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  • The objective of the study was to know the profile characteristic of farmers regarding use of ICT tools. The study was conducted in village Gudli of Mavli block from Udaipur district of Rajasthan State. The data was collected from 50 farmers. Frequency and percentage were used for analysis of data. Majority of the respondents (56%) belonged to young age group, had OBC caste, more than one fourth of them (26-30%) had education up to higher secondary and middle level subsequently. A majority of them (92-44%) didn’t have any participation in other organizations viz.

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  • In recent years we have seen that dissemination of agricultural technologies through videos is being widely developed and used. The videos have affectively increased the capacity of the rural poor to innovate through enhanced skills and knowledge. This study examined the perception of farmers regarding different aspects of videos about soil testing, seed treatment and leaf colour chart.

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  • The study was entirely concerned with organic practices conducted by farmers. A cumulative list of village panchayat was prepared on the basis of farmers who practice the organic farming.

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  • The present study assessed the prevailing level of knowledge about integrated pest management concept and practices among the farmers of Nainital District of Uttarakhand and planned a need-based media intervention of community radio programme with the participation of local people.

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  • The study was conducted in three districts viz., Junagadh, Rajkot and Amreli of Saurashtra region of Gujarat state. Two talukas were selected from each district. Total twenty-four villages from six talukas were selected randomly and ten farmers from each village were selected as respondents.

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  • The present study was conducted on randomly selected 240 dairy farmers from Punjab contacted at various Kissan melas, Trainings, KVKs and seminars. 129 dairy farmers who were preparing self-made feed were selected as final respondents. The farmers were asked to rank reasons for likings of self-made feed and disliking of branded feed from 1st rank to 8 th rank according to Garret’s ranking technique on pre-selected reasons, which were compiled after scrutinizing relevant literature, consulting subject matter specialist and progressive farmers.

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  • Indian agriculture is characterized by the ownerships of small land holdings. The small holdings are used for mainly production of food crops. The small farmers inadequately use fertilizers and without or meager irrigation can produce only one crop in a year, which is turn make the farmers economic condition not only pathetic also lead to inability to purchase input required for farming, like fertilizers, good quality seeds etc.

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  • The basic principle of Agricultural Insurance are that the loss incurred by the few farmers is shared by many in an area and losses incurred in bad years are compensated from resources accumulated in good years. The idea is to encourage farmers to adopt improved farming technology and agricultural practices which, though with potential of higher return could be riskier.

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  • The main objectives of this study include to measure the attitude of the respondents about „Gir sawaj‟ biofertilizers. And also to ascertain the relationship between attitude of respondents about „Gir sawaj’ biofertilizers with their selected characteristics.

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  • The present paper is a descriptive study on use of information media and awareness status regarding dairy animal welfare practices in jamtara district of Jharkhand. Jamtara district has 6 blocks andto have a complete study of whole district, all the 6 blocks were selected. From the selected blocks, two villages (one Peri urban and one rural village) were selected randomly. Data were collected through structured interview schedule.

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  • The present study was executed in Palli Siksha Bhavana, Institute of Agriculture, VisvaBharati University in the year 2016-17. KVK generally deals with training programmes related to needy areas to be served to both men and women. The Subject Matter Specialists are deputed to other KVKs, Agricultural Universities, ICAR institutes and other training institutes to orient themselves with the subject. The objective was to study the perception of respondents regarding KVK intervention in agriculture.

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  • In India livestock sector play important role to improve the economic condition of farmers. About 70 % of livestock population is control by the landless, small and marginal farmers which are the source of income for farmers. Concept of doubling of farmer’s income by 2022 was given by Hon Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi ji on February 29, 2016 in Bareilly Uttar Pradesh.

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  • Repeated exposure to agro-chemical pesticides may increases the pesticide accumulation in food chain and adversely affect on human and environment. Hence, part of farming community shifting from chemical inputs to bio-inputs. In this regard, this study was conducted to know the extent of awareness, usage pattern, product differentiation, factors affecting and purchase pattern of bio-pesticides in Chitradurga and Davanagere districts in Karnataka state. The data pertaining to this study was collected with the help of pre-tested questionnaire during the agricultural year 2018.

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  • This study was undertaken at Bishnupur, Imphal West and Thoubal districts of Manipur to identify the constraints and suggestions as perceived by the fish farmers towards the adoption of scientific fish farming of Pengba. Data were obtained through pre tested and structured interview schedule from 80 respondents. Major constraint as perceived by most of the respondents was economic constraints with mean score 1.92.

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  • The present study was conducted by keeping a concept in mind that dairy development is not feasible unless dairy farm women are trained in scientific dairy farming. The present study was conducted in KVK operational area of Rajkot district with 80 dairying farm women purposively selected who were intensively carried out agriculture and dairying activities. The study inferred that overall distribution of dairy farmwomen according to training need, 56.25 per cent had medium training need followed by high training need.

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  • Cotton the “white gold” is premier industrial crop of major cotton growing countries like China, India, United States of America, Pakistan, Brazil, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Argentina, Australia and Turkey which accounts for nearly 85 per cent of the total global production. Apart from the increasing production of synthetic fibre, cotton has maintained its reputation as “king of the fibre crops”. It is world’s most important textile fibre and oil seed crop. The present study was conducted in Sirsa and Fatehabad district of Haryana state, purposively in the year 2015-16. Two blocks viz.

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  • The study was conducted in Andhra Pradesh state during 2017-18. A total of 120 Bt cotton tenant farmers were selected randomly for the study. Data was collected by interview schedule. Majority (65.83%) of the Bt cotton tenant farmers had medium knowledge, followed by low (17.50%) and high (16.67%) level of knowledge regarding recommended package of practices in Bt cotton.

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  • The present study was conducted mainly with the objective to study “Farmer‟s perception about climate change in Marathwada Region.” For the study, Latur and Beed district were selected from Marathwada region of Maharashtra state during the years 2018-19. Four talukas viz., Latur and Renapur of Latur District and Kaij and Ambajogai from Beed district were selected randomly and two villages from each talukas were selected randomly. From each village fifteen members were randomly selected constituting the sample size 120. Ex-post-facto research design was used for the study.

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  • The study conducted in twelve villages Viz., Askihal, Yaklaspur, Amaravathi, Kuppigudda, Melakunda, Srinivas saradagi, Kollur, Maradagi, Narayanapura, Betabalakunda, Siddeshwara and Bhalki of Hyderabad–Karnataka region of Karnataka, during the year 2014- 15, to know the technological gap among the small and marginal farmers in adoption of improved cultivation practices chickpea crop. The study revealed that, majority of the small farmers (83.33 %) and marginal farmers (43.33 %) of chickpea crop belonged to medium technological gap category.

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  • Rice is the staple food of Odisha in terms of area, production and yield. System of Rice Intensification (SRI) involves adoption of changes in management practices of rice cultivation creating a favourable condition for crop growth with less utilization of inputs. Despite the benefits, SRI has not adopted by the farmers as expected in the state. This paper attempted to analyse the perception of Odisha farmers regarding major constraints hindering widespread of SRI by different categories of farmers (i.e. adopters, dropouts and non-adopters) in the state and the positive impact of SRI.

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