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  • In 2005, the baseline country studies pointed to a lack of connection between advocacy for reduction of maternal mortality in national-level planning and the necessary linkage to effective programmatic responses through resource allocation, capacity- building and human-resource development. The 2011 case-studies suggest that this problem persists: despite a closing of the gap between policy and programmes, the limited progress with improving health outcomes has shown the importance of strengthening health systems – particularly for maternal and newborn health.

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  • Agriculture and forestry are poised on the brink of a quantum leap forward through the further application of exciting new tools such as genomics and transgenic plants. In the near future, it will be possible to produce a higher quantity of improved quality crops than even imagined just a few years ago. In addition to feed and food, it will be possible to provide raw materials for industrial uses. For example, cotton fibers, wood ligno-celluloses, corn carbohydrates, soybean oils, and other plant constituents will be altered via designed changes in metabolic pathways.

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  • In the current environment of a crisis of confidence in debt markets, many countries are encountering difficulty in obtaining private financing using traditional financial instruments. The scarcity of capital threatens to jeopardize long-term growth and employment generation in developing countries, which tend to have limited access to capital even in the best of times. Official aid alone will not be adequate to bridge nearor long-term financing gaps. Ultimately, it will be necessary to adopt innovative financing approaches to target previously untapped investors.

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  • From the arid deserts of Tucson, Arizona to the icy forests of Poori, Finland to the tropical beaches of New South Wales, Australia to the urban jungle of downtown Manhattan, critics Alanna Stang and Christopher Hawthorne have traveled to the farthest reaches of the globe to find all that is new in the design of sustainable, or "green," homes. The result: more than thirty-five residences in fifteen countries -- and nearly every conceivable natural environment -- designed by a combination of star architects and heretofore unknown practitioners....

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  • Ian and Jane also became involved in processing and marketing their own products about five years ago. They found that there is a lot to learn about running a paddock- to-plate supply chain, including hiring staff and building strategic partnerships. Employment problems, particularly recruiting and training the right people, proved to be a significant issue for the business.

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  • The analysis illustrates numerous frameworks for the development of a destination marketing strategy and a comprehensive marketing mix. The paper also illustrates the relationship between marketing and planning of destinations and their conflicting and symbiotic relationship. This paper is based on research and consultancy on destination marketing around the world, where several frameworks have been tested and implemented. It discusses a wide spectrum of destination marketing tools and provides plentiful references for researchers who would like to study in-depth each technique.

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  • You probably didn't know that Scot and Monalisa did a love-scene together, did you? It was over fifty years ago, when they were both teen heart-throbs, and they were co-stars in a genuinely terrible straight-to-net film called No Hope, about a pair of clean cut youngsters who fall in love despite their class differences. It was a real weeper, and the supporting appearances in roles as dad, mum, best mate, priest, teacher, etc, were so forgettable that they could probably be used as treatment for erasing traumatic memories.

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  • To receive the earned income credit, taxpayers file their regular tax re- turn and fill out the six-line Schedule EIC that gathers information about qualifying children. The EITC is refundable, meaning that it is paid out by the Treasury regardless of whether the taxpayer has any federal income tax liability. There are several basic tests for EITC eligibility. The taxpayer must have both earned and adjusted gross income below a threshold that varies by year and by family size. Most EITC payments go to taxpayers with at least one “qualifying child.

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  • But then again—Leopold checks himself—science is no guarantee that one will see what is there either. 'Let no man jump to the conclusion that Babbitt must take his Ph.D. in ecology before he can "see" his own country. On the contrary, the Ph.D. may become as callous as an undertaker at the mysteries at which he officiates. . . . Perception, in short, cannot be purchased with either learned degrees or dollars; it grows at home as well as abroad.' The essential perception is of 'the natural processes by which the land and the living things upon it have achieved...

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  • A second feature of stock market return volatility which has received considerable attention is the fact that stock return volatility has a transitory (rapid decay) and a more permanent (slow decay) component. It was noted that real data on stock return has a longer memory in volatility than the one GARCH models suggest. This observation lead to the development of the component GARCH (CGARCH) models by Ding and Granger (1996) and Engle and Lee (1999).

