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  • Drawing may be described as an evolutionary process that is fundamental to communicating ideas. This is also true of fashion drawing, with its distinctive nuances and associations with style. The exciting breadth and diversity of what constitutes fashion drawing today is testimony to the creative vision of fashion designers and fashion illustrators alike.

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  • One of today's hottest and refreshingly inspirational jewelry designers, Claire Aristides, offers her expert knowledge in making fashion jewelry in this practical step-by-step guide. Packed with beautiful pieces to make and wear, Bejeweled offers a breathtaking range of classic and contemporary necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. These original, feminine jewelry creations have been selected from Claire's stunning designs---more than thirty unashamedly sexy, glamorous and totally wearable acessories for every chosen occasion....

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  • Thảo luận nhóm: Quy trình kiểm soát nội bộ quy trình mua hàng – phải trả tại công ty TNHH S4 Fashion Partner trình bày tổng quan về S4 Fashion Partner, chính sách của công ty đối với quy trình mua hàng, quy trình mua hàng nợ phải trả tại công ty tnhh S4 Fashion Partner, đánh giá thực trạng kiểm soát nội bộ chu trình mua hàng nợ phải trả tại S4 Fashion Partner, một số ý kiến nhằm phát huy hiệu quả của quy trình mua hàng phải trả tại công ty tnhh S4 Fashion Partner.

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  • (BQ) Over 1,000 years of Chinese fashions for men and women are spotlighted in ebook Dover coloring book: Chinese fashions — from a strapless high-waisted dress with a transparent outer robe worn during the Tang dynasty to an elegant, knee-length sheath trimmed with a floral applique.

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  • That was what he told me as I sat in a Starbucks in downtown Manhattan. I had come in search of a quiet table at which to crack open a social theory book, one of a number of texts I was assigned as a new graduate student in sociology at New York University. Instead I found myself seated across from a model scout who was handing me his card and telling me that I could be making a fortune as a fashion model.

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  • Practice report: Marketing activities of TNG Fashion Company aim expanding the marketing activities of company to attract customers, bring revenue and profit for the company, search market, brand and brand positioning; marketing activities to sustain business development, make a difference for the brand, optimize profits, maintain and improve customer relations.

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  • The book "Fashion design basics" presents the following contents: Principles of fashion design, fashion design elements, fashion design presentation, fashion design process. Invite you to consult.

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  • Part 2 book "Basics fashion design 03 - Construction" content presentation: Surface-specific techniques, haute couture and tailoring, draping on the mannequin, support and structure, finishes, glossary.

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  • The book "Fashion drawing the easy way" presents the following contents: Getting started, extending your skills, dressing the fashion figure, dressing the fashion figure, drawing a face, library. Invite you to consult.

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  • 5.5. Hiding Programs the Old-Fashioned Way When it comes to getting windows out of your way, nothing can touch Exposé and Spaces for speed and entertainment value.

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  • "Fashion design essentials" presentation of content: Historical reference and reverence, emulation and innovation, sensing style, ashion equations, disposable as investment, environmental context, building and breaking templates, specialty requisites, miscellaneous markers, care and feeding of a garment,... Invite you to consult

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  • Ebook "Fashion sketchbook" presents the following contents: Fashion figure proportions, basic figure forms, basic figure forms, fashion heads, fashion heads, drawing flats and specs, basic rendering techniques, high end rendering techniques, drawing knits, design focus and layout, drawing men, drawing children, drawing children.

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  • The book "Business plan for a fashion brand" presents the following contents: Business idea and business planning, finland and china as business partners, finland and entrepreneurship, case- MV oy business plan, findings and conclusion.

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  • Thesis 'You are what you wear: The examination of fashion leadership and general leadership among african american and caucasian" provided for to the read contents: Additional Variables contributing to consumer behavior, letter from Texas southern university, modifications for final instrument, fashion and general leadership personality characteristics,... Invite you to consult the detailed content

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  • Căn phòng fashion cho những cô nàng designer Tút tát cho căn phòng những góc "pose" ảnh thật "kool" nha! Nhìn phòng đoán tính cách Màu sắc và cách sắp xếp đồ đặc trong căn phòng cũng thể hiện tính cách chủ nhân của chúng rất nhiều đó! V tạo và thể hiện phong cách của cái "Tôi" cá nhân.

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  • "Garment making - For the course of fashion and garment making" presentation of content: Sewing machine types, tools used in garment construction, paper patterns, stitches, seams and seam finishes, fullness, plackets, necklines, fasteners, body measurements, bibliography.

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  • The "Fashion figure templates for fashion portfolio ©" is a collection of professionally illustrated female and male fashion figure templates. The book came into being because of my desire to provide students, without refined skills in illustrating, a tool to make professional looking presentations.

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  • Part 1 book "Basics fashion design 03 - Construction" content presentation: How to get the most out of this book, getting started, pattern cutting, garment construction, tools for the technique, laying a pattern on to fabric,... Invite you to consult.

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  • Document "Fashion design basics" presents the following contents: Principles of fashion design, fashion design elements, fashion design presentation, fashion design process. Invite you to consult.

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  • Ebook "Home economics Fashion and textile technology" presentation of content: Sources of natural and man-made fibres, properties of fabrics and fibres, fabric construction, technological developments in fabrics, reasons for wearing clothes, the range and use of finishes when choosing fabrics,... Invite you to consult

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