Eye of a dog

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  • A six years old male local dog was presented to the Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex (TVCC), Guwahati, Assam, with the history of anorexia and presence of a big mass over the nostril and forehead. Clinically, the swelling was extending upto the base of the eyes in both the directions with discharge of blood tinged fluid from a small orifice. On fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC), tumour cells were round to ovoid in shape with prominent nucleoli and punctate vacuoles in the cytoplasm.

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  • And Buck really was crazy now. He had fire in his eyes, and he wanted to kill . . . In the end, Buck couldn't stand up. He couldn't see or hear. He was almost dead. In this way, Buck's new life in the cold north of Canada begins. He has to learn many new things, and the lessons are hard. But Buck is a strong, intelligent dog and he wants to live. Buck meets dangerous men—and dogs—in this difficult, snowy country. He changes because he has to change. But can he really be happy there?

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  • In this project, you draw a lovable Dalmatian with realistic eyes and a shiny textured nose, with emphasis on the forms of her fur and individual features, as defined by a dominant light source. Curriculum is designed to enhance skills with: drawing a detailed outline within a complex grid; identifying accurate proportions; planning shading strategies; rendering the forms of a dog’s cranial and facial anatomy; and shading graduated values with crosshatching and hatching

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  • Ophthalmic affections in dogs reported in Veterinary Clinical Complex, LUVAS, Hisar were investigated for a period of one year. The occurrence of different ophthalmic conditions was analysed in different affected age group, sex and breed of dogs. Out of total 4500 clinical cases of dogs (60) sixty cases of ocular affections were reported with maximum incidence of Pigmentary Keratitis and Corneal Ulcer/Eye Injury. Pugs, non-descript breeds and Labrador recorded highest incidence of ocular affections with maximum cases in young age group.

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  • The retrospective data on corneal ulcer in dogs registered at Veterinary Clinical Complex, AAU, Anand from March, 2019 to February, 2020 was analysed to elicit the incidence of corneal ulcer in dogs based on the Age, Sex, Breed, Symmetry, Affected eyes, Causative factor and Location of ulcer.

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  • A lovable Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier is the subject of this project, which features advanced drawing techniques for accurately rendering both long and short fur, realistic “puppy dog” eyes, and a shiny textured nose. A complex grid helps you to sketch accurate proportions. The shading focuses on rendering the forms of the fur and individual features, as defined by a dominant light source.

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  • 1. I racked my brains all afternoon, but couldn’t remember where I met her. 2. It’s raining cats and dogs. 3. The children arrived home safe and sound. 4. With his blonde hair and blue eyes, Henry seems to take after his father. 5. Even the manager is under a cloud of suspicion. 6. Since I got married, the money I earn seems to vanish into thin air. 7. Maria wears the same old dress, year in, year out. 8. Don’t treat him well. He is a yellow dog. 9. The test was a piece of cake for me. 10. I failed English this semester. Well, back to the old drawing board. 11.

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  • Copper fungicides are environmentally unfriendly. They are very toxic to fish and aquatic invertebrates, such as crab, shrimp and oysters. There are cases where most animal life in soil, including large earthworms, have been eliminated by the extensive use of copper-containing fungicides in orchards. It is strongly bioaccumulated and is very persistent. Once a soil is contaminated with copper, there is no practical way to remove it. The organic insecticide rotenone has been found to be toxic to pigs, rats and dogs and is is very toxic to fish. It causes skin and eye irritations.

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  • THE CLOD burst in a cloud of red sand and the little Martian sand dog ducked quickly into his burrow. Marilou threw another at the aperture in the ground and then ran over and with the inside of her foot she scraped sand into it until it was filled to the surface. She started to leave, but stopped. The little fellow might choke to death, she thought, it wasn't his fault she had to live on Mars. Satisfied that the future of something was dependent on her whim, she dug the sand from the hole. His little yellow eyes peered...

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