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  • The study evaluates the amount of crop residues and their ability to turn into energy, suggesting the use of agricultural waste in Chu Se district for the cogeneration process. The rate of using waste burning in the field accounts for the highest rate of 52.93% followed by the use of waste to make fertilizer accounted for 39.80%.

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  • The decline in the rice crop responses to applied fertilizer nutrients, inter alia, could be ascribed to emerging nutrient deficiencies on account of modern era of agriculture and inadequate or imbalanced application of fertilizers. It has become increasingly recognized around the world that N, P and K fertilizers alone are not always sufficient to provide balanced nutrition for optimal rice yields and quality, therefore, application of secondary and micronutrient elements has to be made.

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  • However, despite sharing a common signature CLLs expressing mutated and unmutated IgVH genes differentially express more than 100 genes. Among these, over-expression of genes encoding zeta-chain-associated protein 70 (ZAP-70), lipoprotein lipase (LPL), BCL-7a, dystrophin and gravin are observed in the aggressive unmutated cases, while stable mutated cases over-express Wnt3, CTLA-4, NRIP1 nuclear receptor gene, ADAM29 and the transcription factor TCF7 [53]. These results suggest that indolent mutated and aggressive unmutated CLLs constitute two variants of the same disease.

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  • Intangible assets include goodwill arising from acquisitions made after January 1, 1992. Goodwill is amortized using the straight-line method over its estimated economic life, not to exceed forty years. Certain acquired intangible assets other than goodwill (‘in-process R&D') are expensed in the period of acquisition. Patents and trademarks acquired from third parties are capitalized and amortized over their remaining lifetime.

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  • An option of longstanding interest is prevention—interventions that prevent or delay the occurrence of the very diseases that drive these costs. There are three kinds of prevention. Primary prevention can be accomplished by modifying unhealthy behaviors (e.g., smoking, physical inactivity), which cause many diseases and account for 38% of all deaths in the United States, 6 administering immunizations to prevent infectious diseases, and reducing exposure to harmful environmental factors.

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  • Results from the univariate analysis of prostate cancer mortality and incidence do not take into account the effect of different covariables, which might influence the SMR and SIR. Various covariables where considered to model longitudinal effects: age, calendar year, year of immigration, length of stay in Germany; cohort was considered for the analysis of mortality. Multivariate Poisson regression did not show any significant effect of the considered covariables on mortality (data not shown).

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  • As our goal is to observe managers’ abilities to generate profits through active management, we employ only properties that were both bought and sold within the sample period, and thus for which we have round trip transaction returns. In future versions of the paper, we will relax this condition where possible to account for properties purchased within the sample period and not yet sold, as well as properties purchased prior to the start of the sample and sold with the sample period.

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  • Actively involving marginalised groups in decision making processes at all levels, and providing them with the opportunity to hold service providers and policy makers accountable for discriminatory practices, corruption or poor quality services, helps to redress inequalities in access to SRH services and ensure that they are acceptable and appropriate. In practice, representation in the planning processes for SRH services has been limited.

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  • Enter the amount of terminal loss relief you are claiming against your 2011–12 profits at box 73 on page SEF 4 or box 15 on the Partnership pages as a loss brought forward and used this year . This is in addition to any other losses you are bringing forward from earlier years, but make sure you do not count the same loss twice. Enter the total amount of terminal loss relief for 2010–11, 2009–10 or 2008–09 in box 78 on page SEF 4 or box 21 on the Partnership pages and give details of the amount carried back to each year in the ‘Any other information’...

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  • America was discovered and found out Ann. Dom. 1492, and the Year insuing inhabited by the Spaniards, and afterward a multitude of them travelled thither from Spain for the space of Nine and Forty Years.

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  • Supplementing aids can be paid for liquid skimmed milk used in the manufacture of casein and in feeding. They can also be approved for SMP employed in feedstuff, making it more competitive compared to vegetable proteins. The subsidy rate granted takes into account market conditions, e.g. it was reduced to zero in October 2006, as EU market prices for milk protein became exceptionally high. In general, comparable aids are provided for the use of cream, butter and concentrated butter.

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  • For surface treatment processes of metals and plastics by electrolytic and chemical processes using solvents, the Integrated Pollution, Prevention and Control (IPPC) Directive 96/61/EC applies. Industrial production processes account for a considerable share of overall pollution in Europe (for emissions of greenhouse gases and acidifying substances, wastewater emissions and waste). The EU has established a set of common rules for permitting and controlling industrial installations in this IPPC Directive.

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  • These differences are likely to stem from three important variations in user-side data on the use of financial services. First, the definition of an account varies across surveys and respondents are often prompted in different ways. The Global Findex survey defines an account as an individual or joint account at a formal financial institution (a bank, credit union, cooperative, post office, or microfi- nance institution) and notes in the question text that an account can be used to save money, to make or receive payments, or to receive wages and remittances.

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  • An economy’s trade patterns create one channel for the cross-border transmission of shocks. While the average economy in our data had a current account very close to zero in 2007, the range is quite large. Trade openness, measured by the ratio of the sum of exports plus imports to GDP, captures the importance of trade. The average in our data is 98% of GDP, but the standard deviation of 66 percentage points implies a wide distribution. Finally, a country’s natural endowment may play a role in its macroeconomic performance.

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  • Cotton the “white gold” is premier industrial crop of major cotton growing countries like China, India, United States of America, Pakistan, Brazil, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Argentina, Australia and Turkey which accounts for nearly 85 per cent of the total global production. Apart from the increasing production of synthetic fibre, cotton has maintained its reputation as “king of the fibre crops”. It is world’s most important textile fibre and oil seed crop. The present study was conducted in Sirsa and Fatehabad district of Haryana state, purposively in the year 2015-16. Two blocks viz.

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  • The abiotic stresses, such as soil salinity and sodicity are mainly accountable for the low productivity of crops largely due to low availability of micro-nutrients especially zinc and iron. For that reason, sensible management of plant nutrients in these soils is as vital as their reclamation. A field experiment was conducted for 4 successive years, consisting of eight treatments laid out in randomized block design to evaluate the soil fertility status after harvest of wheat (Triticum aestivum L) in salt affected soils of Gujarat as influenced by iron and zinc enriched FYM.

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  • The Fertilization-related kinases (FRK) form a class that belongs to the MEKK subfamily of plant MAPKKKs. It was recently shown that FRK class kinases expanded during angiosperm evolution, reaching their maximum numbers in the lineage leading to solanaceous species and culminating in the Solanum genus where they account for more than 40% of the total MEKKs.

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  • Agricultural and horticultural applications of sewage sludge are becoming popular as a means of nutrient recycling in many areas of the world (Jacobs, 1981). Guidelines on application of sewage sludge should take account of many factors, such as sludge type, time and method of application (Shepherd, 1996).

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  • Contraceptive use accounts for a substantial portion of the variation in observed fertility rates (others include age of marriage, abortion rates, post- partum amenorrhea and abstinence, and occurrence of marital separations). Although there have been dramatic increases in the use of family planning services, unmet need for family planning remains very high in low-prevalence regions.

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  • Biological solution using strain Lipomyces starkeyi 7.1, which can produce viscous membranes to improve dry soil is considered to be sustainable for slope land improvement. The results of research on Lipomycin M ability to keep effective water in the soil of Me Linh District, Vinh Phuc Province show that in the soil samples cultivated traditional medicinal trees, the total amounts of effective water in the soil fertilized Lipomycin M (taken out under pressure pF 2.5-4.

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