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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về sinh học được đăng trên tạp chí sinh học quốc tế đề tài : A framework for evaluating the impact of the United Nations fellowship programmes

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  • . Programs and Activities APO's programs cover the industry, service and agriculture sectors, with special focus on socio-economic development, small industry development, human resources management, productivity measurement and analysis, quality management, production and technology management, information technology, development of NPOs, green productivity, integrated local community development, agribusiness, agricultural development and policies, resources and technology, and agricultural marketing and institutions.

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  • The GRE Subject Tests are designed to help graduate school admission committees and fellowship sponsors assess the qualifications of applicants in specific fields of study. The tests also provide you with an assessment of your own qualifications. Scores on the tests are intended to indicate knowledge of the subject matter emphasized in many undergraduate programs as preparation for graduate study. Because past achievement is usually a good indicator of future performance, the scores are helpful in predicting success in graduate study.

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  • The editors express gratitude to the people whose advice and help at critical points in the project helped the volume come to fruition. Leanne Nash, Catherine Tucker, Glenn Stone, Dick Norgaard, as well as reviewers for New York University Press, pointed us to useful publications. Nora Haenn worked on the reader as a Mellon Foundation Fellow in Anthropology and Demography while at the Carolina Population Center, University of North Carolina. In addition to the Foundation, she thanks the Carolina Population Center for building such a supportive research atmosphere.

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  • Since 2005, a dozen of the United States and more than 15 medical specialties have reported a physician shortage or anticipate one in the next few years. This anticipated shortage and a worsening of physician distribution are compounded by a projected increased demand for health care services. Health care of women of all ages is particularly vulnerable. The obstetrician gynecologist workforce is aging and is among the least satisfied medical specialists. Primary care physicians such as family physicians and general internists will be asked to care for more women who are elderly.

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  • UNDERSTANDING MANAGERIAL COACHING: THE ROLE OF MANAGER ATTRIBUTES AND SKILLS IN EFFECTIVE COACHING One must live while conducting research. I thank my family and friends for putting up with me these last five years and for helping me to stay sane throughout. I hope that I have not been too unbearable. Much of my graduate career was supported under a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. In addition, the research in Chapters 1 and 2 was partially supported by the Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics at U.C....

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  • The field of general surgery has changed dramatically over the last ten years with the acceptance of laparoscopy as an extension of the scalpel. Once ridiculed by most academic centers, laparoscopy has revolutionized the management of biliary tract disease and has led to a critical reassessment of how patients with other general surgical problems are managed. The rapid advancement and acceptance of laparoscopy as a part of general surgery is apparent today since most academic centers have laparoscopic sections and many offer laparoscopic fellowships....

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  • Through the licensure of physicians in each country, we are permitted to treat female cancer patients. However, the treatment modalities contain medication of various anti-cancer drugs that can be associated with potentially fatal toxicity if they are not used correctly. In addition, surgery can also be associated with risks during our efforts to repair normal tissues or remove tumors. Such unfortunate events can be fatal.

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  • A shorter version of chapter 2 appeared in the fall 1999 issue of West- ern American Literature (34.3), and I am grateful to Melody Graulich for permission to reprint it here.

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  • God, having designed man for a sociable creature, made him not only with an inclination, and under a necessity to have fellowship with those of his own kind, but furnished him also with language, which was to be the great instrument and common tie of society. Man, therefore, had by nature his organs so fashioned, as to be fit to frame articulate sounds, which we call words. But this was not enough to produce language; for parrots, and several other birds, will be taught to make articulate sounds distinct enough, which yet by no means are capable of language....

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  • Chapter 125. Health Care– Associated Infections (Part 2) Organization, Responsibilities, and Increasing Scrutiny of InfectionControl Programs The standards of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations require all accredited hospitals to have an active program for surveillance, prevention, and control of nosocomial infections. Education of physicians in infection control and health care epidemiology is required in infectious disease fellowship programs and is available by online courses.

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  • The Cosmetic Bootcamp arose from a simple concept asked at a lecture that I was delivering to a group of people attending a cosmetic meeting. An audience member responded to a statement that I made to the effect that the techniques I was discussing were best reserved for those individuals trained during a residency or fellowship to understand the anatomy and technical considerations involved.

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  • Listed alphabetically by program title are 777 fellowships, traineeships, forgivable loans, and awards that support structured and unstructured study or training in the social and behavioral sciences on the graduate level in the United States.

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  • Ngay cả đến DeVita's Textbook về Medical Oncology nay đã hơn 3500 trang, mà vẫn không thể nào đủ cho việc practice hàng ngày trên trại bệnh hay hematology / oncology clinics (mà các textbooks chuyên môn khi in ra thì đã lỗi thời ngay rồi - textbooks chỉ dùng cho undergrad hay internship). Trong residencies năm cuối, fellowships, và "ra đời" thì đều phải dẫn các articles mới vừa in ra trong báo chí chuyên môn của thế giới.

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  • When I started graduate school at Syracuse University in the late sixties, the chair of my department informed me that I would not be eligible for fellowships, because I was a woman. Pulling out a page of statistics, he pointed to the data indicating that women didn’t finish PhD programs, and if they did, they interrupted their academic careers for marriage and children and therefore didn’t go back to catch up with their peers. They were, he concluded, “a bad investment” for the department and the university....

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  • This helpful revision aid will be of great practical benefit to all trainees in radiology, including those studying the new modular curriculum for Fellowship of the Royal College of Radiologists Part 2A examination. The carefully structured questions and answers enable the trainees to undertake a systematic assessment of their knowledge, as well as highlighting areas where additional revision is required. This publication has been designed to complement its h

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  • The deepest lines are graven on my memory from those days, not by the thrilling experiences--"th' hairbreadth 'scapes"--but by the fellowship of the men I knew. An American general said to me recently that scouts were born, not made. It may be so, but it is surprising what opposite types of men became our best scouts. There were two without equal: one, city-bred, a college graduate; the other a "bushie," writing his name with difficulty. Ray Wilson was a nervous, highly strung sort of fellow, almost a girl in his sensitiveness.

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  • Almost all of the Ph.D. students are either financed by some form of fellowship or assistantship. Of course, it is better to have a fellowship in the first year so that you don’t devote any time or energy for teaching or grading purposes. But being a TA is not a bad thing. One of the authors of this paper believes that teaching and even grading (unless you happen to grade 400 homeworks every weekend) during the first year helps you to relax. In addition to that, it is very likely that after finishing your Ph.D. you will need to teach...

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  • Ở Âu Châu đuợc hành nghề Liên Âu thì sướng qúa nhỉ. Bên Mỹ, bằng hành nghề chỉ giới hạn từng tiểu bang. Hồi còn trong training, phải dọn nhà từ tiểu bang này sang tiểu bang kia, rồi khi vừa hết training xong, cũng chưa biết đi đâu, cho nên có lúc phải giữ bằng hành nghề của 9 tiểu bang, và cứ thế mỗi hai năm lại đóng hụi chết (đóng lệ phí mà không hành nghề ở đó), tính xỉu xỉu (từ tiếng Phúc Kiến "tiểu tiết? u"? đọc ở đâu đó?) vài nghìn dollars một...

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  • That year we were all Romans, and I have to tell you that I look awful in a toga and short sword, but not nearly as awful as the Greek. You go to one of the big schools and naturally you turn out for the Class Reunion. Why not? There's money there, and good fellowship, and money, and the. This etext was produced from Galaxy Science Fiction March 1958. Extensive research did not uncover any evidence that the U.S. copyright on this publication was renewed.

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