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  • In 1832, Robert Ayrey, a milliner and straw hat and stay maker,¹ wrote to fellow Independents and missionaries in Jamaica. Ayrey was clearly concerned for his friends, and pleaded with them to return home to Leeds despite the ongoing cholera epidemic. His greatest anxiety was reserved for three girls that the couple had taken with them: one of whom was their eldest daughter, Hannah, whilst the other two were unnamed and apparently orphans.

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  • Nowadays, Vietnamese women are participating actively in parts of the economy that were previously deemed male domain. Women are involved in business activities at all levels in Vietnam, making significant contributions to the economic development of the country. By December 2011, there were 81,226 small and medium enterprises headed by women, accounting for 25% of the total number of enterprises in the country (GSO, 2013).

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  • A detailed empirical study of how small business owners finance their enterprises, this volume compares the experiences of women with those of men. The author redresses an over-reliance on subjective and anecdotal evidence of discrimination in this area with a controlled study of forty matched pairs of male/female owners, and their strategies for raising finances. The book finds considerable similarities between female and male entrepreneurs in the type and amount of finance used in the business.

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  • However, economic downturns can have a detrimental effect on the creation of new, innovative businesses when access to financing dries up. The key role of finance in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is illustrated by Finland (Figure 3) where the peak in financial constraints coincided closely with the deep recession of the early 1990s and a downturn in self- employed. Economic growth suffers doubly in the long term since innovative new firms exert competitive pressure on established firms pushing them to innovate.

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