Fibre degradation

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  • Early interest in selenium by nutritionists concerned its high concentration in certain range plants and the consequent toxicosis in animals that grazed those plants. More recently, the essential nature of selenium has become the center of attention, and this element is now known to be required by laboratory animals, food animals (including fish), and humans. Its role as an integral feature of glutathione peroxidase has been established, and other possible functions are under active investigation.

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  • The structural carbohydrates that constitute plant fibre represent a major feed resource. Herbivorous animals, unable to produce fibre-degrading enzyme systems of their own, have evolved a range of strategies (Hume and Sakaguchi, 1991) to make use of a consortium of microbes, including bacteria, protozoa and anaerobic fungi, for this purpose...

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  • Dispersion Management It should be clear from Chapter 6 that with the advent of optical amplifiers, fiber losses are no longer a major limiting factor for optical communication systems. Indeed, modern lightwave systems are often limited by the dispersive and nonlinear effects rather than fiber losses. In some sense, optical amplifiers solve the loss problem but, at the same time, worsen the dispersion problem since, in contrast with electronic regenerators, an optical amplifier does not restore the amplified signal to its original state.

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  • The Animal Production and Health Section of the Joint FAO/IAEA Division of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture recognises that the trend towards intensification of livestock production in developing countries presents both opportunities and challenges. The potential opportunities are the flow-on benefits to the producers and local economy while the potential challenges are the flow-on costs to the environment, animal health and welfare.

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