Extreme learning machine

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  • In this paper, a novel method for analog circuit fault diagnosis based on extreme learning machine (ELM) as classifier which is optimized firefly algorithm (FA) is proposed. The feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed method are verified by the simulations of Sallen-Key lowpass filter circuit.

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  • As a machine learning method with high performance and excellent generalization ability, extreme learning machine (ELM) is gaining popularity in various studies. Various ELM-based methods for diferent felds have been proposed. However, the robustness to noise and outliers is always the main problem afecting the perfor‑ mance of ELM.

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  • Extreme Learning Machine (ELM) is a simple learning algorithm for singlehidden-layer feed-forward neural network. The learning speed of ELM can be thousands of times faster than back-propagation algorithm, while obtaining better generalization performance.

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  • This paper proposes a procedural pipeline for wind forecasting based on clustering and regression. First, the data are clustered into groups sharing similar dynamic properties. Then, data in the same cluster are used to train the neural network that predicts wind speed. For clustering, a hidden Markov model (HMM) and the modified Bayesian information criteria (BIC) are incorporated in a new method of clustering time series data.

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  • Trong bài báo này các tác giả trình bài một cách tiếp cận mới để đo HCT từ cung dòng điện được tạo ra bởi phản ứng hóa học trong quá trình đo glucose của các thiết bị cầm tay. Phương pháp đề xuất dựa trên mạng neural nhân tạo được huấn luyện online dựa trên máy học cực độ (Extreme Learning Machine - ELM). Những kết quả thực nghiệm cho thấy, phương pháp đề nghị cho kết quả khả quan khi so sánh với các phương pháp trước.

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  • Focusing on short-term wind power forecast, a method based on the combination of Genetic Algorithm (GA) and Extreme Learning Machine (ELM) has been proposed. Firstly, the GA was used to prepossess the data and effectively extract the input of model in feature space. Basis on this, the ELM was used to establish the forecast model for short-term wind power.

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  • Adding fly ash has reduced the compressive strength in short term, but increased the compressive strength in longterm. Adding silica fume raises the strength in short term, but decreases the strength in long term.

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  • Max margin learning is an extremely powerful idea for learning features with auxiliary tasks, and then use these features to solve tasks with few data. The goal of this lecture is for you to learn: Transfer, multi-task, and multi-instance learning; harnessing auxiliary tasks to learn features; formulations of multi-task learning;...

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  • A good decoding algorithm is critical to the success of any statistical machine translation system. The decoder’s job is to find the translation that is most likely according to set of previously learned parameters (and a formula for combining them). Since the space of possible translations is extremely large, typical decoding algorithms are only able to examine a portion of it, thus risking to miss good solutions.

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  • This attracts powerful gangs of cybercriminals, which use sophisticated and highly intelligent types of malware to broaden their attacks. Malicious software is designed to run quietly and to remain unsolved for a long time.

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  • Traditional cancer treatments have centered on cytotoxic drugs and general purpose chemotherapy that may not be tailored to treat specific cancers. Identification of molecular markers that are related to different types of cancers might lead to discovery of drugs that are patient and disease specific.

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  • Identifying one or more biologically-active/native decoys from millions of non-native decoys is one of the major challenges in computational structural biology. The extreme lack of balance in positive and negative samples (native and non-native decoys) in a decoy set makes the problem even more complicated.

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  • As game developers a few years from now, we may look back at current generation AI with astonishment and possibly with a hint of nostalgia. We will notice the extreme simplicity of the systems and behaviours we created, asking ourselves whether it was in fact by design or more by necessity. More importantly, we will be surprised by the amount of time taken to prototype such AI.

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  • The efficiency of drug development defined as a number of successfully launched new pharmaceuticals normalized by financial investments has significantly declined.

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  • Pricing and guessing the right prices are vital for both hosts and renters on homesharing plat-form from internet based companies. To contribute the growing interest and immense literatureon applying Artificial Intelligence on predicting rental prices, this paper attempts to build ma-chine learning models for that purpose using the Luxstay listings in Hanoi. R2 score is used as the main criterion for the model performance and the results show that Extreme GradientBoostings (XGB) is the model with the best performance with R2= 0.

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  • Salesman: As you see, when we try to clean even the dirtiest part of your carpet there is no problem for this vacuum-cleaner. Customer: But how easily can I learn to operate this machine? It seems to be extremely complicated to me. Salesman: If you want to know how to get the best out of your new Dirt-Up vacuum cleaner you should read this brochure. It tells you everything you need to know. read in bed. I cannot bear him to read in bed. / know him to be an honest man We can use that or to-infinitive after these verbs to refer to people...

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  • This paper discusses predicting attendance at Major League Soccer events using data from the 2014 and 2015 seasons. Panel data is obtained for each team, season, and weather category. A traditional least squared dummy variable linear regression technique is used along with three machine learning algorithms – random forest, M5 prime, and extreme gradient boosting. Extreme gradient boosting provides superior results with respect to out-of-sample root mean square error statistics.

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