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  • Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Oliker, Olga. Faultlines of conflict in Central Asia and the south Caucasus : implications for the U.S. Army / Olga Oliker, Thomas Szayna.. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references. “MR-1598.” ISBN 0-8330-3260-7 1. Asia, Central—Strategic aspects. 2. Caucasus—Strategic aspects. 3. United States—Military policy. 4. United States. Army—Foreign service—Asia, Central. 5. United States. Army—Foreign service—Caucasus. I. Szayna, Thomas S. II. Rand Corporation. III.Title. UA832.2 .O42 2003 355'.033058—dc21 2002012824...

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  • Antiballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty and announced its intention to deploy a National Missile Defense (NMD) system to protect the United States from attacks by rogue states. This report does not consider any of these specific events, although it does cover all the relevant general topics. Updating the report would amount to doing a whole new study, so we chose to release the report in its original form. The

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  • On behalf of the contributors, we offer this Volume in friendship, respect and admiration for Professor Yoram Dinstein. No-one familiar with his wide-ranging work in the field can feel anything but awe for his contribution to the clarifica- tion and development of international law. To us, Yoram has also been a selfless, albeit – as anyone who knows him well understands – demanding, mentor, one who has sharpened our understanding of, and ability to think critically about, the law.

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