Facilitating the learning process

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  • The advancement in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has brought new opportunities for learning. Tanzania is adopting the new technologies in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) through e-learning and mlearning. However, delivery of learning contents is becoming a challenge for HEIs due to the constraints in resources and network bandwidth. This study discussed learners’ perceptions on using e-learning applications and mobile devices for learning in three HEIs in Tanzania.

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  • This book examines the meaning as well as the benefits and barriers of mobile learning, details various global projects and initiatives that showcase the development and delivery of mobile learning, and traces the history of mobile learning to the present and provides a glimpse into the future of mobile education and the technologies used to facilitate the learning process.

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  • This taping manual is geared to teach the novice taper while, at the same time it offers selected review JXints for the experienced person. This manual contains simple terminology to reach a broad base ofindividualswho are wiIIing to learn orjust reviewthe many support techn iques offered. With this manual I hope to facilitate the learning process via clear, concise diagrams along with descriptive taping sequences.

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  • There is a large number of studies on how to promote students’ cognitive processes and learning achievements through various learning activities supported by advanced learning technologies. However, not many of them focus on applying the knowledge that students learn in school to solve authentic daily life problems. This study aims to propose a cognitive diffusion model called User-oriented Context-to-Text Recognition for Learning (UCTRL) to facilitate and improve students’ learning and cognitive processes from lower levels (i.e., Remember and Understand) to higher levels (i.e.

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  • e-Learning systems increasingly support learning management and self-organized learning processes. Since the latter have been studied in the field of progressive education extensively, it is worthwhile to consider them for developing digital learning environments to support self-regulated learning processes. In this paper we aim at transforming one of the most prominent and sustainable approaches to self-organized learning, the “Dalton Plan” as proposed by Helen Parkhurst.

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  • Faculty training in tertiary institutions around the world is receiving increasing attention as it plays a significant role to ensure high quality learning and teaching practices in constantly changing multi-cultural education backgrounds. In the case of Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs), designing an effective training course to help them deliver content interactively, using student-centered strategies and approaches in a second language (in this case English), becomes critical.

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  • To uplift the livelihood and financial conditions of the rural women value addition of minor millets can offer tremendous opportunity not only to income rather it increase national productivity and generates employment but also helps to develop economic independence and personal and social upliftment. Smt. Rathnamma is one such example who is from a small village named Gundamanatta in Srinivaspur Taluk of Kolar district. We have formed “Vaibhav Siridhanya Swasahaya Sanga” for processing of Minor Millets.

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  • Multiple computational methods for predicting drug-target interactions have been developed to facilitate the drug discovery process. These methods use available data on known drug-target interactions to train classifiers with the purpose of predicting new undiscovered interactions.

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  • My intention in starting this book was to write a second edition of an earlier book I wrote, Consolidated Financial Statements: Concepts, Issues and Techniques (Paul Chapman Publishing, 1987). It soon became apparent that the area had changed so radically in the last eight years that a complete rewrite was necessary, and hence this new book has been born (or rather quarried!).

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  • Facilitating access is concerned with assisting people to command appropriate health care resources in order to improve or preserve their well-being. If services are available, then a population may ‘have access’ to health care provision. The extent to which access is gained can depend on administrative, political, social and cultural factors and barriers. The services available must be relevant and effective if people are to gain access to improved health outcomes.

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  • We consider the problem of NER in Arabic Wikipedia, a semisupervised domain adaptation setting for which we have no labeled training data in the target domain. To facilitate evaluation, we obtain annotations for articles in four topical groups, allowing annotators to identify domain-specific entity types in addition to standard categories. Standard supervised learning on newswire text leads to poor target-domain recall.

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  • What, So What and Now what. Maybe you’ve heard this before, I certainly didn’t invent it. I learned the technique twenty years ago while training to facilitate team building sessions. We used metaphors to train, activities such as sitting back to back in pairs and describing geometric shapes for partners to draw, or team exercises in Lego construction. The lessons were always about communication and understanding team strengths and weaknesses and we used What, So What, Now What in the debrief to make lessons apparent. We’d begin the debrief by asking the participants What had happened. ..

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  • A qualitative study using the cross-case analysis method investigated the experiences of faculty members as they transitioned from one Learning Management System (LMS) to another. The study has several implications for administrators, researchers, instructional designers, trainers, and educators on how to implement a new instructional technology and to facilitate transitioning efforts.

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  • Cumulative sum (CUSUM) analysis can be used to continuously monitor the performance of an individual or process and detect deviations from a preset or standard level of achievement. However, no previous study has evaluated the utility of CUSUM analysis in facilitating timely environmental assessment and interventions to improve performance of linear-probe endobronchial ultrasound-guided transbronchial needle aspiration (EBUSTBNA).

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  • TLC at Work presents a practical approach for developing workplace competencies. It is designed as a resource for trainers, leaders, coaches, and human resources professionals, and for people who recognize a need to build their performance at work. You can use this book to define, describe, and clarify specific areas of performance key to workplace success. You will learn an effective process for assessing performance gaps and facilitating development in others or in yourself.

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  • Writing this book has been one of the greatest professional experiences of my life. Several other authors told me how hard it would be, and they were right. The book has taken much more time than I thought it would, and the writing has evolved in ways I did not imagine when I wrote the original outlines. I’ve spent countless hours reflecting on and processing years of lessons about leadership, communities, values, and my own leadership journey.

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  • Chapter 11 - Managing internal operations: Actions that promote good strategy execution. The objectives of this chapter are: Learn why resource allocation should always be based on strategic priorities, understand how well-designed policies and procedures can facilitate good strategy execution, learn how best practices and process management tools drive continuous improvement in the performance of value chain activities and promote superior strategy execution,...

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  • To facilitate the process of proteindesign and learn the basic rules that control the structure and stability of proteins, combinatorial methods have been developed to select or screen proteins with desired properties from libraries of mutants. One such method uses phage-display and proteo-lysis to select stably folded proteins. This method does not rely on specific properties of proteins for selection. There-fore, in principle it can be applied to any protein.

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  • Here we address the problem of mapping phrase meanings into their conceptual representations. Figurative phrases are pervasive in human communication, yet they are difficult to explain theoretically. In fact, the ability to handle idiosyncratic behavior of phrases should be a criterion for any theory of lexical representation. Due to the huge number of such phrases in the English language, phrase representation must be amenable to parsing, generation, and also to learning.

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  • In fact, the ability to handle idiosyncratic behavior of phrases should be a criterion for any theory of lexical representation. Due to the huge number of such phrases in the English language, phrase representation must be amenable to parsing, generation, and also to learning. In this paper we demonstrate a semantic representation which facilitates, for a wide variety of phrases, both learning and parsing.

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