Facing the tissue

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  • A fat man is a joke; and a fat woman is two jokes--one on herself and the other on her husband. Half the comedy in the world is predicated on the paunch. At that, the human race is divided into but two classes--fat people who are trying to get thin and thin people who are trying to get fat. Fat, the doctors say, is fatal. I move to amend by striking out the last two letters of the indictment. Fat is fat. It isn't any more fatal to be reasonably fat than to be reasonably thin, but it's a darned sight more uncomfortable. So far...

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  • Is this use of television vital for the community information needs? In R8069, the survey included comment on various sources or means of finding information – about important subjects. Table 6 demonstrates that TV is seen as a source of information although lower ranking in importance than face to face communication, and radio. This is not surprising given the relative ratios of television to radio. What is perhaps slightly surprising is that television as a source is used by as many people (if not slightly more) than newspapers. This may reflect literacy rates....

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  • Non-visible prostate cancer on TRUS has been increased because of the advances in PSA screening. (Ohori, et al.2003) However, there are still occurrences of hypoechoic lesions suspicious for cancer. To obtain an appropriate tissue sample from suspicious lesions, it is better to make the needle tip facing the rectum (Figure 1, 2). Otherwise, the needle tip slips away from the prostate so that it may result in inappropriate samples and missing lesions. This is particularly true when the biplane ultrasound probe is used which is close to parallel to the rectum.

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  • Bacillus cereusis an opportunistic pathogenic bacterium closely related to Bacillus anthracis, the causative agent of anthrax in mammals. A significant portion of theB. cereuschromosomal genes are common to B. anthracis, including genes which in B. anthraciscode for putative virulence and sur-face proteins.

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  • Products of nanotechnology are expected to revolutionize modern medicine, as evidenced by recent scientific advances and global initiatives to support nanotechnology and nanomedicine research. The field of drug delivery is a direct beneficiary of these advancements. Due to their versatility in targeting tissues, accessing deep molecular targets, and controlling drug release, nanoparticles are helping address challenges to face the delivery of modern, as well as conventional drugs.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Ten Cate's oral histology - Development, structure and function" presents the following contents: Structure of the oral tissues, general embryology; embryology of the head, face and oral cavity; cytoskeleton, cell junctions, fibroblasts, and extracellular matrix; development of the tooth and its supporting tissues; bone; enamel - composition, formation, and structure.

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  • As the world population ages, health care costs are expected to escalate as a result of the increase in age-related, degenerative diseases. Regenerating the failing cells and organs associated with these diseases would preserve quality of life and help curtail the increase in health care costs. Medical scientists today are faced with the challenge of developing new and innovative regenerative therapies to meet this need. A major focus of this research is to identify sources of cells and tissues that can be used in regenerative therapies....

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  • In tuberous sclerosis, the earliest cutaneous sign is an ash leaf spot. These lesions are often present at birth and are usually multiple; however, detection may require Wood's lamp examination, especially in fair-skinned individuals. The pigment within them is reduced but not absent. The average size is 1–3 cm, and the common shapes are polygonal and lance-ovate.

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  • These cancers commonly appear on sun-exposed areas of the body such as the face, ears, neck, lips, and backs of the hands. They can also develop in scars or chronic skin sores elsewhere. They sometimes start in actinic keratoses (described below). Less often, they form in the skin of the genital area. Squamous cell carcinomas tend to grow and spread more than basal cell cancers. They are more likely to invade fatty tissues just beneath the skin, and are more likely to spread to lymph nodes and/or distant parts of the body, although this is still uncommon. Keratoacanthomas...

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