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  • Transkei, Ciskei, rural, peri-urban and urban consumers on the reasons for not consuming organic products. The two main reasons advanced is that organic products are expensive according to 60% of the consumers in the Transkei, 54.2% of consumers in the Ciskei, 62.5% of peri-urban consumers and 81.8% of urban consumers (see Table 1). The second reason advanced is that organic products are not readily available according to 60% of the consumers in the Transkei, 70.8% of the consumers in the Ciskei, 80% of rural consumers, 62.5% of peri-urban consumers and 63.

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  • In spring 2010, the kitchen table room at Tru was transformed into Michigan Avenue’s newest burger joint called M Burger. Guests could walk up to this affordable burger counter and enjoy single and double burgers along with the signature “M Burger” topped with bbq sauce, bacon and secret sauce. In Las Vegas, things were heating up with the opening of El Segundo Sol serving up their signature tacos and margaritas. As the summer of 2010 came to a close, a second M Burger opened at 5 W. Ontario Street. Like the first, it was carved out of an existing LEYE...

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  • The differences in family structures are also confirmed by household statistics. Whereas single households have by now become the most frequent household size in some European agglomerations, they continue to be the exception in Mexico: Single households make up only 1.5% of all households in the 2000 population census (compared to 1.0% in 1990). While two thirds of all households consist of couples with or without children (or one parent with children), roughly one third of households include more persons (e.g. grandparents, other relatives etc; see Table 5).

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  • Access Economics defines  the economic  contribution of  international  students as deriving  from the income flow from this expenditure, in other words, the value added component of  this expenditure. Value added is that part of the expenditure which either forms the basis of  income  for  labour  or  gross  operating  surplus  (GOS)  to  capital  owners,  after  allowing  for  spending  on  intermediate  inputs  from  other  industries  and  taxes  on  production  (net  of  subsidies).

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  • Genome wide association studies (GWAS) have the capacity to detect low-risk genetic susceptibility regions associated with prostate cancer with an increased risk varying between 14-52 % (table 3) (Schumacher et al. 2011, Witte 2009). Several recent studies incorporating single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) analyses in models predicting the diagnosis of prostate cancer upon biopsy have been published (Wiklund 2010, Aly et al. 2011, Witte 2009).

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  • We continue our investigation of international stock returns with a comprehensive coverage of the smaller stock exchanges around the world. Panel A of Table 6 lists the individual results for 18 additional countries, which include most remaining sizable stock exchanges in the world. The available return series for these countries vary in length, with the longest series starting in 1971 and the shortest series starting in 1982. An examination of Panel A reveals that the lunar-cycle effect found for the G-7 countries is pervasive around the world.

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  • The Kenya Breastmilk Substitutes Control Bill has been accepted by the cabinet and is awaiting gazettement to be tabled in parliament for enactment into law. The Code implementation framework and the Code Regulatory Framework are under development. The Public Health Act and the Kenya Bureau of Standards have some sections of the code as law e.g. the labelling which should be factual and in understandable language to consumers. However, these articles are inadequate and hence there’s continued advocacy for the full enactment of the code into law.

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  • Based on the final KQ s specified above, we generated a list of inclusion and exclusion criteria (Table 3). We included prospective and cross-sectional observational studies of health outcomes, trials of materials developed for low-health-literacy populations, and trials of interventions that compared materials designed to be “easier to read or understand” with standard materials. We limited studies to those with outcomes related to health and use and costs of health services.

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  • If we multiply the price-earnings estimate of Sloan (1936), which is equal to 17.5, by 1929 total NIPA earnings, we get an estimate for the market value of all corporations in late August/early September of 1929 of 1.54 times GNP (= 30.8/1.76 × 8.8). We can use the same procedure with companies in the S&P indices. In Table 2, we provide a list of the 50 companies in the S&P industrial index, the 20 companies in the S&P index of railroads and the 20 companies in the S&P index of public utilities. The 90 are the stocks in their composite index. Along with names, we report...

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  • The World Bank and the Center for International Comparisons at the University of Pennsylvania, USA. As the trend from 1990 to 2010 is estimated, the time reference of the data gathered starts from 1985, in order to cover fully the period around 1990. Deaths due to AIDS were obtained from UNAIDS (unpublished tables from the Global Report: UNAIDS Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic 2010.

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  • Monochamus galloprovincialis (Olivier) is the vector of the pinewood nematode, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus (Steiner and Buhrer) Nickle, in Europe and Asia. Reproduction is probably the most important event in the life history of insects and may be affected by a number of factors, such as seasonal changes in larval or adult nutrition.

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  • Drawing on the collective expertise of world authorities, Ecological Basis of Agroforestry employs extensive use of tables and figures to demonstrate how ecologically sustainable agroecosystems can meet the challenges of enhancing crop productivity, soil fertility, and environmental sustainability. Divided into four sections, this comprehensive volume begins with a study of tree-crop interaction in tropical and temperate climates.

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  • BÀI TẬP 2.Bài 2. Sử dụng file Table 6.4..Fertility and other data for 64 countries.CM = child mortality (tỉ lệ tử vong ở trẻ sơ sinh).FLR = female literacy rate (tỉ lệ phụ nữ biết chữ).PGNP = per capita GNP in 1980 (thu nhập bình quân đầu người năm 1980) 

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  • Since the first live birth resulting from in vitro fertilization (IVF) was reported 26 years ago (1), over two million live births have been reported as a result of IVF. IVF success rates have steadily improved over the years (2,3) and in many leading IVF centers today, the live-birth rate per cycle in women younger than 35 years may approach 50% (Table 1).

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  • The objective of waste water treatment is to prevent large quantities of substances to reach and impact the environment in high doses and concentrations. Areas of high population densitiy naturally are areas were production of sewage sludge is high (see Figure 1-1). Presently about 8 million t of sewage sludges (MAGOAROU 2000) are produced each year in the EU member states (Table 1-1). Its high content of organic materials, of nitrogen and phosphorous suggest their use as soil conditioner and fertilizer in agriculture.

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  • Given the virtual absence of formal channels for care and support of the older population, older Cambodians are dependent largely on their families, and particularly their adult children, for any assistance needed. Table 7 indicates the number of living children of the current generation of elderly Cambodians. Although many elderly Cambodians lost children during the tumultuous history of the last several decades, sustained high fertility has resulted in substantial numbers of children who still survive.

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  • The Cakchiquels, whose traditions and early history are given in the present work from the pen of one of their own authors, were a nation of somewhat advanced culture, who occupied a portion of the area of the present State of Guatemala. Their territory is a table land about six thousand feet above the sea, seamed with numerous deep ravines, and supporting lofty mountains and active volcanoes. Though but fifteen degrees from the equator, its elevation assures it a temperate climate, while its soil is usually fertile and well watered.

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  • Several questions were asked to determine women’s fertility preferences. These questions included: a) whether the respondent wanted another child and b) if so, when she would like to have the next child. The answers to these questions allow an estimation of the potential demand for family planning services either to limit or space births. Table 4 indicates that over half (52 percent) of women currently in union age 15-49 do not want to bear any more children. Women who want no more children and who want to delay the birth of their next child are considered in need of family planning....

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