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  • Hepatitis B is considered a "silent infection" because most people don't have symptoms when they are first infected. When a person is first infected with hepatitis B, their bodies can react in different ways: Some people who are infected may have mild symptoms (fever or fatigue) that are mistaken for the flu or a bad cold.  Others may go to a doctor because they feel more tired than usual, don't feel like eating, have an upset stomach, or complain about joint pain.

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  • A comprehensive search of the scientific literature for this report is complete through September 1991. In addition, pertinent studies published through July 1992 have been included in the analysis in response to recommendations made by reviewers. Due to both resource and time constraints, the scope of this report has been limited to an analysis of respiratory effects, primarily lung cancer in nonsmoking adults and noncancer respiratory illnesses in children, with emphasis on the epidemiologic data.

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  • People who get systemic radiation also may feel very tired. They may be more likely to get infections. If you have radiation therapy and chemotherapy at the same time, your side effects may be worse. The side effects can be distressing. You can talk with your doctor about ways to relieve them. You may find it helpful to read NCI’s booklet Radiation Therapy and You. Page 46 tells how to get NCI booklets.

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  • Are you tired? Have you lost your edge, your sense of vitality, your “mojo”? Does sex feel like work, or maybe it doesn’t work out anymore? Is your mood blah?” Have you put on a gut even though you don’t seem to be eating any more than you ever did? Maybe it’s age. Or maybe, just maybe, you have a medical condition called low testosterone, or, as I prefer to call it, low T.

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  • If you have lymphoma in the stomach caused by H. pylori infection, your doctor may treat this lymphoma with antibiotics. After the drug cures the infection, the lymphoma also may go away. The side effects of chemotherapy depend mainly on which drugs are given and how much. The drugs can harm normal cells that divide rapidly: • Blood cells: When chemotherapy lowers your levels of healthy blood cells, you are more likely to get infections, bruise or bleed easily, and feel very weak and tired. Your health care team gives you blood tests to check for low levels of blood cells.

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