Fast gas chromatography

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  • Since the middle of last century, the use of organic synthetic pesticides became a widespread practice, in order to better prevent, control and destroy pests. Despite their usefulness in the increment of food production, the extensive use of pesticides during production, processing, storage, transport or marketing of agricultural commodities can led to environmental contamination and to the presence of residues in food.

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  • In its early years, the B market expanded rapidly. The number of listed rms increased from only 9 in 1992 to 108 in 1999. International institutional investors showed great interest in the new investment opportunities and dominated the market. In the following years however, the B market fell into continuous stagnation. Since 1999 there have been only a few new listings on the B market. Compared to the A market, which has experienced consistently fast development, the B market is much smaller in size and less active as an investment avenue.

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  • Patients and study design: The study was performed on randomly selected 50 pulmonary tuberculosis patients (mean age, 45.3 ± 3.8, 28 men and 22 women) who had been admitted to the Beijing Tuberculosis and Thoracic Tumor Research Institute during 12 months (April 2008 - April 2009). Pulmonary tuberculosis was diagnosed by the clinical parameters: presence of cough/expectoration, chest X-ray showing infiltrated and /or cavities, a minimum of one positive sputum smear and culture result for acid-fast bacilli.

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