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  • The practice of law is not monolithic. Professional directories for the United States sort one million lawyers and 50,000 law firms into some 65 core practice areas. In Lawyers at Work, I interview fifteen lawyers in fifteen practice areas selected to be representative of the lawyering spectrum: employment law, corporate defense, criminal prosecution, financial services, international project finance, family law, international law, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, antitrust, intellectual property, entertainment, nonprofit, civil rights, trusts and estates, and civil litigation.

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  • Courts are now required to notify all domestic violence offenders of the two federal domestic violence-related gun prohibitions. Courts must inform all domestic violence offenders that they may be subject to federal firearm prohibition(s). The notification should also inform the abuser of applicable state, tribal, or territorial laws that may limit purchase or possession of firearms and ammunition. It is important that offenders are aware of these prohibitions.

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  • The mission of the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C) is to provide training, investigative support and research to agencies and entities involved in the prevention, investigation and prosecution of economic and high-tech crime. While NW3C has no investigative authority itself, its job is to help law enforcement agencies better understand and utilize tools to combat economic and high-tech crime. NW3C has other sections within its organization, including Training (in Computer Crime, Financial Crime and Intelligence Analysis), Research and Investigative Support Services.

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  • Even when prohibited people are flagged by the system, they’re almost never stopped. In 2010, out of 76,000 denied purchasers, only 13 were successfully prosecuted under federal law for illegally attempting to buy a gun. That universal failure endangers us all! The mentally ill are also not part of their universe. For the last 20 years, since the NICS system came on line, government has failed to include records of those judged mentally ill by a court of law. If we can’t even get those records into the system, are we truly to believe...

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  • The global legal framework for Internet gambling is a complicated mix of laws and regulations. In the United States, both federal and state statutes apply. Gambling is generally regulated at the state level, with federal law supporting state laws and regulations to ensure that interstate and foreign commerce do not circumvent them. The Wire Act, which prohibits gambling businesses from using interstate or international telecommunications wires to knowingly transmit or receive bets, is the main federal statute used to prosecute such activity.

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  • SSA continues to engage in an aggressive program to deter, detect, investigate, and prosecute fraud. During FY 2011, SSA's Office of the Inspector General (OIG) received over 15,000 SSI fraud-related allegations via telephone, correspondence, fax, or email. As allegations are received, they are carefully reviewed to determine the most appropriate course of action, such as referral to OIG’s Office of Investigations Field Divisions, other components of OIG, outside law enforcement agencies, or other program or policy components in SSA.

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