may approach the theoretical upper bound of 2n.

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  • The oligomeric state and kinetics of ligand binding were measured for wild-type cytoglobin. Cytoglobin has the classical globin fold, with an extension at each extremity of about 20 residues. The extended length of cytoglobin leads to an ambiguous interpretation of its oligomeric state.

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