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  • World cocoa price has fallen by some 48% over the past three years, with direct impacts on the incomes, health and nutrition of cocoa producers and their family in the two major producing countries: Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana, with some 41% and 22% of world output, respectively. The impact of the price drop has been far different in the two countries because of the greater age of plantations, market liberalisation, presence of free agents in the marketing channel, and much greater socio-political instability in one country: Côte d’Ivoire.

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  • many groups and individuals have been motivated to consider the potential for producing ethanol. Across the country, farmer cooperatives, rural development coalitions, bio-energy advocates and others have gathered to explore the process and prospects for developing ethanol production facilities. In many cases these efforts have resulted in the successful development of ethanol plants.

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  • Some southern producers also feel that premiums for buy-up coverage or revenue products are not affordable, leaving catastrophic policies (with minimal coverage) as the only viable option for many farmers. More broadly, some farm groups have requested that current subsidies be maintained or increased so premiums would be more affordable. 28 Corn producers want their premiums reduced because the loss ratio has been well below 1.0 (indemnities paid divided by premiums).

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  • Retailing has undergone dynamic change in a few decades. Regional and national chainstore organizations have grown rapidly. In our automobile age, retail stores have become fewer and larger. They also have enlarged their services to buyers. Retailers, wholesalers, processors, farmer cooperatives and farm organizations and trade associations are engaged in merchandising farm products.

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  • Livestock was reared mostly in rural areas while milk and milk products were consumed both in rural and urban areas. Because the marketable surplus of milk available with individual farmers was too small to justify a trip to the nearest town, it was sold to middlemen who often exploited the farmers by charging an amount in excess of the cost of their services, reducing farmers’ returns on the one hand and charging higher prices to the consumers on the other. The Plan document noted that some milk production also took place in ‘congested and insanitary pockets by gujar...

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  • In the early 1950s, most investor-owned telephone companies in the United States refused to serve rural areas of the country, claiming it was too expensive to do so. Several residents of northeast Alabama, like many of their counterparts around the U.S., realized that if they and their neighbors were ever going to get reliable communications service, they would have to provide it themselves.

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  • Insemination skills of 37 inseminators participating in AI programmes supported by the government, farmers’ cooperatives and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) were evaluated during 11 December 2001 and 8 May 2002 in 4 batches. Individual inseminators were asked to thaw a straw of frozen semen. The thawing time adopted by the inseminators and the temperature of the water used were recorded. They were then asked to simulate an insemination by depositing gentian violet dye in the genital tracts removed from slaughtered cows.

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  • Research has shown that institutional reputation is the most important criterion in online MBA program selection, with workload and time to complete the next most frequently given reasons (Chiu, 1999). Other research has found convenience (Dunning & Mijayaraman, 2000; Tallent-Runnels, Thomas, Lan & Cooper, 2006) or flexibility in time management to be of greatest importance in choosing online education in general (McEwen, 2001; Moskal & Dziuban, 2001; Ryan, 2001; Smith, 2001).

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  • Reduce overall grain yield by cracking as one of the main problems directly reduced income and the availability of staple food to the farmers in the Mekong Delta. Cracking or fissuring of a grain of wheat that may occur in the rice fields by not harvested on time / practice, improper harvest and drying conditions milling operation is inappropriate. This project aims to improve the quality and value of Rice, through an integrated approach that includes farmers, millers, service providers and extension workers and educational institutions.

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  • Models Husbandary Clam: Clam Culture in different environmental and ecological conditions This is documented research report technical cooperation between the South Australian Research and Development Institute (Sardi) and the Aquaculture Research Institute of the North Central (ARSINC). This report is intended for a wide audience, especially the Vietnam Farmers, researchers and students.

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  • "Investigation and control of the rice in the field and during harvest in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam" project is part of the Cooperation Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (CARD) between the Ministry of Agriculture and rural Development of Vietnam (Ministry of Agriculture and rural Development) VACO Australian International Development (AusAID). The purpose of this project is to help households and small farmers in Vietnam to improve rice quality and prices to improve their income. The project will be implemented through a cooperative choice.

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  • The social insurance of farmers is covered by section „rural development”. This section falls under the competence of the minister in charge of rural development, who, however, cooperates in matters of social insurance of farmers with the minister in charge of social security issues. Problems of employment and counteracting unemployment are covered by „labour” section, administered by the minister in charge of labour issues.

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  • The culture of striped catfish, Pangasianodon hypophthalmus (Sauvage), or “ca tra” in Vietnamese in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam, can be considered as a unique aquatic farming system in many ways. Production is the fastest growth recorded in any aquaculture sector, ever, based on a single species, superseding the production per unit for any form of primary production. Stripped catfish aquaculture now need to be improved in many aspects and environmental issues need to be paid more attention to ensure the sustainable development.

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  • However, a specific feature of local Thai food markets is the coexistence of different environ- mentally friendly, healthy or hygienic labels. Therefore governmental institutions started differ- ent certification systems for different safe food products (Eischen, Prasertsri, and Sirikeratikul 2006). Safe Food labels were therefore introduced by the Thai Government. They are based on standards that have been agreed upon by both The Ministry of Public Health and The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives.

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  • ORRAF was established in 1960 to improve the livelihood of small-scale rubber producers, especially those that are located in Southern Thailand. ORRAF is a government enterprise under the administration of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives.

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  • Organic crops must be protected from potential contamination by adjoining conventional farms, as well as from non-organic fields in split operations. The drift and run-off of prohibited substances, as well as the pollen drift from GMO varieties, can compromise the farm’s organic certification status. The certifying agency can require water, soil, and plant testing in cases where contamination is suspected.

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  • To deal with the myriad of problems, some of the Plan recommendations were: 6 (i) promoting production of superior breed bulls at subsidized private farms from where the government would procure these animals at controlled prices for distribution to villages, (ii) emphasis on preventing disease among animals through vaccination and inoculation, with legislation for compulsory mass inoculation to be put in place if there was a ‘lack of willing cooperation’ from farmers, (iii) removal of livestock from within cities to outskirts, particularly removing gujar colonies from...

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