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  • Health financing: overall, there is a lack of financing for health services. the northern administrations in Somaliland and Puntland commit roughly 3% of their annual budgets to health but relative and absolute amounts are extremely low (less than US$ 1 million per year in each case). in the ScZ there has been no public budget and no public financial commitment to health.

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  • Gesture is the vehicle used in fitting a character into the role it is called upon to act out. We have drawn variously, dogs, mice, owls, elephants, cats, people, and so on; each distinct characters with distinct bodily shapes and bodily gestures. To approach a model with the idea of copying a human figure plus its clothing could be called a waste of time. Our interest is in seeing the differences in each personality and their individualistic gestures and, like a good caricaturist, capture the essence of those differences.

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  • In this report we are suggesting that Congress consider clarifying whether Education may regulate loan origination fees charged to borrowers under the Direct Loan Program. In addition, we are recommending that FSA’s Chief Operating Officer take actions to collect information from schools that have left the Direct Loan Program about the factors that influenced this decision, information that could be used to make improvements to the Direct Loan Program, thereby helping FSA meet its goal of improving customer service.

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  • over the years we have worked to embed sustainability concepts and EsG compliance into our investment process. Reflecting our role as fiduciaries, we focus on long-term strategies that enhance asset value and control risk. We can point to numerous achievements around the world, but we are especially proud of our green certifications, and of our involvement in the Greenprint Foundation. Chuck leitner, Chairman of RREEF Real Estate, is the CEo of Greenprint, and RREEF Real Estate submitted 360 properties into Volume 2 of the Greenprint performance index.

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  • The advantages of diagnostic cytology are that it is a non-invasive, simple procedure, helps in faster reporting, is relatively inexpensive, has high population acceptance and facilitates cancer screening in the field. Diagnostic cytology can be carried out by different methods, which includes collection and examination of exfoliated cells such as vaginal scrapes, sputum, urine, body fluids etc. Collection of cells by brushing, scraping or abrasive techniques is usually employed to confirm or exclude malignancy.

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  • This is the great meaning of power sharing: the long years of endless conspiracy by all those who should know better, who share their power to create the monster. Napoleon eventually marches on Moscow and burns it, only to see his armies decimated by general Winterovich. Defeated, he descendeth into Elba; yet he is miraculously resurrected. “All rapturously greet the man they cursed the day before and will curse again a month later”. 6 Once more France shares its power with Napoleon; once more he is destroyed, this time by general Bluecher and Wellington.

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  • We define a factor to be global if it is constructed from the global capital mar- ket, and we define a factor to be regional if it is constructed only from the rele- vant regional market. In this paper, we consider three regions: North America, Europe, and the Far East. Many articles (see for instance, Bekaert and Harvey (1995) and Baele (2005)) have noted that the market integration process may not proceed smoothly. Therefore, maximum f lexibility in the model with regard to the importance of global versus regional factors is necessary.

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  • This volume does not rely solely on data gathered through the ATLAS question- naire, but also includes references to other published data that might confi rm or contradict and certainly supplement ATLAS fi ndings. Two especially rich sources of information that we have used are by Levav et al (2004) and Shatkin and Belfer (2004). These studies have been cited for original sources in the text. Further, in some instances examples of noteworthy programmes are provided to illustrate the possibilities for services development in the context of the issues being discussed.

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  • The international debt securities market2 brings together borrowers and lenders with diverse risk profiles and risk appetites. This special feature investigates the determinants of the currency denomination of international debt issuance. Specifically, it examines the share of aggregate issuance of international bonds and notes that is denominated in selected currencies, and estimates the impact on these currency shares of a number of plausible factors.

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  • Next, I would like to focus on the position of Vice-President, currently held by Dr. Karl Podratz. If we may read the “Bylaws” of IGCS, we find the following: “The Vice-President, in the absence of the President, shall preside at all meetings of the Society and Council and shall have all the powers of President in the event of vacancy in the office of President. S/he shall assist the President in the performance of his/her duties as requested by the President.” This means that the Vice-President is the core of the cabinet.

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