Fate scale

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  • Estimating the transport and fate of chemicals released into the environment is an interesting and challenging task. The global environment is large on the chemical transport and fate scale. This text applies the mathematics of diffusion, turbulent diffusion, and dispersion to the atmosphere, lakes, rivers, groundwater, and oceans, as well as transport between these media. The book follows a new educational paradigm of textbooks, in that it is based on examples and case studies.

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  • THROUGHOUT THE COURSE OF EVERY PERSON’S life, a large-scale catastrophe is certain to occur. At some point, fate will hand each of us the ultimate test: a tragedy so profound and so inescapable that it will for- ever alter the remaining course of the life affected. This...

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  • Where a woman gives birth should not decide her fate. Excessive bleeding after childbirth and high blood pressure during pregnancy, two of the leading causes of maternal deaths, can be prevented and significantly reduced with expanded availability of maternal health medicines and supportive policies and practices to achieve scale—a critical action for meeting the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 5 target: reducing maternal mortality by 75 percent by 2015.

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