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  • ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The International Institute for the Sociology of Law in Oñati has enabled this group of scholars who share an interest in family law and family poli- cy, but come from a variety of academic disciplines and countries, to meet, to argue and to develop their ideas over almost a decade. We are grateful for this opportunity and proud to present our third volume of essays.

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  • After nearly 30 years of Renovation, along with the positive socioeconomic development, Vietnam family life also has significantly changed that more issues need to get attention. The article focuses on analyzing the achievements of family activities, limitations of perception as well as gaps and causes in the current situation. Based on results gained, the article presents some key issues in planning policies for a prosperous, progressive and happy Vietnam family.

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  • ESSAYS ON THE DESIGN OF MONETARY POLICY WITH INCOMPLETE INFORMATION Evidence from the NELS and from high school completion rates The SAT data are uniquely valuable for my empirical strategy, both because they span a large fraction of metropolitan high schools and because they describe an outcome that is an important factor in families’ evaluations of schools. Nevertheless, it remains possible that selection into SAT-taking biases the above results.

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  • Children and adolescents with good mental health are able to achieve and maintain optimal psychological and social functioning and well-being. They have a sense of identity and self-worth, sound family and peer relationships, an ability to be productive and to learn, and a capacity to tackle developmental challenges and use cultural resources to maximize growth. Moreover, the good mental health of children and adolescents is crucial for their active social and economic participation.

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  • There is huge uncertainty about future budget deficits and their financing. Economists disagree about how quickly deficits should be reduced: some would stress deflation risks and others inflation risks. Even if economists were to agree, there would still be great uncertainty about political choices on macroeconomic policy. It is nevertheless certain that government debt/GDP ratios in major countries will continue to rise over the next few years. Even the optimistic G20 pronouncements do not envisage debt/GDP ratios in the advanced countries stabilising before 2016.

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  • Responsibility, like rights, duties, obligations, justice and fairness, is a concept employed by the law in the ordering, regulation and resolution of conflicts in human life. This book contributes to analysis of responsibility, in which there is currently a renewed interest amongst politicians, in law and in academic research. At the same time, as a term employed by family members to describe the nature of their relationships with one another, responsibility is a concept employed in the ordering and negotiation of family relationships.

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'priorities for investments in children and families in caddo and bossier parishes', khoa học xã hội, xã hội học phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • this cas introduces the area of roman law governing the most personal and urgent problems that free romans normally confronted: the marital relationship, the power of fathers over their children, and the devolution of property within the family. this area of law is interesting even today because, although many parts of it seem at least generally familiar, roman family law was organized and developed on lines that are radically, and at times almost breathtakingly, different from any modern legal system.

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  • We know that the structures of families and of households have changed in recent decades and that this has had a profound affect on public policy planning and service delivery in South Africa. The institution of the family interfaces with other social institutions in any society – it therefore stands to reason that the political, social and economic transformations resulting through colonialism and apartheid in South Africa have affected families and their residential dimension, the household, for all cultural groups.

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  • The Qatar Supreme Council for Family Affairs (QSCFA) is charged with reviewing and proposing legislation, promoting policies, adopting plans, implementing projects and programs, enhancing the role of national institutions, and disseminating information related to all aspects of family affairs in Qatar. Its six operating

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  • The Department of Defense (DoD) recognizes that high-quality child care for military families impacts both readiness and retention. DoD was concerned, however, that the child-care demand formula it uses may not be addressing all relevant aspects of child-care need. As such, the Office of the Secretary of Defense asked the

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  • The study of social protection in the context of Vietnam’s modernisation and international integration requires that attention be paid to social protection policies for Vietnamese families. However, there are currently few social protection policies targeting families specifically, in other words, policies that regard families as the beneficiary or subject of intervention. Meanwhile, various social protection policies exist for specific subjects and members of the family. This reflects the shortage of social protection policies for families today.

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  • To recognize more clearly Vietnam’s laws and policies for prevention of gender-based violence, the paper focuses on some issues, including: concepts relating to gender-based violence; content and scope of the current policies involved with types of gender-based violence within family and community (such as trafficking in women and children, prostitution, and sexual abuse).

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  • Position change of Vietnamese women in macrocell economic policy reform episode: Comparative analysis of secondary data. Macroeconomic transition is toward sustainable growth and equality in alleco- nomic-social livelihoods. Women – the important population force – particip ate in most economic-social activities and are the “fire-keeper” of any family as the cell for society.

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  • A mathematical model for a volume flexible manufacturing system is developed in a family production context, assuming that there exists a dedicated production facility as well as a separate management unit for each of the items. The possibility of machine breakdowns resulting in idle times of the respective management units is taken into account. The production rates are treated as decision variables.

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  • The study on the factors affecting the access to banking credits of family businesses in Tra Vinh province by directing survey of 250 family businesses in 7 districts and 1 city in Tra Vinh province in which multivariable regression model has been used. The results show that the access to banking credits of family businesses depends on gender, education, years of experience, income, assets and social relations.

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  • Forest Gardening (forest gardening) is considered a form of agriculture oldest in the world. [2] This began in prehistoric times by the river services in the forest in the foothills and humid in tropical monsoon. In the course of a family slowly improving their habitats, species and plant grapes helpful gradually been identified, and improved protection against unwanted species are discarded. Even exotic species were selected and cultivated in their gardens.

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  • The balance sheets of life and non-life insurance companies reflect the importance of technical (insurance underwriting) risks for insurance firms. Life insurance companies typically have the greater part of their liabilities taken up by technical provisions, in some jurisdictions more than 80 percent. This reflects the amount that the firm is setting aside to pay potential claims on the policies that it has written. Correspondingly, more than 90 percent of the assets of life insurance companies comprise the investment portfolio held to support these liabilities.

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  • A large majority of the Wisconsin household population is non-Hispanic white (86%), according to estimates from the 2008 Family Health Survey. Six percent of the population is non-Hispanic black or African American, and 5 percent is Hispanic or Latino. One percent of the population is non- Hispanic American Indian, 1 percent is non-Hispanic Asian, less than 0.5 percent is non-Hispanic other, and 1 percent is composed of non-Hispanic members of two or more racial groups (Figure 9).

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  • Data set weights are used to adjust for sampling and response rates, and to provide estimates of Wisconsin’s total household population using the sample data. A new procedure for developing data set weights was used with the 2008 Family Health Survey. The 2008 FHS sample included only landline telephone numbers, but ever-increasing numbers of people are using only cell phones, with no landline telephone service. Researchers are learning that the characteristics of cell-phone-only users differ from characteristics of people who use landline telephones.

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