Filled gels

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  • One of the greatest challenges faced by the food scientist is man himself with his highly sensitive oral equipment for evaluating food texture. The recognition of this challenge leads immediately to two questions: ‘How can we characterize the texture of foodstuffs in a manner that will reflect human perceptions?’ and, then, ‘How may we preserve, formulate and process products in a way that will be acceptable to the consumer?’

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  • I hope that the reader will find these chapters useful to get new perspectives on some of the current topics and issues in membrane trafficking, and to get a sense on the diversity of approaches and experimental systems that are used in this field. Finally, I would like to thank all the people associated with the production of this book. First, the authors themselves for taking the time to prepare their chapters in a timely manner and in a format filled with technical details and novel and exciting concepts. It is not an easy task, and I sincerely thank them for their efforts.

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  • To complement our existing range of Indoor\Outdoor Tight buffered cable Krone now offer Outdoor Loose tube Gel filled cable. 4-60 core Multimode and Singlemode cables suitable for Lashed, Duct or direct Buried applications are available. Nylon Jacketing is standard on all outdoor cables with Sacrificial sheathing available on request.

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  • ADC’s Apparatus Cases are designed to protect local loop electronics from a variety of environmental conditions. The air-filled units can be pressurized locally or from the main feeder cable through an air core stub. This air core stub protects the air-filled unit from flooding with water when it is mounted in underground manholes. The gel-filled units are intended for aboveground pole mounting applications.

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