Fabrication and experiment

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  • This paper presents some results of fabrication and experiment of an electrical generator for sea wave energy. The electrical generator device is fixed on the bottom of the sea and works in the vertical direction of sea waves. The experiment results show that, for the received voltage and current, the power of the electrical generator is up to 300 W and operates stably at about 200 W during experiment at sea. The output voltage is at 220 VAC frequency 50 Hz and is a pure sine wave.

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  • The objectives of the thesis: Manufacturing multifunctional nanoparticles including: Fe3O4 nanoparticles (magnetical properties) coated with biocompatible polymers, attaching drugs (Cur, Dox) and targeted folate factor (optical properties)) that are well dispersed in water, able to target the cancer.Experiment and evaluate the effect of the nanoparticles on cancer cell lines such as HT29; HeLa; HepG2 ... and on experimental animals.

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  • .Form and Fabric in Landscape Architecture Form and Fabric in Landscape Architecture provides an original, visual approach to the study of landscape architecture by creating a spatial morphology based on use and experience of landscapes. It explores aesthetic, spatial and experiential concepts by providing a structure through which landscapes can be understood and conceived in design. ‘Fabric’ is the integrated structure of whole landscapes, while ‘form’ refers to the components that make up this fabric.

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  • Brazilian shipbuilding industry, the main representative of this industry in Latin America, has been very active during the 70s and 80s. Afterwards it has experimented a deep decline. The main preserved construction niche was devoted to supply boats for offshore operations. More recently, due to a political decision from the federal government, most of the orders for offshore platforms and large ocean ships have been placed in the national shipyards.

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  • This article contributes to study the influence of weft yarn count on silk fabric properties such as fabric weight in g/m2, tensile strength, breaking elongation and tear resistance in both warp and weft directions. The experiments are implemented with silk fabric specimens using 72D warp yarn and different weft yarns of 48D, 72D, 96D, 120D &144D.

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  • This book is unique because it concentrates on work designed and built by emerging and newly defined practices that, with a do-it-yourself attitude, regularly pioneer techniques and experiment with fabrication processes on a small scale. The means by which these projects were realized are within the reach of many practitioners and students. Here, the architectural project is a form of applied design research. These architects seek to leverage digital design and manufacturing for perceptual, spatial, and formal effect.

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  • The results showed that crystallite size was greatly affected by temperature, ferric salt concentration and the heating time, whereas the particle diameter strongly depended on the heating time, and on the interaction between the initial ferrous/ferric ion molar ratio and the initial concentration of ferrous ions.

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  • This is accepted according to practical experience and the lack of scientific basis because of limited research on the surface layer quality of the products after EDM and the study is focused on the evaluation of the product quality in the final processing. This study is aimed at the investigation of performance and structure of the surface layer in hot-forging die following die-sinking EDM.

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  • The microfluidic system was fabricated with lithography technique. The 3D simulation was performed based on COMSOL software using level set method. The size of droplet is inversely proportional to the flow rate of continuous phase according to exponential function, linearly proportional with the flow rate of dispersed phase, and the width of lateral channel decrease.

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  • Metal fuel is being developed for the prototype generation-IV sodium-cooled fast reactor (PGSFR) to be built by 2028. UeZr fuel is a driver for the initial core of the PGSFR, and U etransuranics (TRU)eZr fuel will gradually replace UeZr fuel through its qualification in the PGSFR. Based on the vast worldwide experiences of UeZr fuel, work on UeZr fuel is focused on fuel design, fabrication of fuel components, and fuel verification tests.

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  • This is an advanced course on modeling, design, integration and best practices for use of machine elements such as bearings, springs, gears, cams and mechanisms. Modeling and analysis of these elements is based upon extensive application of physics, mathematics and core mechanical engineering principles (solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, manufacturing, estimation, computer simulation, etc.).

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  • A Circuits and Systems perspective presents broad and in-depth coverage of the entire field of modern CMOS VLSI Design. The authors draw upon extensive industry and classroom experience to introduce today’s most advanced and effective chip design practices. They present extensively updated coverage of every key element of VLSI design, and illuminate the latest design challenges with 65 nm process examples. This book contains unsurpassed circuit-level coverage, as well as a rich set of problems and worked examples that provide deep practical insight to readers at all levels....

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  • Woven Fabrics are fl exible, porous materials used for clothing, interior and technical applications. Regarding their construction they posses different properties which are achieved to satisfy project demands for specifi c end-use. If woven fabrics are to be engineered to fi t desired properties with minimum production costs, then the relationship between their constructional parameters and their properties must be fi rst quantitatively established.

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  • This book consists of a collection of review chapters that summarize the recent progress in the areas of metal and semiconductor nanosized crystals (nanocrystals). The interest in the optical properties of nanoparticles dates back to Faraday’s experiments on nanoscale gold. In these experiments, Faraday noticed the remarkable dependence of the color of gold particles on their size. The size dependence of the optical spectra of semiconductor nanocrystals was first discovered much later (in the 1980s) by Ekimov and coworkers in experiments on semiconductor-doped glasses.

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  • Semiconductor nanostructures are currently one of the largest and most exciting areas in solid state physics. Low-dimensional electron systems (realized in semiconductor quantum structures) are particularly appealing because they allow one to study many-particle effects in reduced dimensions. Inelastic light scattering gives direct access to the elementary excitations of those systems.

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  • Architects have been drawing digitally for nearly thirty years. CAD programs have made two­ dimensional drawing efficient, easy to edit, and, with a little practice, simple to do. Yet for many years, as the process of making drawings steadily shifted from being analog to digital, the design of buildings did not really reflect the change. CAD replaced drawing with a parallel rule and lead pointer, but buildings looked pretty much the same. This is perhaps not so surprising-one form of two-dimensional representation simply replaced another.

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  • Rather than construct the surface itself, sectioning uses a series of profiles, the edges of which follow lines of surface geometry. The modeling software's sectioning or contouring commands can almost instantaneously cut parallel sections through objects at designated intervals. This effectively streamlines the process of making serialized, parallel sections. Architects have experimented with sectional assemblies as a way to produce both surface and structure.

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  • Main technical issues to be resolved before greater implementation of aluminum alloys in ship structures include weld quality since these alloys are more difficult to weld relative to steel and that shipyards typically have limited experience in these alloys. In terms of mechanical properties, aluminum alloys generally exhibit lower fatigue strength when compared to steel. As-welded fatigue properties can be as low as 6 to 7 ksi (Czyryca et al 2006).

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  • Despite advances in pharmacology, not all patients respond favourably to drugs. A proportion of patients under therapy don't benefit from their treatment or experience an adverse reaction to the medication. However, progress in the understanding of disease mechanisms and drug actions are opening opportunities to match therapies to patient populations, and thus pave the way towards a more personalised medicine.

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  • The fact that electric arc could operate was known for over a 100 years. The first ever underwater welding was carried out by British Admiralty – Dockyard for sealing leaking ship rivets below the water line. Underwater welding is an important tool for underwater fabrication works. In 1946, special waterproof electrodes were developed in Holland by ‘Van der Willingen’. In recent years the number of offshore structures including oil drilling rigs, pipelines, platforms are being installed significantly.

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