Facing the environment

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  • In 1992, the first United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, popularly known as the Rio Earth Summit, was convened in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to address the state of the environment and sustainable development. The Earth Summit yielded several important agreements including “Agenda 21”, a plan of action adopted by over 178 governments to address human impacts on the environment at local, national and global levels, and key treaties on climate change, desertification and biodiversity.

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  • Difficulty in addressing contamination in low permeability soils may be alleviated to some degree by controlled pneumatic or hydraulic fracturing of the soil. However, engineered hydraulic fractures generally cannot be spaced more closely than about 5 feet, which means that chemical oxidants must still penetrate a substantial thickness of low permeability soil to come into contact with the contamination. Deep soil mixing with large diameter drill augers is the most effective method currently available to increase contact between adsorbed contaminants and the oxidants.

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  • Carbon offsets are an innovative tool for allowing companies and individuals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions beyond what they can easily achieve on their own. In the past two years, interest in carbon offsets has grown dramatically as companies and concerned consumers have sought ways to help mitigate climate change. However, the global market for voluntary carbon offsets is currently unregulated, which has led to growing concerns about whether buyers are really getting what they are paying for.

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  • The environment and the problems of environmental pollution are not new. The Industrial Revolution, whilst bringing prosperity to Great Britain, could be said to be the starting point for the increasing concern over environmental pollution. Early public health legislation, such as the Public Health and Clean Air Acts, endeavoured to regulate pollution to some extent, but it wasn’t until the Environmental Protection Act 1990 that any major strides were made in controlling emissions to the environmental media: air, water and land....

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  • The treaty, called the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants, is a major achievement. It starts by immediately targeting 12 particularly toxic POPs for reduc- tion and eventual elimination. More importantly, it sets up a system for tackling additional chemicals identified as unacceptably hazardous. It recognizes that a special effort may sometimes be needed to phase out certain chemicals for certain uses and seeks to ensure that this effort is made. It also channels resources into cleaning up the existing stockpiles and dumps of POPs that litter the world’s landscape.

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  • The generation of the list of industry sources was based on an analysis of toxic pollutants found at the source sites and a projection of their related human health impacts. The list sets out the most significant industry sectors based on these toxic pollutants, ranked by estimated health impacts. A short discussion of some of the major pollutants found at the sites is presented below, included is a description of the toxic pollutant and a discussion of its uses and health impacts.

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  • All this was on my mind when the Secretary-General presented me with an argument to which there was no convincing rebuttal: No other political leader had become Prime Minister with a background of several years of political struggle, nationally and internationally, as an environment minister. This gave some hope that the environment was not destined to remain a side issue in central, political decision making. In the final analysis, I decided to accept the challenge. The challenge of facing the future, and of safeguarding the interests of coming generations.

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  • Addressing the options for domestic sustainable agriculture policies in developing countries, it is generally observed that the world’s agriculture trade system is progressively moving towards an open-market system, a process which is desirable from both a trade as well as a sustainable development point of view.

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  • With its focus on cost and third party payment, the regulatory program has also managed to shift the public debate. The historical focus on caring for an individual patient has been subsumed in discussions of pricing, cost con- trol, and the merits of using a variety of delivery systems for expanding the third party payments system to an ever- increasing fraction of the population, legal or not. The collateral damage has been high. People have lost sight of the important role that involved consumers spending their own money play in controlling system costs and quality.

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  • Historically, federal and state governments have used income-tax credits as one of the predominant tools to stimulate the deployment of renewable energy technologies. Investment-tax credits are a direct reduction in a person’s federal or state liability for some amount of system costs, thereby enhancing after-tax cash flows and promoting investment. These investment-tax credits (ITCs) are simple to administer and enforce compared with other financial incentives.

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  • A special feature of the Bachelor in Economics and Business Administration is the fact that it combines studies of Business Administration and Economics. It thus offers a broad academic basis as well as the necessary foundation for the continuation of studies in the various master programs. The Bachelor Program stretches over six semesters. The scope of studies covers both economics and business administration in their breadth and interconnections. We advise students to avoid selecting a narrowed academic concentration too soon.

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  • We would like to thank Thailand’s Internet pioneers — Dr. Kanchana Kanchanasut, Dr. Thaweesak Koanatakool, Khun Trin Tantsetthi, Khun Robert Elz, and Dr. Yunyong Teng-amnuay — who provided enthusiastic and cooperative support for this case study. Sincere appreciation goes to Khun Pramote Jutaporn and Khun Nittida Nuansri of Prince of Songkla University (PSU) who provided a copy of the first email message sent from PSU to Australia on June 2, 1988. We are also indebted to Dr.

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  • The three most recently completed projects comprise of a total 373 apartments, however strong pre-sales have resulted in only 16% of the supply remaining. The Stamford Residences & The Reynell Terraces only has 8% of residual stock yet to be absorbed with the sale of a terrace for an undisclosed price being the most recent transaction. There is no new supply anticipated within the Northern Precinct until at least 2015 ensuring demand for new and established apartments will remain strong.

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  • With more women living longer lives the quality of the additional years becomes a central question. Healthy life years (HLYs), also referred to as disability-free life expectancy, is the number of remaining years of life that a person of a specific age is expected to live without any moderate or severe health problems or acquired disabilities (EUROSTAT 2008a). The indicator is meant to complement life expectancy data and provides information on the quality of years lived rather than the quantity.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'a-z of the environment : covering the scientific, economic and legal issues facing all types of organisation', khoa học tự nhiên, công nghệ môi trường phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Lenne, 1996) and to decrease damage by pests and pathogens (Cantelo & Sanford, 1984). In some crops (e.g. rice) this is applied on a large scale to maximize yield by minimizing damage by pathogens (Zhu et al., 2000). Information on genetic diversity and population structure also assists plant breeding in the selection of parents for crossing, providing a more rational basis for expanding the gene pool, and for identifying materials that harbor genes of value for plant improvement.

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  • While the links between ICT and environmental outcomes are becoming clearer, there is no separate statistical field that links the two. Nevertheless, some data are available from official statistical sources, from analytical work and from product life cycle studies. This report suggests a conceptual framework for the new statistical field “ICT and the environment” based on an existing OECD framework for information society statistics. Sources of official data to populate the framework are investigated and some relevant work has been identified.

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  • The annual agriculture appropriations bill traditionally makes two separate appropriations for the federal crop insurance program. It provides discretionary funding for the salaries and expenses of the RMA. It also provides “such sums as are necessary” for the Federal Crop Insurance Fund, which finances all other expenses of the program, including premium subsidies, indemnity payments, and reimbursements to the private insurance companies. Government costs for crop insurance have increased substantially in recent years. After ranging between $2.1 and $3.

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  • Building engineering physics emerged during the latter part of the 20th Century, at the interface between three disciplines: building services engineering, applied physics and building construction engineering. Building services engineering is the design of mechanical and electrical systems to maintain internal environmental conditions that enable occupants to be comfortable and achieve their maximum performance potential.

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  • There was a time of optimism and progress in the 1960s, when there was greater hope for a braver new world, and for progressive international ideas. Colonies blessed with natural resources were becoming nations. The locals of co-operation and sharing seemed to be seriously pursued. Paradoxically, the 1970s slid slowly into moods of reaction and isolation while at the same time a series of UN conferences offered hope for greater co-operation on major issues.

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